Part 8: Participant-observer Hunter Biden reveals dark world of human trafficking


Special to WorldTribune, April 25, 2024

[Eighth in a series of excerpts from Report on the Biden Laptop‘ by the Marco Polo Research Group, founded by former Trump White House official Garrett Ziegler.*]

Editors’ Note: The following content from pages 233-346 is selectively excerpted here as the documentation is voluminous, graphic and this is a family newspaper.

The Biden family’s [alleged] sex-related crimes were facilitated by text messaging and other tools which have repeatedly been deemed modes of interstate commerce, as any official “investigation” would reveal. The list of [non-family alleged] sex-related crimes [are itemized on pages 233-236 in the order in which they appear in the Report].

Prostitution & Human Trafficking

When Hunter visited the Finger Lakes (where his mother grew up), he utilized multiple online pimp services, according to a screenshot on his iPhone. The area is a hotbed for human trafficking.

Page 248, / Report on the Biden Laptop

With an email subject line of, “Available for a visit[?],” Hunter, while in Maryland, conspired to solicit a prostitute using a tool of interstate commerce: Craigslist. ….

Shortly after posing naked with a female who “was f——” him, Hunter paid for her first-class flight to visit him. When asked by Marco Polo about her interactions with Hunter, the female said that he was “just a strip club customer,” even though the pair’s conversations were voluminous and varied, including multiple photos and videos of the female’s daughter — as well as intimate moments at home. The amount of money that Hunter sent to the female for her “services” was considerable. The table [in full report] features the date, method, and amount Hunter sent, along with the receipt for the flight he purchased for the female so she could could fly home to New York after their “meeting” in LA….

Hunter sent $2,000 via Zelle to a female he had previously asked to go “skinny dipping” with while he stayed at his uncle Jack and aunt Valerie’s home just outside Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Hunter sent two $1,500 payments via Zelle and Venmo (one with a memo line of “Fall gala plans”) to a female with prior convictions for prostitution and car theft. ….

Hunter withdrew $2,000 from an ATM, so his paper trail was limited. Less than two months [later], his uncle Jimmy sent a gushing email about how Hunter was a stellar guy: “Everyone loves you, but who in this F[—–] up family has treated you with respect … Enough is enough, start thin[king] of [H]unter. Stop beating yourself up. A finer person I have never met.”

Hunter obfuscated the reason behind his payments to prostitutes and pimps; on the payment application (Venmo, Zelle, etc.) or wire transfer memo line, he concocted excuses in an attempt to cover his digital tracks. For example, Hunter paid a 32-year-old female $750 for “Babysitting.”

For entire weeks in spring 2018, Hunter held court at the infamous Chateau Marmont hotel, where he cooked/smoked crack cocaine, hung out by the pool and ate ice cream, and solicited prostitutes. ….

Utilizing his “Rob” alias, Hunter unsuccessfully solicited a female — through her pimp — at 3:29 AM while he camped out in his bungalow at the Chateau Marmont. Later that morning, at 10:17 AM, a “Lauren” who identified herself as “Elle’s assistant” responded with a “prescreen[ing]” question. The pimp’s email signature included a web address of (which, at one time, was affiliated with, a “Premium Ireland Escort Agency”), highlighting the international trafficking networks that Hunter patronized. Law enforcement should note that a web search confirmed that the female is, to this very day, advertised by her pimps as a prostitute in Los Angeles. The female also maintained a profile on, a website which facilitated the Larry Ray sex cult in New York ….

Less than an hour later at 4:18 AM, Hunter —utilizing his alias of “Rob” — unsuccessfully solicited a female to his room at the Chateau Marmont. About thirty minutes after the solicitation, Hunter left his hotel room, walked to a Wells Fargo ATM just three blocks away on Sunset Boulevard (34.097877, -118.364049), and withdrew $800. Afterwards, Hunter purchased just over $100 worth of iPhone applications dealing with burner phone numbers, as the email receipt from the purchases denoted: Four minutes later at 4:22 AM, Hunter — again utilizing his “Rob” alias — unsuccessfully solicited a female to his hotel.

