Team Biden, UN coordinate creation of ‘New America’ as part of ‘global diaspora’

Special to, May 22, 2022

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Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

If you are skeptical that the creation of a New America is indeed real, let us introduce you to “Diaspora Engagement.”

The massive migration of hundreds of millions of human beings from the Third World to the West, particularly America, is being celebrated and coordinated by the usual alliance of government offices, internationalist organizations and globalist foundation-backed NGOs.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken

The U.S. State Department, which is headed by George Soros family intimate Antony Blinken, could not make things more clear. From a State web page titled “International diaspora Engagement Alliance”:

Over the last 45 years, the number of people worldwide living outside their country of origin has almost tripled—from 76 million to 215 million. In 2012 alone, this global diaspora sent over $534 billion to their friends and families in developing countries. The United States has the largest number of global diaspora members of any country in the world. Indeed, virtually all Americans have immigrant roots—and these roots are a quintessential part of our national narrative. As informal ambassadors for the United States in their countries of origin, the diplomatic and developmental influence of global diaspora communities has been largely overlooked.

The nation of immigrants babble belies the fact that the State document reveals three “IdEA Partnerships”: “African,” “Caribbean” and “Latino American.”

But what is “Diaspora Engagement?” The radically pro-refugee invasion Migration Policy Institute defines the term:

Governments at both ends of the migration cycle increasingly recognize the value that diaspora populations bring to development efforts and are seeking ways to magnify the human capital and financial resources that emigrants and their descendants contribute to development in their countries of origin. Beyond the remittances they generate, diaspora members fulfill a key development role in their countries of origin: as major direct investors in critical and emerging industries, generous philanthropists and first movers in the growth of important sectors such as tourism, and in the development of human capital.

Remittances are seen as the core of this vision to send wealth from the West to the Third World via the ever-increasing hordes of “migrants” who continue to pour into Western nations.

On May 19, Blinken, who in July 2021 invited a United Nations official to establish a racial truth commission in America, addressed the UN’s inaugural International Migration Review Forum and once again showcased the installed Biden administration’s servitude to internationalism:

These are unprecedented times. There are more migrants on the move around the world today than at any time since World War II, some 95 million. As people leave their homes in search of safety and opportunity, undertaking perilous journeys, it’s critical that countries and institutions work together to make migration safer and more orderly.

Forging that common approach to managing migration and protecting vulnerable people is the intention of the Global Compact for Migration. The United States supports that vision. We seek migration policies that are grounded in human rights, human dignity, transparency, and state sovereignty. And we’re committed to partnering with civil society, with governments, the private sector, and international institutions like the United Nations, because this is a challenge that no one of us can solve alone.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is also working feverishly to support the radical makeover of America’s demographics.

Its “Diaspora Engagement” page declares:

Today, more than 62 million Americans – one-fifth of the country – are first or second generation diasporans, making the United States home to more global diaspora members than any other country.

Taxpayer-funded USAID unabashedly crows that these newcomers are a boon to the economy – not of America, but of the nations they came from:

The backbone of diaspora contributions to development come in the form of remittances – the financial resources sent back to their countries of origin. In 2015, diasporans invested $440 billion in low- and middle-income countries through remittances, an amount that far exceeds U.S. official development assistance.

The United Nations is driving much of this via its International Organization for Migration. The U.S. is a member in good standing of this corrosive outfit.

In April, IOM co-hosted the Global Diaspora Summit in Dublin, Ireland. A “Dublin Declaration” released at the end of the summit reveals how the poisonous “diaspora” narrative is being used to promote a one-world agenda:

These commitments represent our firm belief in diaspora engagement as a long-term force for impact across all sustainable development pillars – social, human, economic and environmental. This statement of support represents our understanding that a future agenda of global action in diaspora engagement can emerge as a creator of commonality across economies, politics, and societies through the role of diaspora in diplomacy and development.

The summit specifically targeted citizens of invaded countries who may attempt to voice disapproval of their demographic replacement as a main objective of its work:

Strengthen the protection of and safeguard the rights, access to health and education, security and welfare of migrants and diasporas, including by combating all forms of discrimination, including social, economic and cultural, by addressing bias, xenophobia, and racism, and by reinforcing the role and capacities of consular services to support and nurture our diasporas, particularly their more vulnerable members regardless of migration status, recognizing their needs as well as their potential to contribute to development.

A summit session on “Diaspora Philanthropy Time, Talent, and Treasure” enthuses that the forces of multinational corporate and individual concentrated enormous wealth are fueling the one-world push:

The contributions of philanthropy for international development have been amplified by the formative work of global flagship entities such as the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and many others. It is also a powerful avenue through which corporations are beginning to reimagine their role in designing and delivering equitable futures across our societies through corporate philanthropy. Within this wider sectoral lens, there is a rich heritage of diaspora philanthropy where diaspora communities give strategically, through their time, talent, and treasure, to support developmental actors such as entrepreneurs, foundations, non-profits, universities, and others.

Great Reset elitist Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum has also been pushing the “Diaspora Engagement” cause for years. A 2013 WEF “Global Agenda Council” paper titled “The Business Case For Migration” emphasizes the movement of people from the Third World Global South into the First World Global North:

[I]nternational migration is a truly global phenomenon. In 2010, about 74 million international migrants originating in the South were living in the North. This number is larger than that of international migrants born in the South and residing in the South (73 million).

A Case Study on “The Economic Contribution of Immigrants in the United States” in this same WEF report is authored by “Randel Johnson, Senior Vice-President, Labor, Immigration and Employee Benefits, US Chamber of Commerce, USA, Member of the [WEF] Global Agenda Council on Migration.”

On behalf of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Johnson proceeds to call for legalization of every illegal alien believed to have been residing in the United States at the time:

The Chamber supports another large aspect of reform: legalization of the undocumented for economic, security and workforce-stability reasons. There are over 11 million undocumented people residing in the US, of whom over 7 million are employed. Neither deportation nor self-deportation of this large undocumented population is realistic, and finding a solution has been difficult. The Chamber believes that criminal background checks must be completed on all the undocumented persons currently in the US, as is required for all legal immigrants. Then, under specified and strict conditions, including payment of a fine and taxes, and confirmation of progress towards English proficiency, those that qualify should be granted a permanent legal status.

The cake has been baked on the demographic replacement of America’s citizenry for some time now. Expect things to only get worse. Mehmet Oz and Dave McCormick, the two wealthy carpetbaggers attempting to purchase the same U.S. Senate seat as Republicans in Pennsylvania, both have extensive World Economic Forum ties. They await a recount of their primary battle, which finds them currently separated by less than 1 percent of the vote after a combined 800,000+ commonwealth residents cast their ballots for either side of this false choice.

One will be the Republican nominee and go on to face Democrat Lt. Gov. John Fetterman in the general election. Fetterman’s wife first came to America as an illegal alien. It is a fact he boasts of.

Do you really still believe The Great Replacement isn’t real?

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