U.S. firms take tech elsewhere as Pentagon dawdles

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Family of eyewitness to shooting of Nevada rancher LaVoy Finicum evicted from home

Odalis Sharp, left, and the Sharp Family Singers.  /Photo by Klaus Kocher

Special to WorldTribune.com A woman who took her family gospel band to perform for occupiers at an Oregon wildlife refuge earlier this year was arrested and seven of her children were removed from their Kansas home. Odalis Sharp, 46, of […]

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Clinton’s ‘off the reservation’ remark triggers anger for Native Americans, disbelief in others

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.  /AP

Special to WorldTribune.com Hillary Clinton has extended the peace pipe and apologized for offending Native Americans. The Democratic presidential front-runner, in remarks about GOP front-runner Donald Trump on April 29, said that she’s used to dealing with men who “get […]

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Trouble in paradise: ISIL reportedly recruiting in the Caribbean

Pigeon Point, Trinidad and Tobago

Special to WorldTribune.com With its recruiting avenues in the Middle East and Europe increasingly being closed off, Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) is looking to the Caribbean for new jihadists. Trinidad and Tobago was the terror group’s first […]

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Commander in Chief Obama’s lone military victory: A liberalized Pentagon


Special to WorldTribune.com The U.S. military is more prepared than ever – to fight climate change and allow soldiers to use their gender-identified restrooms. The liberalization of the Pentagon appears to be President Barack Obama’s lone battlefield victory and the […]

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Report: Prince was conservative Christian said to oppose gay marriage


Special to WorldTribune.com The provocative, sometimes raunchy music mega-star Prince was also deeply spiritual and reportedly opposed gay marriage, according to a Washington Post commentary piece. One of the “steamiest pop culture figures in the past quarter-century was a conservative […]

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Trumpphobia: If the GOP’s establishment is terrified, so is the world’s

"What is this Trump phenomenon," world leaders are asking.  /Getty Images

Special to WorldTribune.com While Donald Trump has the Republican establishment running scared, world leaders are said to be in full-blown panic mode. “However much people recoiled from George W. Bush or have been disappointed by Obama, they see Trump as […]

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Barack Obama, the UN and Argentina’s new oceanic claims

President Barack Obama with Cuba's Raul Castro walk to their plane at Jose Marti international airport in Havana, bound for Argentina. / Nicholas Kamm, AFP

Special to WorldTribune.com By GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs, Buenos Aires. There is little doubt that Argentina’s new conservative Government, under President Mauricio Macri, wanted a new era of cooperation in U.S.-Argentinean relations — so do most U.S. officials — but […]

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Paglia on the ‘Hillary cult’: Devotees worship their queen, ignore reality

Don't goiter there: Only the Drudge Report has had the guts to report on Hillary Clinton's coughing fits, Camille Paglia writes.

Special to WorldTribune.com In an April 21 commentary penned for Salon, Camille Paglia wondered why Hillary Clinton voters overlook the Democratic candidate’s “money lust, shadowy surrogates, sociopathic policy shifts, horrific overseas record.” “What is it with the Hillary cult? “As […]

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Mothers of kids killed by illegals give emotional testimony before Congress

Laura Wilkerson.  /C-SPAN

Special to WorldTribune.com Two mothers whose children were killed by illegal aliens told Congress in emotional testimony on April 19 that their children would still be alive if the Obama administration had enforced U.S. immigration laws. Laura Wilkerson – mother […]

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U.S. sidelined judge who ruled for key rancher against Feds, rejected same-sex marriage

Judge Robert Clive Jones

Special to WorldTribune.com The U.S. government has downgraded a judge who had ruled in favor of a Nevada rancher and against the Feds. Reno judge Robert Clive Jones, appointed by President George W. Bush in 2003, has repeatedly clashed with […]

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