The Soros plan to weaponize cities, destroy the nation state

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By Joe Schaeffer

A globalist gathering that runs alongside the United Nations General Assembly every September has as part of its agenda a plan in partnership with George Soros to use the local governing bodies of major cities to flood Western countries with Third World immigrants and refugees.  What does the successful implementation of this policy mean for the nation state?

Nothing good, as the following makes clear.

Concordia bills itself as a “nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to actively fostering, elevating, and sustaining cross-sector partnerships for social impact.” Its Annual Summit is designed to run “alongside” the UN General Assembly in New York each year. “Bringing together decision-makers and opinion-formers in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, as well as the next generation of partnership-builders, the Annual Summit advanced critical global discussions and transformed conversations into action,” Concordia said of its 2018 session.

George Soros. / Wikimedia Commons

On page 43 of the group’s 2018 summit report can be found a summation of an astonishing panel titled “Cities & the Private Sector Take the Lead for Refugees & Migrants.” Patrick Gaspard, president of progressive globalist billionaire Soros’s Open Society Foundations, personally served as a featured member of this program. The panel “laid the foundation for Open Society Foundations‘ co-hosted strategic dialogues focused on refugee sponsorship, private sector investment and advocacy, and city-level policies designed to improve human migration,” the report states.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was another of the “four leaders” on this panel, and her moves to end the Georgia megacity’s cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were specifically praised in the report.

A second “strategic dialogue” session titled “Cities & Global Migration: Innovation, Partnership & Leadership, was “chaired by Dr. Colleen Thouez, Director of Welcoming & Integrated Societies Division at Open Society Foundations.” This second panel was much more forthright on the goal of using cities to thwart and even overcome the will of national governments on immigration policy. The report states that this panel “brought together city leadership from around the world to share learnings on what can be done at the municipal level, particularly when federal policies fail.”

The passage that follows that sentence is crucial:

“The session made clear that cities, as global centers of migration, have started to look to each other for support in the face of restrictive national policies, and there is a call for increased collaboration.”

The theme of defying national governance is repeated often on this “dialogue” panel. “Many cities represented in the dialogue (and around the world) have refused to differentiate between legal and illegal migrants, despite federal policies,” the report boasts.

If you thought the rise of so-called “sanctuary cities” in the U.S. was merely a case of progressive urbanites virtue signaling their wokeness on a local level, this report proves otherwise. It is all part of a coordinated global-scale plan.

Concordia posted the video of this second panel on its official YouTube page. During the discussion, Atlanta Mayor Bottoms utters a shocking quote that reveals the true goals of the foreign invasion of our cities.

At the 5:40 mark of the video, Bottoms declares:

“As we spoke this morning there is a quote from one of my favorite writers Audre Lord that kept playing in my mind, and it was that revolution is not a one-time event. And I think of that often, especially in the work that we are doing throughout our various cities in ways that may seem to be small in scale but really are a part of a larger conversation and a larger revolution, if you will, as it relates to how we address our issues of immigration and migration.”

Following the trail of this admitted urban insurgency movement, one can see that it is rapidly becoming multi-dimensional. Soros is now funding a new group called the Mayors Migration Council. Its Leadership Board includes Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. “The Mayors Migration Council (MMC) is a new initiative to help cities have their voices and interests reflected in international deliberations and policies concerning refugees and migrants,” the organization states on its website. The logo of Soros’s Open Society Foundations is prominently featured at the bottom of the front page of the site.

“Cities and city networks carry out urban diplomacy at the global level on a range of issues and are increasingly involved in migration policy,” the Council declares. “The MMC’s distinguishing feature and added value will be to act as a focal point of expertise to support cities and city networks so as to enhance their voice, action and influence on migration and refugee issues.”

An Oct. 30 tweet by the Council goes so far as to brazenly state that empowering cities on immigration policy is part of a move toward a “new world order”:

This inflammatory social media post links to an article at CityLab, an urbanite organization that is a partnership between the globalist Aspen Institute, the leftist website The Atlantic and Bloomberg Philanthropies, the philanthropic arm of cosmopolitan billionaire, former New York City mayor and newly announced Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg.

CityLab is pulling no punches when it comes to promoting this bold new governing agenda. “Cities, in particular, are taking the lead in ushering in an organically evolving new ‘networked’ world order, where NGOs, community activists, private corporations, non-national states, and other stakeholders all collaborate and offer their unique perspective to locate solutions to our common problems,” the “Perspective” article written by two Georgetown University scholars proclaims. “No longer can our global problems be solved by just one actor — nation states. Our world has moved beyond the days when this arrangement made practical and political sense.”

Of course it should not be surprising that a platform tied to Bloomberg would take such an aggressive urban supremacy stance. After all, Bloomberg himself wrote in a 2015 piece for Foreign Affairs magazine of the dawning of a new age of ascendancy for the major cities of the world, terming it the time of the “Metropolitan Generation.”

“As those in the Metropolitan Generation assume leadership positions, cities will become not just more culturally significant but also more politically powerful,” Bloomberg wrote. “Influence will shift gradually away from national governments and toward cities, especially in countries that suffer from bureaucratic paralysis and political gridlock.”

But Concordia seems especially close to George Soros. It was at the 2016 Concordia Annual Summit where Soros first publicly discussed his infamous pledge to “invest” $500 million in refugees. It has now become clear that fostering an inflated power for cities so they can facilitate the foreign invasion of their home nations is a key facet of this investment.

Concordia lists numerous other curious foundations, institutes and corporations as supporters. The 2019 summit reveals the cheap labor-addicted U.S. Chamber of Commerce as a “Programming Partner.” USA Today and Yahoo Finance are listed as “Media Partners.” Among “Lead” and “Principal” programming sponsors are noted companies such as AT&T, Coca Cola, Merck and Uber. “Corporate Programming Sponsors” include Barbie (featured in the 2019 summit report for its association with Concordia), Cargill, Comcast NBCUniversal, Mary Kay cosmetics, Trane heating and air conditioning and Walmart.

“Concordia Patron Members” are detailed at the end of the report. They include Bayer, Exxon Mobil, Hewlett-Packard, McDonald’s and Philip Morris International. Joining the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in the globalist faux-conservative ranks is the George W. Bush Institute, also listed as a patron member. Joining Barbie in the globalism-for-kids ranks is the Sesame Workshop, i.e., Sesame Street.

Washington, D.C. Swamp organizations the Atlantic Council and the Wilson Center are listed alongside the George W. Bush Institute as “Programming Partners” for the 2018 summit. The laughably compromised international news service Thomson Reuters is listed as a “Lead Programming Sponsor” for the event.

“A call was made from multiple participants for more collaboration among cities for a pro-immigrant agenda,” the report on the 2018 Concordia strategy session reads. Thanks to the financial largesse and networked influence of George Soros and the unflinching support of numerous private foundations and well-known corporations, the drive to create an urban Trojan Horse to turn the swelling size of cities against their own nations is well underway.

Joe Schaeffer is the former Managing Editor of The Washington Times National Weekly Edition. His columns appear at, and

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