BLM-styled immigration reform: Corporate elites back giving free rein to criminal aliens

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By Joe Schaeffer

Leading figures in corporate America aligned with powerful globalist elitists are actively promoting the eradication of criminal immigration enforcement in stated alliance with Black Lives Matter demands to defund local police departments.

The Migration Policy Institute, a heavily Republican establishment-flavored think tank that supports massive immigration into the West, says as much outright.

An article posted June 25 at the organization’s “Online Journal” is titled “As #DefundThePolice Movement Gains Steam, Immigration Enforcement Spending and Practices Attract Scrutiny.” Radical BLM-promoted efforts to dismantle local police departments are intentionally coupled with calls for eliminating any meaningful effort to enforce the immigration laws of this nation.

This insane incitement for the elimination of all obstacles to criminals foreign and domestic would have been unthinkable in America only a few years ago.

“[T]he new moment, however different it feels, did not happen overnight,” MPI gushed as BLM revolutionaries were running amok in American streets a month ago. “It was built on decades of organizing and activism by Black communities against not just individual rogue officers but institutional racism.”

Guess who else needs to be supported in this fight against institutional racism? That’s right, illegal aliens.

“Even a quick examination reveals that the muscular nature and shielding from accountability that Americans have come to accept as problematic — and increasingly unacceptable — with respect to local law enforcement are equally valid in the case of immigration enforcement,” the article asserts.

This is not an intern venting on a blog post. The piece was co-written by a “Senior Fellow and Director of the MPI office at New York University School of Law” and an “Associate Policy Analyst with the U.S. Immigration Policy Program at MPI.”

Just as those who would defund police departments espouse meaningless babble about “alternative” ways to preserve law and order, the Migration Policy Institute immigration zealots call for a gutting of enforcement measures while pretending to still care about deterring illegal immigration:

“Whether the movement to defund the police embraces reform of immigration enforcement as part of its agenda or not, it is clear that agencies’ practices, priorities, norms, staffing, and budgets deserve a fresh look. Among the policy options for review are shifting resources away from building the wall and beefing up CBP and ICE to the service components of DHS, maintaining tighter scrutiny and accountability of officers’ conduct, targeting enforcement on serious and dangerous offenses, establishing proportionate consequences for immigration violations, and embracing alternatives to detention.”

And just who are these voices pressing for what in essence amounts to a practical erasure of citizenship standards in America today? MPI’s Board of Trustees includes former George W. Bush administration officials, a Roman Catholic bishop, and a founding trustee of the McCain Institute, the neoconservative organization named after deceased Sen. John McCain.

Unsurprisingly, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a prominent MPI funder. Other notable donors listed include the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations (whose current name is actually the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, more on them later), defense contractor giant Booz Allen Hamilton, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, the Rockefeller Foundation, the U.S. Census Bureau, Walmart, the Western Union Foundation and the World Health Organization.

Shockingly, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is also listed as a funder to an organization that desires to completely scuttle its immigration mission.

The MPI vision of the future is a mass migration of peoples that will result in an eventual blotting out of individual national identities. In May 2018 Kathleen Newland, the well-connected co-founder of the institute, presided over a cheery exit interview with William Lacy Swing, who was about to leave his post as Director General of the International Organization for Migration. The ambassador was extremely blunt about the endgame of mass migration:

“So, anything we’ve been able to do in terms of protecting and assisting migrants is because we are now, and for the last maybe seven or eight years, riding the crest of a wave called migration, which in many ways is the missing piece in the globalization mosaic. And it’s likely to be a megatrend for the rest of this century, given what we know now about demographic predictions and the other drivers of migration.”

Swing was quite clear that he was helping to impose something unwanted on the citizens of sovereign nations and that these people needed to be properly conditioned to accept the wonderful new “mosaic” coming to their communities:

“So we have to change the narrative if we can, we have to help people, help countries and their populations embrace diversity, because our reading is that given the driving forces that we know of, that all of our countries are going to become almost inexorably, increasingly multiethnic, multicultural, multireligious, multilingual. And if we don’t prepare our people for that, it won’t end very well. This is the issue and the challenge.”

An August 2019 MPI research paper openly declares that the quenchless quest for cheap labor by employers will continue to spur increased immigration. “While the relatively high cost of labor in the United States compared with low- and middle-income countries will continue to push businesses to look for alternatives, such as outsourcing, offshoring, and automation, there will also be a need to increase immigration to bolster the workforce,” the “policy brief” paper states. “In addition to filling labor market gaps, increased immigration can help mitigate other negative trends, such as declining geographic mobility and entrepreneurism.”

Along with greatly expanding temporary worker programs and visa quotas for “high-skilled workers,” the paper grotesquely calls for “an auction system in which employers bid for the right to hire foreign workers.”

