Two young Murdoch proteges built a globalist entity that plotted migration invasion of U.S. cities years ago

Special to, October 1, 2023

Corporate WATCH

Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

The lines aren’t even blurred anymore. The dominant media nexus is a working agency of the globalist progressive ruling establishment today.

The fiasco that was the second Donald Trump-less Republican presidential debate was exacerbated to a great extent by the controlled narrative dutifully framed by the Fox News and Univision (quite a combination there) “moderators.”

Plastic conservative Fox anchor Dana Perino has been rightfully pilloried for her dismal performance at the event, especially her silly attempt to make candidates vote one another off the island, a lame bit of theater wholly motivated by Swamp Republicans’ earnest desire for a single challenger to emerge to slay the despised Trump dragon.

Perino didn’t get in that moderator chair by accident. Just one week earlier, she praised Hillary Clinton as “amazing” at the Clinton Global Initiative September 2023 Meeting.

Joe Biden with Concordia’s Nicholas M. Logothetis and Matthew Swift

There are little tests that must be passed before one climbs the dominant media ladder. Actual video footage of Perino selling her soul for career advantage can be seen in the first few seconds of this clip.

This is how you get picked to moderate a presidential debate. Working agents of an agenda. [Please, 2016 presidential debate moderator Megyn Kelly, tell us how it works in actual practice.]

What is one to make of the always fictitious claim of journalistic “neutrality” when leading figures from numerous brand-name big-box media outlets participate in a globalist summit meeting?

The Concordia Summit is an annual gathering that runs alongside the United Nations General Assembly every September. From its description of itself on the Concordia website:

“Concordia is a global convener of heads of state, government officials, C-suite executives, and leaders of nonprofits, think tanks, and foundations to find cross-sector solutions that address the biggest challenges of our time. The Concordia Annual Summit is the largest and most inclusive nonpartisan forum alongside the UN General Assembly.”

Take a look at the news headlines today and then read how Concordia, in alliance with notorious globalist progressive billionaire George Soros, was openly planning the migrant invasion of America’s cities five years ago. From WorldTribune’s 2019 report on the summit:

On page 43 of the group’s 2018 summit report can be found a summation of an astonishing panel titled “Cities & the Private Sector Take the Lead for Refugees & Migrants.” Patrick Gaspard, president of progressive globalist billionaire Soros’s Open Society Foundations, personally served as a featured member of this program. The panel “laid the foundation for Open Society Foundations‘ co-hosted strategic dialogues focused on refugee sponsorship, private sector investment and advocacy, and city-level policies designed to improve human migration,” the report states.

They told you what they were going to do, and now they are doing it.

Here’s George Soros promoting massive global “refugee” “migration” as “Keynote Speaker” at the 2016 Concordia Summit:

The 2023 Summit has just concluded. Its list of participants is telling.

Corporate sponsors include vaccine manufacturing goliath Merck, AB InBev Foundation (one more reason to boycott Bud Light), ExxonMobil and McDonald’s. Global migration NGO colossus CARE and the Rockefeller Foundation are also touted patrons.

Among the featured speakers was Karl Hofmann, president and CEO of Population Services International, a powerful organization that actively promotes abortion worldwide.

As is commonplace today, the summit proudly listed “media partners” for this thoroughly partisan globalist affair. They included Axios, the BBC, Foreign Policy magazine and Punchbowl News.

A glance at the numerous speakers shows the extent of the brazen media canoodling. Globalist activists disguising themselves as journalists include:

Surprised to see yet another Fox News face hand-in-hand with the trans-nationalists? Dagen McDowell’s brand of economic “conservatism” coincides perfectly with the tenets of globalism. In 2018, McDowell raged at Trump’s tariffs against China.

“If President Obama had pulled what we’ve seen in the last six months, we would be shouting to the high heavens, blowing the roof off this building about how Obama was killing the American farmer,” McDowell exclaimed.

In 2020, she ludicrously scolded Trump campaign spokesperson Hogan Gidley for dismissing notoriously biased polls as she boosted the establishment argument that Joe Biden was crushing Trump on the coronavirus pandemic, which McDowell claimed was the number one concern for Americans, even ahead of the economy.

The sad truth is that McDowell is not out of place at all at Concordia. She is home.

Nicholas M. Logothetis, Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board at Concordia, is a Fox News alum.

From his official bio:

Nicholas is a member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs London, the National Press Club Washington DC, and the Overseas Press Club. Prior to establishing Concordia and joining the Libra Group, he spent several years gaining invaluable experience in the media industry at the Fox News Channel, British Sky Broadcasting, Bryan Cave LLP, Husch Blackwell Sanders and News Corporation.

Fellow co-founder Matthew Swift is also a former Rupert Murdoch employee. From his bio:

Prior to founding Concordia, Matthew worked in the media industry, holding positions within News Corporation and its subsidiaries, Fox News Channel, British Sky Broadcasting, and the New York Post.

“Swift and Logothetis caught the attention of Rupert Murdoch with their entrepreneurial snack business. The two friends have a long history of employment at Murdoch’s News Corporation,” a 2011 article in the Palm Beach Daily News relates.

The snack business was launched while the pair attended a tony private boarding school in Connecticut. Somehow, it was a short skip and a hop from that to Murdoch’s media empire to this:

Now 25 and 23 respectively, Swift and Logothetis have founded The Concordia Summit Group with a list of high-profile names on its advisory board. Among them: Frances Townsend, former Homeland Security Advisor to President George W. Bush; former president of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski; U.S. Ambassador John Negroponte; and Thailand’s Minister of Justice Suwat Liptapanlop.

Former president George W. Bush was snagged for the first Concordia Summit that year. Because it’s perfectly natural and organic for twentysomethings to be traveling in elitist circles such as this.

Logothetis’s 2023 Summit address expressed a disturbing sense of messianic mission. Make no mistake, the man is a convinced internationalist:

Throughout history, diseases and plagues have had catastrophic visible impacts on humanity. They also had many corrosive invisible impacts that endured beyond the plagues themselves. The imposition of enforced isolation of COVID tribalized the world. But Concordia localizes the globe. By celebrating humanity in the democratic way.

He goes on to hail several “rising young global leaders” and stress that “we are but one more continuum in the upward and constant march of civilization, part of the constant endeavor for ideals and progress. We are here today at Concordia, citizens of sensibility and responsibility.”

What other word best describes the following sentence but “religious”:

For our actions, or inaction, our awareness, [or] lack of awareness, will drive the rivers of our collective fate.

A full viewing of the 13-minute address is highly recommended. One must understand what one is up against. These are the words of a megalomaniac. These words are dangerous in the extreme.

Logothetis’s call for media censorship at the 9:00 mark is especially noteworthy. This is what our biased big-box media monolith has enthusiastically attached itself to. It’s not hard to understand why shallow ladder-climbers would do so.

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