Later that morning at 7:00 AM, the female’s pimp — who identified herself as “Patricia’s Assistant” and a “retired provider” — responded to Hunter with pricing details, explaining that Patricia “hosts from Glendale and her rate is 500” or the female could “come to you for a slightly higher rate to cover travel.” The pimp also included a photo of the female in her response to Hunter.

Believing his first attempt was unsuccessful, Hunter kept sending money to the pimp and the grand total ended up being approximately $25,000. Within hours, a former SS Special Agent-in-Charge (SAIC) of the Los Angeles Field Office evidently ran interference for Hunter. After getting calls from “DC” “every 10” because the conundrum was “linked to Celtic’s [Joe’s] account,” the former agent became extremely persistent and eventually gained access to Hunter’s hotel room.

The following week, Hunter solicited a female to his room at The Jeremy hotel: “Are you available now[?] West Hollywood upscale Hotel for 3 hours?” …. Hunter mistakenly overpaid a prostitute and her Russian pimp. Chaos ensued. Believing his first attempt was unsuccessful, Hunter kept sending money to the pimp and the grand total ended up being approximately $25,000.

Within hours, a former SS Special Agent-in-Charge (SAIC) of the Los Angeles Field Office evidently ran interference for Hunter. After getting calls from “DC” “every 10” because the conundrum was “linked to Celtic’s [Joe’s] account,” the former agent became extremely persistent and eventually gained access to Hunter’s hotel room. It is unclear what authority he — and another retired SS agent who previously protected Joe named Dale Pupillo, who stated to Marco Polo that he was not involved in the incident — possessed to force the front desk personnel at The Jeremy hotel to give them the key to Hunter’s room.

Presumably to handle the fallout of Joe’s finances being used to pay a Russian sex trafficker, Hunter tried to access an account that the Bidens inexplicably controlled at Within hours, the foreign pimp, who is also the former agent for the LA-based operation Emerald Fantasy Girls Inc., sent $500 back to Hunter via Zelle.

For the next two weeks, Hunter exchanged messages with the pimp and sought to acquire the money he inadvertently overpaid to her. By 06/08/2018, Hunter was “so sick of” the ordeal that he threatened the female by saying that it would be the “last time [he’d] ask” for her to return his cash.

Hunter’s SS codename was Chieftain, and he admitted to the illegal SS surveillance in a note that he drafted on 08/15/2017: “A really seriously tragic dramatic comedy … I relapse after 7 years … The secret service follow me.” Hunter’s short stay at The Jeremy set him back more than $5,195.

One day … Hunter solicited a female to Hallie Olivere Biden’s rental home near Annapolis, Maryland. The female responded to Hunter just two minutes after his solicitation from a different email address, directing Hunter to another website where he could follow up with details. Minutes later at 11:05 PM, Hunter solicited “Sweetcakes” and, based on the female’s text message, Hunter submitted his phone number on a forum Sweetcakes used — she said “thanks for responding.” ….

Back at the Chateau Marmont, Hunter apparently engaged in a threesome and sent money to the females via Apple Pay, Zelle, and bank wire transfers. One of the females, who grew up in a small town near the Wisconsin-Illinois border, was listed in Hunter’s contacts application under a male name as “Andrew Boshop.”

Hunter sent the other female (“Oxana Russki”) just $500. In a conversation with the female to whom he sent $500, Hunter explained the deal he had struck with her pimp (who he called an “introducer”) about the disputed remuneration: “[Y]es[,] but it’s her right as the introducer to keep as much as she wants[—]as long as you get your minimum[.]”

The following day, Hunter gave blunt instructions to Michael Damien Elisaldez, a wannabe music producer and Hunter’s partner in the now-defunct Biden Enterprise, LLC:

“[F]ind 3 smokers [and] get a suite[.]” Hunter also alluded to “the girls” who met up with them at the hotel suite. In addition to helping Hunter surreptitiously record his calls with Hallie Olivere Biden, Elisaldez had a long rap sheet: narcotics arrests, outstanding warrants, contempt of court, nonpayment of child support, and hefty judicially-imposed fines. ….

