Correcting the ‘narrative’: ‘Real world’ news or controlled opposition ‘conservative’ media?

Special to, April 10, 2024

Corporate WATCH

Commentary by Joe Schaeffer @Schaeff55

Eight years after the political earthquake of 2016, a growing number of Americans today fully understand that the answer to George Soros and Bill Gates is not Fox News.

The limitless financial war chest provided to the ruling progressive establishment’s propaganda wing, once quaintly known as the “mainstream media,” by its laundry list of heavyweight corporate and private “philanthropic” donors has been amply detailed for those willing to look beyond big-box sources for vital news information.

The crumbling of major corporate “brand” conservative media in recent years has also inevitably developed in the wake of toe-the-line-or-perish regime narratives on the coronavirus, the fraud-riddled 2020 presidential election and the bizarre racial and sexual cultural Marxist tenets promoted by depraved super-wealthy elites.

And that’s just Fox. We won’t even begin to link all the garbage spewed out by the formerly influential neocon false-flag outlet National Review when it still had a reputation to stand on. OK, here’s one.‘s coverage of and Twitter suspension for its reporting on Covid and hydroxychloroquine was featured in the highly successful documentary ‘Epidemic of Fraud’.

This is not a gratuitous kick at fading icons of a discredited recent political past. There is an acute danger facing the patriotic populist spirit that finds itself on the rise once again in our suffering nation today. It is that of a broad-based, anti-establishment grassroots movement being sucked into, consumed, digested and absorbed by the same depressing hierarchies that plagued the bogus “conservative” movement for some 25-odd years up to its collapse in 2014.

An authentic, organic populist resistance has no need for an artificial “star” system of safe and politically harmless “right-wing” writers in service to the status quo some 20-odd years ago.

There are disturbing omens. I wouldn’t want to rip Elon Musk too harshly due to the good he is doing at X but the way that important social media platform is designed to funnel political thought into the BIG accounts is diametrically opposite to how a real information movement of and for the people should be.

It is how control mechanisms work.

The credentialed mainstream and the officially licensed opposition… it has always made for a remarkably effective two-pronged information assault on Americans. People clearly see that now, and they want out. The only way is to not confine yourself to the rigged, manipulated and wholly inauthentic matrix that is Big Media in all its colors, shapes and forms.

This is our argument for relatively small sites like We need them. Not just us alone, but all the other beacons pursuing truth out there. We need them by the dozens, the hundreds. Steve Bannon famously said journalism is “war.” In the information conflict raging today, it is going to take a sea of small dots to topple the moneyed, arrogant and deeply anti-human reigning globalist goliaths.

Our mission here is not messianic. We have one humble but sincere hope: To be one of those beacons making a difference. And we need your help.

It truly is an information war.

“New filings reveal that George Soros’s nonprofit empire has poured out nearly $21 billion since 2000, making him perhaps the biggest ATM for leftist political causes in the world,” Hayden Ludwig of the Capital Research Center reported in January 2023. has regularly reported on how Soros, Gates and other progressive big money is being poured into major media organizations, including television powerhouses ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN, prominent newspapers and allegedly unbiased political “news sites.”

‘New filings reveal that George Soros’s nonprofit empire has poured out nearly $21 billion since 2000, making him perhaps the biggest ATM for leftist political causes in the world.’

By far the Number One way this bought and owned Big Media apparatus manipulates Americans is by deciding what is and what isn’t news. The 24-hour news cycle itself is the ultimate rigged algorithm. Abortion right now as the most important news subject in America today is a classic example of how it works.

Progressives and the rich donors behind them want Americans to focus on divisive social issues rather than nation-threatening issues such as coronavirus vaccine lies, electoral integrity and the attempt to wipe out the demographic stability of the United States via the massive importation of Third World “migrants” through our defenseless borders.

After the stunning 2016 election of the despised Donald Trump shook the ruling progressive establishment to its very foundations, it got together to hash out the trappings of a highly organized and lavishly financed backlash operation to eradicate all popular dissent.

Words like “disinformation” were cemented into the national conversation. The coronavirus pandemic and the fraudulent 2020 election were weaponized to portray dissenters to the official narrative as highly dangerous extremists who threatened the personal health of their fellow Americans and fit the profile of likely violent domestic terrorists.

All would-be rightist opposition news sites to this information tyranny had to make the same difficult decision. Report the truth anyway, no matter the repercussions, or work within the establishment-defined playing lines.

Many – too many – chose the safe business approach of going along with the suppression. Conservative writers and video producers were sternly instructed to avoid doing anything that would garner the site they worked for a dreaded Facebook suspension or YouTube “strike.” That cost the outlet money.

Getting past the personalities involved, this was the heart of the Steven Crowder vs. Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire spat in 2023. The allegedly conservative Daily Wire “is a $100 million business, according to its CEO and co-founder Jeremy Boreing,” big-box news site Axios reported in 2022.

This is the Devil’s Bargain supposedly oppositional right-wing media was forced to make with a hostile ruling establishment in order to have a platform. The effect on information being made to the general public is absolutely devastating.

Its impressive revenue stream is enormously dependent on ad revenue generated via Big Tech’s censorious platforms. The Daily Wire is never going to do anything to get itself shut out of the algorithm.

The National File reported at the time:

Crowder went on to show contracts he had been offered by rightwing media companies which threatened him with lowered compensation should he face Big Tech censorship from platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify….

If a creator was censored across every platform, they could be making as little as 5 percent of their original contract fee, Crowder explained.

“Those in charge, the Big Conservative, the Big Con, and it really is the biggest con going right now – they’re making it known in their contracts that they will enforce the guidelines of Big Tech and they’ll punish Conservatives on their behalf,” the Louder With Crowder host said emphatically.

This is the Devil’s Bargain supposedly oppositional right-wing media was forced to make with a hostile ruling establishment in order to have a platform. The effect on information being made to the general public is absolutely devastating.

This small site had to choose as well.

In 2019 and 2020, Editor Robert Morton made the resolute decision to keep shedding a light on the real news issues facing Americans, fully aware that the consequences would be swift and crippling. Facebook and Twitter ruthlessly shadow-banned any and all articles questioning the accepted establishment narrative on the pandemic, the 2020 election, and much more. It was like turning a faucet off. Timely articles on vital subject matters deliberately ignored by the dominant press that would have once received thousands to tens of thousands of social media likes and shares were now simply not being seen at all. Google ad revenue plummeted.

There are no regrets. But the price to pay has been enormous.

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