MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace floats drone strikes on ‘domestic terrorists’

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, January 31, 2021

“Domestic terrorist” is the Left’s latest euphemism for Trump supporters.

Nicolle Wallace

MSNBC personality Nicolle Wallace apparently believes “domestic terrorists” in the U.S. should be the targets of drone strikes by their own government.

The implication from one who still cannot fathom the outcome of the 2016 election is that challenging the alleged outcome of the 2020 election is a threat to national security

“There’s a bulletin released to all law enforcement earlier this week, that there is, until the end of April, a persistent threat of domestic extremism, domestic terrorism carried out in the ideology and around this belief that the election was fraudulent, that the Covid restrictions are unnecessary. All of those ideologies pushed by Donald Trump,” Wallace shrieked during one of her latest propaganda sessions on Jan. 29.

“But my question for you is around incitement. We had a policy, and it was very controversial, it was carried out under the Bush years, and under the Obama years, of attacking terrorism at its root, of going after and killing, and in the case of Anwar Awlaki, an American, a Yemeni-American, with a drone strike for the crime of inciting violence, inciting terrorism,” Wallace continued.

“Mitch McConnell was in the Senate then. He was in the Senate after 9/11 too. How does Mitch McConnell, who understands that the way you root out terrorism, is to take on, in the case of Islamic terrorism, kill those who incite it. How does he not vote to convict someone that he said, on the floor of the Senate, incited an insurrection?”

Mark Finkelstein of NewsBusters noted: “Wallace might claim she was only talking about Awlaki and Islamic terrorism. But for the second night running to, in any way, shape, or form, put incitement to ‘domestic terrorism’ in the same breath as killing with ‘drone strikes’ is deeply dangerous, and insane. Why was she possibly even talking about drone strikes in the context of dealing with domestic terrorism?”

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