Hunter took care of a payment issue involving two Russian prostitutes and his longtime bank. One of the females laid it out: “Hello Robert . This is Kristina Matveeva from Russia. Please call me back ASAP. I have a problem with your transfer .” She also urged him to call Wells Fargo customer support. Hunter assured her that “all will be resolved” and that he was “very sorry for the hassle[.]” ….

Hunter recorded multiple pornographic videos with an artist who he had previously solicited. While naked, Hunter took pictures of a female who bore a resemblance to Lady Gaga; the Chinese outlet [‘Miles’ Wengui Guo’s] GNews recklessly perpetuated the hoax that it was the famous singer smoking a cigarette. ….

Hunter was up bright and early in the morning when he stayed “in Carpinteira [sic] [California] at the Best Western.” He solicited a female and inquired if she was “available for 1-2 hours now?”

This hotel chain has been a hotbed for pimps and human trafficking throughout the country. Hunter again conspired with Ukrainians, but this time it had nothing to do with energy policy. Indeed, this escapade featured a female who Hunter met in New York City. She iMessaged him out of the blue and he wasted no time: “You can Face time me and remember how incredibly hot I am.” He then paid for the female’s first-class flight from New York City to LA: “I’m going to be naked and ready.”

Hunter did not know the female’s full name, although he arranged a “limo” ride for her to his hotel. …

Page 272, / Report on the Biden Laptop

At the Hotel June in Malibu on the side of the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, Hunter took multiple photos with one of the females — while he wore her robe—who was featured in [Suspicious Activity Report] SAR #2. The following week, Hunter sent $800 to the female via Zelle. ….

Hunter went on a sex binge at an AirBnb on Palm Canyon Lane in Malibu — across the street from the home of his future fixer, Kevin Morris — and featured what would turn out to be non-consensual pornography.

The escapade was recorded, as home security cameras can be seen in the photos. The escapade featured a prostitute placing an unlit meth pipe in Hunter’s mouth — while he was still sleeping — before she took several photos, which have inspired many cartoons and memes.

Page 274, / Report on the Biden Laptop

Just steps away from Kevin Morris’s home, Hunter rode a bicycle, skinny dipped — taking after his father’s documented habit — while riding down the slide, and then propped his feet up on the side of the pool and watched naked females swim. ….

Five days after he illegally obtained a .38 caliber handgun, Hunter solicited a female to the Red Roof Plus+ in Newark. During the tryst, he posed with what he claimed was a black “airgun.” ….

Hunter was a loyal customer to the so-called Girlfriend Experience (“GFE”) trafficking industry which permeated large cities across the globe. The “agency” that facilitated his trysts saved Hunter’s phone number in their database and inquired about his location on behalf of “Beautiful Angel.”

While he lit up his crack cocaine pipe in a Manhattan hotel room, Hunter shot a now-infamous … video with his laptop’s built-in webcam via the Photo Booth application.

GNews first published the salacious video with slight redactions and it bounced around the web. Unfortunately, GNews also propagated the false theory that the actress from the movie Mulan (LIU Yi Fei) was the female in the video.

The laptop also contained a second video which displayed the face of the trafficked female. Indeed, Hunter sent a $1,500 payment via Zelle to the female with a memo line of “blue water wellness” (the name of a now-defunct spa in Newburyport, Massachusetts, which was founded by Hunter’s former psychiatrist). This payment confirmed the interstate nature of the crime, along with Marco Polo’s independent corroboration with another female who was present …. Shot in a room at the Lombardy Hotel in New York City, the sordid videos have been a thorn in the pResident’s side for 18 months, in addition to the national embarrassment the videos have caused for those opposed to human trafficking and illegal drug use.

Hunter purchased airfare ($704.39 from LAX to BOS on 11/27/2018) for the female and he also bought travel insurance through Allianz (Policy #: EUSP2118891959). ….

