Unredacted: GSA sent pallet of documents with ‘classified markings’ to Mar-a-Lago

by WorldTribune Staff, April 29, 2024

A pallet full of boxes that was held by the General Services Administration (GSA) was later shipped to Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. These boxes contained the papers with “classified markings” that were found in the FBI’s raid of Mar-a-Lago, according to newly unredacted documents out of the classified documents case against Trump in Florida.

An FBI agent says the GSA was holding a large quantity of Trump’s boxes in Virginia and then was ordered to ship them to Mar-a-Lago, investigative journalist Julie Kelly noted in an April 27 post on X.

One response to Kelly’s post noted: “So, in other words, the federal government potentially shipped boxes of classified information from government storage to Trump at Mar-a-Lago, then charged him for possessing it, then rescinded his clearance after charging him?”

To which Kelly responded: “Basically.”

In an appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room, Kelly called for the unsealing of records that prove Joe Biden’s White House and the Department of Justice, the National Archives, and U.S. intelligence agencies were involved in a “criminal conspiracy” to “manufacture” a case against Donald Trump.

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