The beast awaits: Trump warned that feds will not tolerate comeback

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, April 2, 2024

The entrenched occupants of the deep state Swamp have been rehearsing for a second Donald Trump presidential term since the day Trump announced he would seek the 2024 GOP nomination. What they are rehearsing, DC insiders are saying, is how to sabotage a Trump comeback.

Foreshadowing that reactionary response to the Trump revolution has been the non-stop assault on Trump and his attorneys and supporters through well-funded lawfare campaigns, the weaponization of the nation’s justice system, the J6 narrative/prosecutions and the relentless, 24/7 media campaign that got underway long before the 2016 presidential election.

If Trump indeed becomes the second president, after Grover Cleveland, to win non-consecutive terms, expect the peaceful transfer of power to take a back seat to Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

It wasn’t always this way.

The first presidential transition in which one party ceded leadership to another occurred in 1801 when Democratic-Republican Thomas Jefferson succeeded Federalist John Adams.

“In other nations throughout history, such a transition would have been met with bloodshed,” conservative commentator Ed Martin wrote in an April 1 op-ed for AMAC. “Yet, because of our nation’s strong religious tradition and ironclad Constitution, we were able to make that transition a smooth one.”

Martin continued: “At that critical period in American history, our federal government had less than 150 non-military employees to serve 5.3 million citizens. That’s roughly one federal employee per 35,350 citizens.

“Compare that to our federal government today, which boasts (or bloats) around 2,250,000 federal employees for 341,000,000 citizens. That’s a staggering ratio of one federal employee for every 152 Americans. Without a doubt, the personnel aspect of presidential transitions has raised the stakes to a whole new level.”

The sheer size of today’s federal workforce boosts the prospect “of entrenched bureaucrats who work for their own interests rather than for the chief executive is all but certain,” Martin noted, adding that “a rock-solid transition plan will be absolutely critical” if a victorious Trump is to “effectively govern over the next four years.”

Honor their memory: The ‘shot heard round the world’

After the contentious election cycle in 2000, aides working for President George W. Bush’s transition team found their predecessors in the Clinton Administration hadn’t exactly left them a warm welcome.

“Phone cords had been ripped from the walls, antiques had been stolen, and notes were scattered about with messages such as ‘Hail to the thief.’ Most infamously of all, the ‘W’ key had been removed from keyboards, an obvious barb at the eponymous middle initial of the incoming president. A GAO report found a total of $15,000 in damages during the transition from Bill Clinton to George W. Bush,” Martin wrote.

Those Clinton staffers’ hijinks, Martin added, will “pale in comparison to what Donald Trump has in store for him” if he returns to the White House next year.

After the 2016 election, deep staters worked around the clock to sabotage Trump’s presidency, but, “in spite of this perpetual weight around his neck, Trump still achieved more conservative wins than any other president in modern history,” Martin pointed out.

This time around, Martin wrote, “Trump must obviously surround himself with true believers at the highest levels, but the key to an effective transition doesn’t end with the top offices. The conservative movement must also rally around Trump by providing him with qualified candidates for every lower office as well.”

Martin continued: “Don’t underestimate the power of a low-level staffer to stymie a president’s momentum. Those low-level staffers have the power to leak critical information to the press, slow down the wheels of government, and damage the reputation of the executive – look no further than the New York Times’ infamous ‘Anonymous’ op-ed for evidence of this. …

“The battle to secure conservative governance for our nation does not end when the Republican primary is over. It doesn’t even end when the general election is over. To secure true conservative leadership, Republicans must rally around Trump to ensure a smooth transition back into power.”

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