UK lawmaker stuns parliament with call for members of ‘Covid cabal’ to face death penalty

by WorldTribune Staff, March 17, 2024

British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen last week called for the death penalty for Bill Gates and the “Covid cabal” which he said committed “crimes against humanity” during the Covid pandemic.

“Heads of governments around the world and others below them have engaged in what is tantamount to treason against the public,” declared Bridgen in response to a rebuttal from his colleague Penny Mordaunt, who is a long-term World Economic Forum (WEF) member.

British MP Andrew Bridgen / Video Image

During a round of Business Questions in the UK House of Commons, Bridgen said: “I’ve always opposed capital punishment on the principle that it’s wrong to take a life so it can’t be right for the state to take a life in revenge. Events have caused me to reconsider my position.”

Bridgen continued: “So can we have a debate on crimes against humanity and the appropriate punishment for those who perpetuate, collude and cover up for these atrocities, atrocities and crimes so severe that the ultimate punishment may be required?”

Business Questions are the oral questions to the Leader of the House that MPs are allowed to ask.

As expected, UK liberals, including Mordaunt, and media dismissed Bridgen as a “conspiracy theorist.”

“It is appropriate that the finale of this session, which has featured so heavily conspiracy theories, should fall to the honorable gentleman,” Mordaunt said of Bridgen.

Bridgen said he has reached out to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Mark Rowley and plans to organize a meeting where experts and whistleblowers will present evidence to demonstrate criminal activities conducted by senior members of the UK government and civil service during the pandemic.

Bridgen also said that a senior cabinet minister shared details of a plan to use what he referred to as “turbo cancer” to depopulate the world. According to Bridgen, this revelation unfolded in the tea room at Westminster Houses of Parliament. The unnamed minister allegedly conveyed that Bridgen would be “dead of cancer soon” due to being misled into taking the vaccine during the pandemic.

“You can speak out all you want,” the minister told Bridgen. “It doesn’t matter. You are vaccinated. You will be dead of cancer soon.”

Bridgen, who has served as Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire since 2010, has become a prominent voice in the fight against globalist authoritarianism in the UK.

Previously, Bridgen called on the House of Commons to call for the UK government to “immediately stop the mRNA vaccine booster program and initiate a full public inquiry into not only the vaccine harms but how every agency and institution set up to protect the public interest has failed so abysmally in its duties.”

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