Biden handlers reportedly set to declare ‘climate emergency’

by WorldTribune Staff, April 28, 2024

Citing “people familiar with the matter” Bloomberg reported that Team Biden is seriously considering invoking the National Emergencies Act and related authorities to declare a “climate emergency.”

In declaring the emergency, the Biden team would block crude oil exports, shut down offshore oil rigs, force consumers to “save” electricity, and compel arbitrary limits on such things as air conditioning and gas stoves.

In January, Biden’s handlers sent the 81-year-old out to impose a “temporary” ban on liquefied natural gas exports, saying the move was necessary because climate change is “the existential threat of our time.”

Declaring such an emergency “would excite” Biden’s “leftist base while energizing billionaire donors heavily invested in windmills and solar panels, the sources of green energy whose continued existence depends on generous federal subsidies,” The Washington Times Editorial Board wrote on Friday.

The editorial added that the American public “will never willingly trade the advantages of cheap and efficient fossil fuels for power sources that disappear when the sky is cloudy and winds are calm. Thus, an emergency declaration could unlock the powers required to implement an unpopular energy policy without the inconvenience of seeking congressional approval.”

The editorial cited a recent study by researchers at the Military University of Technology in Poland in which scientists set up an experiment demonstrating carbon dioxide’s ability to warm the atmosphere has a limit.

Once carbon dioxide levels reach this saturation point, the study said, warming cannot increase. As the atmosphere already has reached this point, at about 400 parts per million, there’s no need to worry about further carbon-dioxide emissions causing temperature changes.

The study concludes: “The presented material shows that despite the fact that the majority of publications attempt to depict a catastrophic future for our planet due to the anthropogenic increase in CO2 and its impact on Earth’s climate, the shown facts raise serious doubts about this influence.”

Leftists use apocalyptic predictions “as a battering ram to bypass representative government to impose radical and unpopular schemes,” the Washington Times editorial said. “The Green New Deal, for instance, gained prominence as then-teenage Swedish climate expert Greta Thunberg issued her dramatic prediction in 2018 that ‘climate change will wipe out all of humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years.’

“The world is still here, and Ms. Thunberg’s prognostic tweets have since been deleted, yet aspects of the Green New Deal are nonetheless being implemented by Mr. Biden through a series of executive orders and line items in massive omnibus spending bills. Enough is enough. The only real emergency is Mr. Biden’s inability to convince voters he deserves to be reelected.”

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