Multinational capitalism and radical progressivism: 2 peas in a globalist pod

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By Joe Schaeffer

Year in Review: It’s frankly been nothing short of stunning to follow the thousands of threads available and track just how strongly committed well known corporate brands are to some of the most destructive agendas threatening America today.

Since taking up this beat in June, we’ve detailed a dizzying and often-numbing array of examples of major companies financially supporting massive Third World immigration, abortion, transgender children, the shadowy machinations of George Soros and the corrupt political grifting of Barack Obama, the Bush family and the Clintons.

Corporate Watch in 2019 exposed the political grifting of Barack Obama, the Bush family and the Clintons. / AP

As the information compiled was indeed quite voluminous, we thought the end of the year would be a good time to highlight a few of the more eye-opening revelations we came across in 2019 that deserve extra attention. No other criteria are involved in coming up with this list except that these were moments that really stuck out while swimming the deep sea of corporate wokeness. They may or may not be the most important, but they were snippets of detail that raised eyebrows. Here they are, then, in no particular order. The most memorable moments of Corporate Watch 2019:

A neat diorama: Our Aug. 2 piece on corporate funding for the globalist Council on Foreign Relations included this intriguing illustration of just how cozy the elitist spider web can be. From the article:

A look at graduates of these CFR programs exposes more of the corporate-foundation globalist network. Sue Mi Terry was a national intelligence fellow at the David Rockefeller Studies Program from 2010-2011. Terry served on the National Security Council for Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. She has now found a home as a Senior Fellow at the globalist think tank the Center For Strategic & International Studies. CSIS has received six-figure donations from the free-trade ersatz “conservative” Charles Koch Foundation and progressive billionaire Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

Bush, Obama, Koch, Soros. See how all the supposedly “opposed” elites play together?

Our examination of the George W. Bush Presidential Center the very next week  revealed the former “conservative” president’s dedication to supporting global abortion organizations. From the Aug. 9 article:

Among the many cons President George W. Bush perpetrated on conservatives during his two terms in office, his alleged strong pro-life credentials were always among the most suspect. The man who tried to foist a hopelessly unqualified Harriet Miers onto the Supreme Court as Roe v. Wade hung in the balance has revealed his true feelings about the slaughter of some 60 million American unborn babies since 1973 through his presidential center’s activities. The Center this year honored Bill Gates’ wife Melinda as a “2019 George W. Bush Medal for Distinguished Leadership Recipient.” In flaunting this award on its official website, the Center specifically cited Melinda Gates’ work on behalf of population control.

“In 2012, Melinda spearheaded the London Summit on Family Planning, which adopted the goal of delivering contraceptives to an additional 120 million women in developing countries by 2020. Her work has led her to increasingly focus on gender equity as a path to meaningful change,” the post reads.

The organization Family Planning 2020 was directly created out of that 2012 summit saluted by the Bush Center. Of course the term “family planning” does not merely include pushing contraceptives. Abortion is a key part of the agenda. FP2020 frequently partners with Planned Parenthood. On June 13 it issued a “joint statement” with PP and other organizations urging the worldwide need for “family planning.” “Women and girls, no matter where they live, have the right to make their own decisions about their bodies and their sexual and reproductive health and lives,” the joint statement begins.

Big box media: Did you know the deep state impeachment coup against President Trump is being directly financially supported by the very “impartial” media organizations that breathlessly report on it? The Atlantic Council is a globalist “national security” think tank. Key Democrat impeachment witness William Taylor, acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, has a long relationship with the Council. The Council is funded by and partners with Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company that paid Joe Biden’t son Hunter $83,000 a month despite his lacking any experience in the energy industry whatsoever. From our October 25 article:

Going back to that Honor Roll of 2018 contributors to the Atlantic Council, one finds more astonishing names. Facebook is listed at the very highest category, the $1 million-plus listing. Other corporate donors strangely include brands such as Nestle, Starbucks and Total Wine.

But amid the vast list the name CNN jumps out. The 24-hour Trump-bashing cable “news” network is listed in the substantial $100,000-$249,999 category. CNN gave a six-figure donation to the Atlantic Council in 2018. Discovery Communications, Google and Twitter are also in that same high-dollar grouping.

On Oct. 24, The Federalist co-founder Sean Davis reported that CNN failed to disclose that a former U.S. diplomat to Ukraine who avidly defended Joe Biden’s dealings in that nation in an interview with the network is a top Atlantic Council member. John Herbst is the Eurasia Center director for the Council. The group even touted the segment on its website. Watching it while knowing that both Burisma and CNN are financial donors to the Atlantic Council makes for a particularly outrageous example of Fake News in action.

Mass Entertainment: In September we catalogued how globalist organizations are enthusiastically embracing mass entertainment as a worldwide propaganda vehicle for societal control. While this has long been going on, the openness and cold, technocratic approach by the organizations on display here reveals just how entrenched this mindset is with our global elites. From the Sept. 27 article:

The forces of globalism are unsurprisingly tantalized by the promising nature of “social impact entertainment.” The globalist Wilson Center’s Environmental Change and Security Program extolled the notion in a July article titled “The Power of Serial Dramas: Popular Characters Help Change Attitudes and Behaviors.” The article detailed an event on the topic hosted by the Wilson Center, which is funded by U.S. taxpayers and a long list of major corporate donors (see link in previous sentence).

“We are all convinced that educational entertainment is the way to go now,” Anselme Muzalia Wimye, Program Quality Director at Search for Common Ground in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, told the gathering, which included an address by [Population Media Center] head [William] Ryerson. Subtitles for the article describing this conference contained spookily authoritarian overtones. “Emotional Response as a Change Agent” and “Narrative Persuasion” make no bones about the attempt to manipulate the masses through entertainment.

Deep State sponsorships: The seamless coordination between popular corporations, deep state government institutions and immigration activists was rather jarringly brought home by flipping through the official program of the 2018 national convention for the League of United Latin American Citizens, or LULAC. From our Nov. 8 article:

Glossy corporate ads of the type usually seen in sports programs or entertainment magazines dominate the brochure. Mixed amid details of scheduled conferences on how to fight attempts to check illegal entry into our country are full-page advertisements for several major brands, including Caesars (casino) Entertainment, MillerCoors beer, Nissan, T-Mobile and Wells Fargo.

The ubiquitous GEICO gecko has his own full-page spread, bizarrely nestled among full-page ads from the CIA, Planned Parenthood and the U.S. Army. My, what interesting friends LULAC has.

Promoting the transgender agenda: The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is a heavily funded supporter of the push to warp the innocence of childhood via transgender “rights” for kids. GLSEN has numerous corporate backers. On its website is a document that calls for school officials to help steer young children into questioning their gender and advises them to not inform parents if they are deemed a roadblock to their own child’s transformation. From our June 13 article:

“Schools must still create a safe and supportive school environment for transgender students, even if the student’s family is unsupportive,” the policy (see page 8) reads. “In those instances, the administrator should meet with the student to discuss the ways that the school can support the student, such as access to the appropriate restroom, or use of a nickname. That discussion should also include what the school and district can do to support the student’s safety at home, which could include providing the family with resources to better understand their child’s needs and contingency planning for the possibility that the family inadvertently finds out the child’s transgender status.”

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Thank you for reading and Happy New Year.