Chinese cyber spy targeted U.S. firms, F-35 technology

ISIL’s ‘gang of thieves’ in Turkey stole 1,800 vehicles

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Israel: Hamas used hospital as military command and control center

Al Wafa Hospital in Gaza City: Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants were said to be firing on IDF soldiers from the hospital.

Special to TEL AVIV — Israel has determined that Hamas was using a hospital as its military headquarters. The Israeli military said Hamas took over Al Wafa Hospital in Gaza City as its operational headquarters. The military said Hamas […]

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ISIL seizes 50 U.S. artillery batteries and up to 4,000 U.S. PKC machine guns

M198 155mm artillery

Special to WASHINGTON — Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has been bolstered by the seizure of a fleet of U.S.-origin artillery batteries. Officials said ISIL has captured a huge amount of U.S. combat platforms and equipment deployed […]

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‘Whole city of terror tunnels’ discovered during Israel’s ground offensive in Gaza

Israeli Economy
Minister Naftali Bennett

Special to TEL AVIV — Israel’s military has begun its first major test in underground warfare. Military sources said the Israel Army was engaged in its first major campaign to detect and destroy Hamas’ huge underground network in the […]

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Jordan report blames Obama team for ISIL crisis, suggests rethinking U.S. ties

U.S. President Barack Obama and Jordanian King Abdullah

Special to AMMAN — Jordan has been revising its strategy amid Al Qaida’s takeover of much of neighboring Iraq, a report said. The Al Quds Center for Political Studies asserted that the Hashemite kingdom has been forced to draft […]

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UN report confirms Israel warned Gaza civilians to evacuate before attacks

Smoke and flames are seen following what witnesses said was an Israeli air strike in Rafah, Gaza Strip on July 11.  /Reuters

Special to WASHINGTON — The United Nations has determined that Israel’s military warned civilians before most attacks on the Gaza Strip. A UN report asserted that Israel’s military notified families to evacuate their homes in the Gaza Strip. The […]

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Unidentified fighters in Lebanon joins Gaza rocket war against Israel

Rockets from Lebanon hit Israel on July 11. / Israel Today Staff

Special to NICOSIA — Lebanon has joined the Gaza Strip in its war against Israel. Suspected Palestinian gunners have been firing rockets into Israel over the last two days. So far, no injuries have been reported. On July 11, unidentified […]

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U.S. military warns ISIS taking aim at Baghdad airport, Iraq’s lifeline


Special to WASHINGTON — The U.S. military has been bracing for an Al Qaida campaign to close down Iraq’s largest airport. U.S. military sources said they expect Al Qaida’s Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant to target Baghdad […]

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Obama administration tracking Muslim candidates for military, Pentagon positions

Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work on May 22.  /Glenn Fawcett/Office of the Secretary of Defense

Special to WASHINGTON — The administration of President Barack Obama has been identifying Muslims in the military in an effort to encourage their presence. Officials said the Defense Department has been keeping records and tracking Muslims. They said the […]

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Intel: ISIL sold crude oil to Assad regime, had covert ties with Iran

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius

Special to LONDON — France has determined that Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant was selling crude oil to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Officials said French intelligence has tracked ISIL sales of oil from the […]

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Surrounded: Mounting Al Qaida presence reported on all borders of Israel

Militant Islamist fighters take part in a military parade along the streets of Syria's northern Raqqa on July 1.  /Reuters

Special to TEL AVIV — Israel has been ringed by a growing presence of Al Qaida, a report said. The Institute for National Security Studies has asserted that Israel was surrounded by Al Qaida movements on all of its […]

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