Honor their commitment: The ‘shot heard round the world’

The “shot heard round the world” refers to 77 men who stood their ground and fired back in the battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. Their resolve sparked the American Revolutionary War and led to the creation of the United States.

“North Bridge, Concord, Massachusetts, April 19, 1775” by Frank T. Merrill, 1909

The first Americans put it all on the line in their fight against tyranny. Now those precious freedoms are at risk as never before. “Fake news” has already generated fake realities in textbooks and “conventional wisdom” not to mention online search and reference options. This world view is the oxygen our elected officials breath and the reason they quickly forget their campaign promises.

Free Press Foundation set as its goal to raise $100,000 by April 19, 2024, in support of independent media.

By April 19, 2025, 250 years after the “shot heard round the world,” our goal is $1 million in a year when Google, Meta and major Big Tech corporations are suppressing the true American Free Press to an alarming degree.

Remember this: Our legacy and our descendants’ future is on the line.

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