Vetting Dr. Oz: Pfizer asset, feted by World Economic Forum, promoter of transgender children

by WorldTribune Staff, December 6, 2021 247 Real News

America First grumbling over television doctor Dr. Oz’s candidacy for the Republican nomination in the 2022 U.S. Senate race should not be focused only on the fact that he is a RINO.

More alarming is the notion that yet another moneyed ruling establishment figure believes he can purchase high-ranking political office via the GOP.

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Mehmet Oz’s elitist ties go back decades.

He first gained national attention by appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

It’s no surprise that this good friend of Harvey Weinstein and the Clintons who greatly aided Barack Obama’s rise to prominence provided Oz with his crucial career boost.

The doctor was tabbed as a “Global Leader of Tomorrow” at the turn of the 21st Century by the globalist World Economic Forum.

Here he is celebrating his role as an “agenda contributor” at WEF’s 2012 annual summit in Davos:

LifeSiteNews reports how Oz was an early promoter of the now-sickeningly fashionable transgender children movement, something also championed by Winfrey years before it went mainstream:

A decade ago, Oz emerged as a critical, early backer of the transgender movement, running a special about “transgender children” during his show’s first season on the air in 2010. The hour-long program promoted a fifteen-year-old girl who had undergone a double mastectomy at age fourteen and an eight-year-old boy being raised as a girl named “Josie.”

The episode, “Transgender Kids: Too Young To Decide?,” also featured transgender activist Dr. Robert Garofalo, a Chicago pediatrician “who advises hundreds of children and their families about gender transitions,” according to LGBT lobby group GLAAD. Garofalo encouraged parents to disregard medical professionals and give gender-confused kids highly dangerous, off-label hormone drugs and “sex change” surgeries before they turn sixteen.

Garofalo later described his Dr. Oz appearance as a breakthrough for his career that led him to shift his focus specifically to experimental transgender drugs and surgeries for children.

Oz has been misleadingly labeled at times as a supporter of alternative health options but it would be hard to find a more staunch Big Pharma ally. Oz is co-owner of the Sharecare medical company. The business honors medical figures via an annual “Sharecare Awards” ceremony.

Oz sits on the National Advisory Board for the Sharecare Awards, alongside Freda C. Lewis-Hall, Chief Patent Officer of Pfizer.

Pfizer served as a sponsor for the 2019 Sharecare Awards, along with other notable establishment institutions such as CNN and Wells Fargo. Hilariously, Pfizer was honored with an award at the event it was sponsoring:

Oz does not hide his particular love for the pharmaceutical giant. In January, he very publicly revealed that he had been inoculated with the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine:

Never Trumper David Frum has specifically praised Oz as a solid pro-vaccination Republican:

And with very good reason. The doctor has indeed touted boosters and vaccination for kids 5-11. In an interview with local Philadelphia TV station Fox29, Oz actually argued that that older kids are more of a threat to get myocarditis after getting the jab, but younger kids don’t seem to develop the debilitating heart inflammation condition as often therefore the jab is great for kids.

Another clip from his Dr. Oz “Medical Minute” captures the doctor literally shilling for a Pfizer product:

He also touted the Pfizer pill in another interview with Fox29.

Check out how blithe and routine this all is. This what the ruling establishment calls “news”:

An interview with U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy on The Dr. Oz Show comes across as paid advertising for Big Pharma:

Murthy assured parents that if the FDA does approve the shot for children, they can trust the authorization.

Anything that comes out of the FDA — in terms of a stamp of approval or authorization — that is the gold standard for safety and efficacy,” he said.

Every parent out there can be confident when they see that authorization or approval that this is the right step to take for my child,” Murthy added.

Oz has an estimated net worth of $100 million, which gives him plenty of money to pour into his effort to buy a Senate seat. He has described himself as a moderate conservative and has name-dropped milquetoast former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Republican role model. Yes, this is the same Schwarzenegger who famously told Americans “screw your freedom” while enthusiastically supporting coronavirus vaccine mandates.

Cartel globalist Glenn Youngkin’s successful Republican campaign to become governor of Virginia should be seen as a clear warning sign to Donald Trump supporters. The Republican establishment believes MAGA can be drowned out by force of money alone. Decisively rejecting the Dr. Ozs that pose in elephant trappings and cultivating strong candidates of their own is the only way America Firsters will ever truly re-make the GOP into a vibrant populist nationalist party rather than the wheezing Swamp apparatus it remains.

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