One of Hunter’s foreign pimps, Anna DEKHTIAR, was listed in multiple SARs for evidence of money laundering and human trafficking. Given to Marco Polo by its whistleblower, SAR #2, filed by J.P. Morgan, provided the following synopsis: “ANNA DEKHTIAR … is a Miami FL non-resident alien and Ukrainian citizen. KYC reflects she is [a] student[,] born in 1995. She received a wire [transfer] for $5,100 on 12/10/2018 from OWASCO PC which was reported in SAR_NA_114256858 filed on 04/19/2019. On the same day, 12/10/2018, HUNTER also sent $1,300 to ANNA DEKHTIAR via three (3) EFTs [Electronic Funds Transfer]. The funds ANNA DEKHTIAR received from OWASCO PC and HUNTER were subsequently remitted to Oksana Naratovska located in the Ukraine via a $7,000 wire [transfer] on 12/13/2018.”

Unsurprisingly, the Biden Laptop corroborated the voluminous details surrounding the three (3) EFTs.

SAR #3 was corroborated by records on the Biden Laptop which revealed that Hunter sent $2,400 to one of DEKHTIAR’s “clients,” six weeks before the EFTs, for a so-called “Art Consultation.” ….

Just after midnight on 12/17/2018, Hunter engaged in a threesome with two females while another female filmed portions of the tryst with her iPhone. Hunter recorded his video with his laptop’s built-in webcam via the Photo Booth application. ….

Four days earlier, Hunter paid for the females’ Amtrak tickets from Boston to Penn Station in New York City so they could meet with him in Room 206 at the Roxy Hotel: “Sorry if I [Hunter] seemed frustrated but I’m dealing with a [Biden] family emergency right now to [sic] and I promise you [that] you guys can figure this out if you can give [sic] my card to work for some reason then you have 600 bucks for 400 bucks whatever it is I swear to Christ I’m like sure you get 500 bucks back or 700 bucks back all right[.]I promise[,][,]OK not a problem if it gets too late I’ll see in the morning but I [would] love you guys to be here[,] to spend the day in New York … and then go back up north[.]” ….

[In 2019] Hunter drove down to his old stomping grounds and engaged in a crack cocaine and sex binge while he clutched his St. Christopher “Protect Us” necklace. …. His solicitation took place at the $60/night Fairview Inn motel which, just four months later, was sued by the state:

“The Delaware Department of Justice wants to shutter the Fairview Inn along U.S. 13 outside of Wilmington where police have been called 434 times over two years for drug overdoses, assaults, prostitution, robberies, gun crimes and other investigations … The motel and its owner, NAB Motel, Inc., are charged with five counts of maintaining a nuisance, according to the 18-page court filing submitted last week.”

Hunter, of course, had already fled to Los Angeles before the suit was filed.

The tryst [there] also included a 5:30 AM confession from Hunter: one drunken night in Vegas during the preceding summer, a couple of men — who accompanied a beautiful Russian honeypot — stole one of his laptops: “According to the president’s son, after he regained consciousness, ‘there was this Russian 35-year-old, really nice, pure brunette,’ who distracted him. Meanwhile, the three men had taken his belongings: ‘The dealer and his two guys … They have videos of me doing this. They have videos of me doing crazy f——- sex, f——, you know … My computer, I had taken tons of like, just left like that [web]cam on … and somebody stole it [either after Hunter passed out or while he was talking with the honeypot.]’”

The female, for whom a court in Pennsylvania recently issued an “Active Bench Warrant” for her arrest, then asked Hunter if he worried about the foreign thieves potentially blackmailing him: “Yeah, in some way, yeah,” Hunter replied, explaining that his dad [Joe] would be “running for pResident [in 2020] … I talk about it [Joe running for pResident] all the time.”

