Documents shed light on alleged payments by Hunter Biden to international sex traffickers

by WorldTribune Staff, October 2, 2023

U.S. Treasury Department Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) show that Hunter Biden had ties to an international “sex trafficking ring” and used falsified checks to pay prostitutes, a report said., which reviewed the (SARs), reported on Monday that the documents show Hunter Biden’s “accounts were being monitored as late as December 2019, after investigators found payments from Hunter and his companies to a suspected ‘Eastern European prostitution ring.’ ”

Documents show Hunter Biden spent $30,000 on escorts in a five-month period.

Some of the payments made to prostitutes came just hours after Hunter Biden had received thousands of dollars from his father.

Texts from January 2019 revealed by the Washington Examiner last June show Joe Biden sent Hunter $5,000 just hours before Hunter got into a dispute with a prostitute he claimed he paid $10,000.

Republican House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer announced last month he is investigating Hunter Biden’s alleged links with sex trafficking rings – including demanding records from the Department of Justice.

“The Committee on Oversight and Accountability continues to investigate whether the Department of Justice (DOJ or Department) is upholding the rights of victims who were sexually exploited by Robert Hunter Biden (Hunter Biden),” Comer wrote in a letter to the DOJ on Sept. 8. “These women may be victims under the Crime Victims’ Rights Act and may also be afforded mandatory restitution pursuant to the Mandatory Victim Restitution Act.”

Investigators said that Hunter Biden wrote checks disguised as medical services to escorts supplied by New York-based Ekaterina Moreva, whose website offered a “girlfriend experience” with escorts as young as 20.

Investigators were monitoring “several [Wells Fargo] customers suspected of participating in a sex trafficking ring associated with Biden,” reported, citing a confidential source.

Others associated with the prostitution ring included women with Russian passports and a China-based company to which money was funneled.

One SAR tracked $1,162,732 sent to Hunter Biden’s company Owasco from his business partner and Biden family friend Rob Walker, a former Clinton administration official.

“Walker partnered with the First Son in several of his shady overseas deals currently under criminal investigation, including a multi-million-dollar energy joint venture with Chinese government-linked company CEFC,” noted.

Wells Fargo investigators said Hunter Biden withdrew $105,492 in cash from Owasco and $263,978 from his personal accounts between February and November 2017 across nine states. He also made some withdrawals in Monaco.

“These cash withdrawals were conducted during a time period during which Biden publicly admits to heavy usage of drugs and prostitutes,” the SAR said. previously reported that documents, texts, and video show Hunter Biden spent $30,000 on escorts in just five months – including transactions documented in other SARs filed by banks to the Treasury Department.

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