Part 4: Coverup of the ‘modern Rosetta Stone’ by former spooks and the media oligopoly


Special to WorldTribune, March 28, 2024

[Forth in a series of excerpts from Report on the Biden Laptop‘ by the Marco Polo Research Group, founded by former Trump White House official Garrett Ziegler.*]

Background, Continued

President Nixon’s spokesman, Ron Ziegler, called Watergate a “third-rate burglary.” He was correct in his assessment then, and he is still correct today — over fifty years later. The illegality contained on the Biden Laptop surpasses whatever the “Committee for the Re-election of the President” supposedly did. Nevertheless, the corporate media is still obsessed with Watergate.

A key reason for writing this Report — and establishing a nonprofit entity to organize it — was to give the small minority of honorable law enforcement officers and reporters a proper object for their obsession.

The Rosetta Stone, uncovered by Napoleon’s forces at Ft. Julien in Egypt in 1799, is now on display at the British Museum.

The Biden Laptop was a modern Rosetta Stone of white and blue collar crime under the patina of “the Delaware Way.” Prior to the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, a number of ancient languages were mere gibberish and hash marks.

Similarly, with the laptop, we were able to illuminate previously convoluted network webs of the people leading the charge for global governance. Additionally, the metadata on the laptop can inform other investigations; Truly, the Biden Laptop can be considered a translation tool for Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering into the future.

After poring over 200 gigabytes of data, Marco Polo concluded, perhaps contrary to popular belief, that there are not two or three boogeymen pulling the strings of America’s decline, but rather a legion of hangers-on and grifters who rely on Joe and the entire Biden political mafia for introductions, jobs, prestige, and access. Because of the contemporary nature of this material, a Report was the best medium for exposure. As you will see, exhibits drive the Report. Books already written about the Biden Laptop, although extremely enlightening, featured no exhibits; A movie, also, did not feature any exhibits.

This Report was our research group’s tour through the Biden political mafia, and all of the narrative in this Report is in service to the exhibits. The Biden Laptop, along with material brought forth by Bobulinski and other whistleblowers, was akin to a 3,000-piece puzzle but with many pieces missing. Marco Polo’s mission was to put as many puzzle pieces together as we could. ….

Social Media Oligopoly

In the early morning on 10/14/2020, the New York Post published an article which conclusively proved that Joe repeatedly lied about his knowledge of — and participation in — Hunter’s foreign business dealings. The article, in summary, recounted a dinner which Hunter organized for his father and foreign business partners on 04/16/2015 at the Cafe Milano restaurant in Washington. As was common with Hunter’s rendezvous, the dinner with Joe was purposely left off Joe’s public schedule.

Twitter, with no evidence, declared that the emails from Hunter’s laptop — which exposed the meeting and, thus, Joe’s lies — violated their “hacked materials” policy. The fact that Twitter’s pronouncement lacked any factual basis did not matter to them, as they were merely scrambling to cover for their preferred candidate. Twitter not only locked the New York Post’s account, but also blocked the URL in tweets and direct messages. Knowing that his initial task of suppression and censorship was complete, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey — in a classic limited hangout — made a small concession and tweaked Twitter’s “hacked materials” policy.

This concession, of course, did literally nothing to rectify the situation or otherwise clear Mac Isaac’s name; After all, Mac Isaac was bombarded at his repair shop with animal feces, threats, negative reviews, and accusations of being a Russian plant.

Twitter’s unofficial in-kind campaign contribution to the Biden camp was not their only form of support; Executives at the company donated almost exclusively — and handsomely — to Joe and Democrats.

More of the same suppression occurred at Facebook. CEO Mark Zuckerberg (during his sworn testimony to Congress) gave clues as to what went down behind the scenes. Zuckerberg admitted that the IC, federal law enforcement, and other executive agencies proactively contacted Facebook to let them know about the incoming reports concerning Biden and to view them “with suspicion.”

Andy Stone, Facebook’s then-“Policy Communications Director” and a former press secretary for the Democratic Congressional Committee, was ecstatic to receive this “tip” from the IC, and he worked to suppress the story. The false information laundering can be displayed by the following diagram:

The false information laundering was perpetrated by Laura Dehmlow and Elvis Chan from the FBI, among many others. Dehmlow supervises the Orwellian-themed “Foreign Influence Task Force” (FITF) along with Chan, the ASAC at the San Francisco Field Office. Dehmlow believes it is her civic duty to censor — she told other feds that “critical thinking seems to be a problem currently.”

To add another injury to the insult of censorship, Twitter locked the White House Press Secretary’s account. In a scene that could have been plucked straight out of an Orwell novel, Twitter allowed the following message from the former Malaysian Prime Minster, Mahathir MOHAMAD, to stay up on their platform just two weeks after their scheme favoring Biden: “Muslims have a right to be angry and to kill millions of French people for the massacres of the past.”

The platform even released an accompanying message: “This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about glorifying violence. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible.” After a day or so, Twitter finally relented, but the double standard was clear: Whenever damaging material was released about those who favor global governance, they censored the material with Pavlovian dog-like speed. When those in a “protected class” sanctioned genocide, they allowed it.