Fully aware of the pain that importing large masses of foreigners to take the jobs of Americans would cause, the paper lamely proposes that perhaps “proceeds from the auction could fund a worker compensation scheme, with resources earmarked for education and work-force training for less-skilled U.S.-born workers and for communities receiving large numbers of immigrants.”

This is the true face of “free market conservatism” as epitomized by an organization simultaneously funded by George Soros and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Another alarming example of corporate-backed treason can be found at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, the MPI donor that began its existence as the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations. This corporate-backed group is also happy to endorse Black Lives Matter-style lawlessness in the immigration realm.

Alina Das is a radical pro-immigration activist and law professor at New York University. Das brings a particular fixation to her advocacy. It is best captured in the title of an April article she penned for the hard-left magazine The Nation. “How the Deportation Machine Criminalizes Immigrants” discusses the shame of holding illegal aliens responsible for the additional crimes they commit while illegally residing in our country.

A group called the Black Alliance For Just Immigration issued a State of Black Immigrants report co-written by two of Das’s law students that specifically thanks her and Black Lives Matter for their help:

The authors are grateful to Professor Alina Das of the Immigrant Rights Clinic for her guidance throughout the drafting of the report. The authors would also like to thank Opal Tometi, Executive Director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration and co-founder of Black Lives Matter Network for initiating the relationship between BAJI and NYU and for her assistance with editing and finalizing the report.

The report welds the demand for increased immigration free of “detention” and “deportations” with the Black Lives Matter fight against “mass incarceration” in America:

In an era where #BlackLivesMatter and #Not1More have become rallying cries for racial justice and immigrants’ rights activists respectively, it’s important that we uplift the common challenges that cross both movements – mass incarceration, policing, immigrant detention, deportations, deprivation of civil rights and civil liberties, economic inequality, and the destruction of families and communities.

The report explicitly states that “[t]he government’s increasing focus on immigrants with criminal records disproportionately impacts Black immigrants, who are more likely than immigrants from other regions to have criminal convictions, or at least to be identified through interactions with local law enforcement, because of rampant racial profiling.”

As part of its “recommendations,” the report calls for allowing foreign criminals to freely migrate to this country in the name of social justice:

As Congress works to end the criminalization of Black immigrants through the rollback of punitive deportation and detention policies, Congress should also enact and expand positive immigration programs specifically aimed at protecting all Black immigrants escaping war, egregious social, political, and economic conditions, public health and infrastructure crises, and domestic violence. In doing so, Congress should eliminate the criminal bars that prevent individuals from seeking access to these kinds of programs.

Alina Das and her proteges literally want to roll out the welcome mat for criminal foreigners “of color.” And the Chicago Council on Global Affairs thinks that is an important message that needs to be shared.

On June 26, Das was the featured guest on a Council podcast touting her new book “No Justice in the Shadows: How America Criminalizes Immigrants.”

The podcast was hosted by Brian Hanson, who serves as vice president of studies at the Council. During their discussion, Hanson asks Das to elaborate on the “long history of this idea of criminalizing immigration.” He is unmistakably ruing the labeling of illegal immigration as illegal.

“The immigration system as we know it is built on a foundation of overtly racist policies,” Das replied. “And that is something for which there’s really no debate.” She then went on a long-winded and half-baked tirade on how America’s entire history is filled with oppression against “people of color,” emphasizing that policing and the enforcement of immigration laws are two hallmarks of this legacy of oppression.

Hanson later asks Das how the “problematic” cry of “send them back” in regard to “criminal aliens” came about. “It’s meant to convey the combination of two groups of people who are very easily ‘othered’ in society,” Das said. “You slap the label criminal on a person, it justifies all manner of punishment. You strap the label of alien on a person and it automatically means that they don’t belong in a society, that they don’t deserve the same rights as people.”

This insane incitement for the elimination of all obstacles to criminals foreign and domestic would have been unthinkable in America only a few years ago. Today it is being amplified by our leading elites. The Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ Board of Directors includes the following major U.S. corporate executives:

Greg Brown
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Motorola Solutions, Inc.

William M. Daley
Vice Chairman, Public Affairs, Wells Fargo

Brett J. Hart
President, United Airlines

Mark S. Hoplamazian
President and Chief Executive Officer, Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Christopher M. Keogh
Managing Director, Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Donors listed on the Council’s 2016-2017 annual report, the most recent year available on the group’s website, include:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – it gave over $2 million; Boeing; BP; Cargill; The Charles Koch Foundation; FedEx; Land O’ Lakes.

The world is witnessing today an unprecedented betrayal of the working and middle class citizens of a nation by America’s elites. The betrayal is so hate-filled that it is willing to unleash rampant criminality against these citizens to help usher in a new globalized “mosaic.”

The Cultural Marxist agitprop of groups like Black Lives Matter is meant to lead Americans to believe that we are on the brink of a race war. This conceals the very real fact that a brutal class war is being waged against the people of this nation by our ruling elites. This war is going on right now. Americans have been killed. More will be in the hard days to come.

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