After turning on his iPhone video camera, Hunter stormed down the staircase at his rental on Center Street in Newburyport and asked his visibly upset foreign prostitute, who was featured in SAR #3: “Are you hurt in any way? … is anything hurt on you? … I’m sorry that it took so long to give you ten thousand dollars. … Do you have any bruise[s] [?] … You cannot talk to me that way …” After constructing his alibi, Hunter repeatedly complained to the prostitute’s pimp that she was “crazy.” ….

Three days later, Hunter drove up to Connecticut and settled in at the Marriott on Marsh Hill Road in Orange. He solicited a female (known as “Ivy” and/or “Ivanna”) who explained her scheduling constraints: “I have an incall [sic] in west haven and for the outcall it would just depend on where you’re located[,] sweetheart.” Hunter wanted the female for a “couple of hours … I[will] give you my room number [as] soon as I get it[.]” She was cautious: “your [sic] not law enforcement… Are you? Not looking for any problems[.]” He was direct: “No … [I] am not and you’re not I hope. … room 117[.]”

The following day, Hunter had “a favor to ask” of the female. She quickly accommodated and told Hunter that her “boy” was “right around the corner[.]” Three days later, Hunter asked the female — who was arrested three months earlier for possession of a controlled substance — if she could “set [the] same thing up[.]” Evidently, she procured the drugs and Hunter was “getting cash [and] pull[ed] in[.]” Immediately after the first female of the night apparently left Room 117 at the Marriott in Orange, Hunter — using his trusty “Rob” alias — solicited two more women and called the latter “beautiful.”

The next morning, while still in Orange, Hunter solicited another female through a now-inactive website but expressed frustration about the logistics: “I don’t see the link for the deposit???” The female then directed him to another inactive site to ensure her “safety from the cops and creeps[.]” Minutes later at 12:13 PM, Hunter solicited another female who was staying at the Foxwoods Resort Casino on Trolley Line Boulevard in Ledyard. She was cautious: “Hey love how are you … Affiliated with any law enforcement?”

Hunter was relieved: “I am not — and I hope you are not[.]”

A little over an hour later at 1:34 PM, Hunter solicited yet another female for “2 hours mnimum[.]”

Hunter told a female who he sought to use for sex that he would “be there [room 300 at the Best Western on Saw Mill Road in West Haven] in two minutes[.]” ….

In addition to procuring and using females for sex, Hunter was busy paying a crack cocaine dealer who used a flooring installation contractor as a front company to launder proceeds from drug sales. (For example, Hunter put “NH property” in the memo line for a wire transfer to the drug dealer.) At the same moment his $1,200 transfer to the drug dealer was confirmed in an open tab on his web browser next to, Hunter’s pimp — to whom he transferred $2k on 02/06/2019 — passed along contact information for another female: “Her Zelle [account is] different on [sic] 9173530063[,]” a phone number associated with the current Director of Talent Development at the Miss Universe Organization; her email address is on the group’s website: ….

Hunter solicited a familiar foreign female to room 605 at the aforementioned Mr. C Seaport hotel in Manhattan: “Shower here. I want to see you sweaty and in workout clothes. … In 20 mins you seat [sic] on my bed[.]” Hunter then used Uber to transport the female from a building just south of Central Park. Following the tryst, he sent her $1,500 via “Apple Pay Cash” in addition to $2,500 via Venmo.

Further evidence of illicit payments between Hunter and the female occurred from 11/14/2018ff. That same morning, Hunter’s longtime pimp named Ekaterina MOREVA and her sex trafficking operation — known as UberGFE — offered up a female who was referenced in SAR #2: “Send [$]3[k] now and then I’ll send you [the] girl … [C]an you send [money for] one hour[?] … she is nervous[.]” MOREVA’s trafficking operation, which was (and still is) facilitated through, supplied mostly foreign-born females to Hunter across the nation. A majority of the females were younger than Hunter’s daughter, Naomi. ….

MOREVA has been listed in several SARs. To put it bluntly: federal law enforcement should prioritize her upscale offshoot of for seizure.

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* The voluminous footnotes for ‘Report on the Biden Laptop‘ are available online and with the purchased edition.

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