The technology and social media oligopoly’s censorship, although abhorrent, is still legal. It has been going on for a decade. Republicans, who waxed ad nauseam about the oligopoly’s censorship, controlled the federal legislative branch for two years preceding the situation.

Therefore, hearings and crocodile tears shed after the fact did little to convince would-be supporters of their sincerity.

This oligopoly is harmful in every respect to the American republic — their antics are Bolshevistic and blatantly one-sided. Nevertheless, those currently in power who complained about the egregious suppression of the Biden scandal(s) did nothing to prevent it.

This situation will continue to deteriorate until an honest legislator reads about the history of public utilities in the United States.

Intelligence Community Gaslighting of the American Public

Five days after the tech and social media oligopoly suppression conspiracy began, a legion of former U.S. intelligence apparatus bureaucrats and spies — led by none other than James Clapper — released a “Public Statement” in which they declared that the “arrival on the US political scene of emails purportedly belonging to Vice President Biden’s son Hunter, much of it related to his time serving on the Board of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” Even for the genre of bureaucrat doublespeak, this “Statement” was wanting.

Report on the Biden Laptop, P 24

For one, they did not define what the “classic earmarks” were or how they were relevant to Joe’s lies about Hunter’s foreign business dealings. Furthermore, several of the signees declared themselves as technical experts, but they did not even attempt to verify the emails, which “anybody with minimal computer expertise” could have done by analyzing the cryptographic signatures inside the emails’ metadata. This was not the first time Hunter’s behavior needed a quick and easy scapegoat; in August 2015, he lied and said his account on Ashley Madison (which facilitated “affairs for married people”) was “not the first time that someone has used my name and identity to try to discredit me.”

The charade was a bipartisan operation by former spooks to run interference for the corrupt and blackmailed son of the Democrat candidate for President.

There was absolutely no proof that the Russians or any of their proxies had anything to do with the release of the now-confirmed emails, but that did not matter. The signatories to the “Statement” had a different mission in mind: They simply made it up out of thin air in order to provide then-candidate Joe with an opportunity — at the final presidential debate on 10/22/2020 — to use their contrived letter to dismiss legitimate inquiries about his foreign entanglements, both political and financial. In fact, it was the only fall back Joe had in Nashville: “Look, there are 50 former national intelligence folks who said that what this, he’s accusing me of is a Russian plan.” ….

Corporate Media Whack-A-Mole

The third prong of the operation was to get national “papers of record” to cast doubt on Hunter’s emails and otherwise tamper the stories that were (expectedly) proliferating about them. Greg Sargent at the Washington Post declared the New York Post’s story a “fake new Biden scandal.”

Report on the Biden Laptop, P 25

To bolster his claims, Sargent used — you guessed it — another Washington Post story in which Hunter’s attorney, George Mesires, declared that Joe’s dinner with Hunter’s foreign business partners “never happened.”

That was a lie, and photographic proof of Joe meeting with the Kazakh oligarch and prime minster was shared the following day.

The New York Times used President Trump’s own administration against him by invoking Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s labeling of Ukrainian lawmaker Andrii DERKACH as a Russian agent involved in

deceitful “disinformation campaign.” The New York Times finally conceded that — 17 months after the cover-up — the laptop was authentic.

Guerrilla journalists at Project Veritas infiltrated CNN and listened to their internal conference calls. During those calls, biased media operators, such as David Chalian, gave marching orders to the CNN news desk, calling the Biden emails an effort “to throw stuff at the wall in these closing days of the campaign” and that CNN “obviously” was not going to cover the story.

Report on the Biden Laptop, P 26

Additionally, on the morning of the final presidential debate, NBC was using the exact same talking points from the former spooks’ “Statement” in order to lie to their viewers, calling the emails “hallmarks of foreign disinformation.” On CBS This Morning, John Dickerson and his co-panelists shrugged off the Biden family’s numerous scandals, asserting that they “[didn’t] think it matters a great deal with voters.”

While the aforementioned outlets received hardly any public funds, NPR was a creation of the largesse in local and state government budgets — and the U.S. Congress. So what did the Managing Editor at NPR call the verified lies by Joe and his campaign? A “pure distraction” that was “not really” a story, even though the acting Director of National Intelligence stated that no intelligence existed to suggest that the Biden Laptop was a result of foreign influence. NPR still covered for the Bidens six months later, although it quietly issued a correction about the laptop being “discredited.”

As demonstrated below, there was a sophisticated three-pronged, sequential operation in play:

  • On 10/14/2020, Twitter completely censored the story and suspended the New York Post’s account, followed by Facebook and other social media platforms suppressing the revelations
  • On 10/19/2020, former spooks and bureaucrats declared the emails “Russian disinformation” and engaged in numerous ad hominem logical fallacies against Rudy Giuliani and others
  • On 10/22/2020, Joe used the media interference of the preceding days to dismiss inquiries during the final presidential debate, relying solely on the “Public Statement” from the former spooks Compare the labeling of the Biden Laptop scandal as Russian disinformation to the merciless, three-year Russian collusion hoax surrounding Trump and his team, which was based on “spoofed” internet traffic.

The current state of the American republic and its media environment is a direct result of this double standard.

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* The voluminous footnotes for ‘Report on the Biden Laptop‘ are available online and with the purchased edition.

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