Big Media celebrates massive immigration as secret sauce of Biden’s ‘economic miracle’

Special to, May 1, 2024

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Commentary by Joe Schaeffer  @Schaeff55

You may have noticed that as fed-up Americans express their total exasperation over the illegal immigration crisis facing this nation, the big-box media organs of the ruling progressive establishment continue to pound away at themes 100 percent opposite of the reality citizens experience every day.

There is a very good reason for this, and it underscores the pure, abject selfishness of an elitist class that is only concerned with preserving its comfortable parasitic existence at the expense of the general public. Read to the bottom and all will be explained.

An enormous, obviously coordinated effort to promote the notion that massive immigration is needed to fill jobs and fuel the U.S. economy has been revving into overdrive of late. A staggering amount of brand name “news” organizations are an active part of the operation.

The dreary similarities in the various accounts make it crystal clear: this is a regime party line.

The Chicago Sun-Times on April 9 published an op-ed by two activists with a radical take: ALL illegal aliens should be given work permits:

Far from “poisoning the blood of this country,” as former President Donald Trump has said, immigrants are building and maintaining the very foundations of our society even as they remain unseen, unrecognized and underappreciated. It’s time we changed that….

We, along with a coalition of more than 85 nonprofit organizations, business leaders, faith organizations, and elected officials, call on [installed President Joe] Biden to extend work permits to all undocumented workers as quickly as possible. This is a common sense move that would help fill job vacancies while catalyzing economic growth, enhancing tax revenue, and fortifying workplace protections for those who have long contributed to our communities from the shadows.

The Associated Press on April 12 dropped a feature “news” article picked up by major newspapers and other dominant media outlets across the country. Its main theme: Illegal alien labor is keeping the U.S. economy afloat.

*Important side note (you’ll see why further below): Washington, DC Swamp think tank the Brookings Institution is cited as a reliable source.

Did you know the economy was prospering? Perhaps you missed that while your knees were buckling as you paid for your shockingly expensive supermarket staples in inflation-racked Bidenomics America:

How has the economy managed to prosper, adding hundreds of thousands of jobs, month after month, at a time when the Federal Reserve has aggressively raised interest rates to fight inflation — normally a recipe for a recession?

Increasingly, the answer appears to be immigrants. The influx of foreign-born adults vastly raised the supply of available workers after a U.S. labor shortage had left many companies unable to fill jobs.

More workers filling more jobs and spending more money has helped drive economic growth and create still-more job openings. The availability of immigrant workers eased the pressure on companies to sharply raise wages and to then pass on their higher labor costs via higher prices that feed inflation. Though U.S. inflation remains elevated, it has plummeted from its levels of two years ago.

Note that third paragraph. The AP is telling the American people that they should celebrate worker wages being kept artificially low by massive unchecked immigration.

NBC News on April 7 filed its submission for the Pravda-like chorus. Headline: “How immigrants are helping boost the U.S. job market without affecting inflation.”

*Important side note (you’ll soon see why): Brookings is again cited as a reliable news source.

The takeaway: Joe Biden’s economic miracle is due largely to massive unchecked immigration:

Economists increasingly believe that the post-pandemic surge in immigration is a key reason the economy has been able to grow steadily without pushing inflation higher, as the new arrivals have helped employers fill roles at levels of pay that have kept a lid on overall price growth.

In a note to clients published Friday, titled “Why we have both strong growth and lower inflation,” Goldman Sachs chief U.S. economist David Mericle said rising immigration had boosted labor force growth. As a result, the strong demand that consumers continue to exhibit elsewhere is unlikely to raise prices by much, “if at all,” he said.

Once again, NBC News echoes the corrosive narrative that low worker wages are good for all Americans.

The Hill on April 10 chimed in as well, with “How immigration is helping the economy defy expectations.” It again serves as an apologia for cheap wages due to an immigration avalanche:

At the same time, productivity has seen an upward trend over the past two years, indicating that workers could be producing more compared with how much they cost.

A significant increase in the immigrant workforce could be adding to these dynamics, especially because immigrants tend to make less money than their native-born counterparts.

The shamelessness should be astounding. But, of course, it is not.

These regime media apparatchiks fully know what is going on. The exploitation of vulnerable populations that in the long run lowers respect for all workers – legal citizens and illegal aliens alike:

We’ll add one last example, a callous and condescending April 23 Washington Post column by Catherine Rampell:

Don’t want more immigrants in this country? Then tell grandma she can never retire.

As I’ve noted before, immigrants are driving the U.S. economic boom. That is: The United States has escaped recession, hiring growth has exceeded expectation, and inflation has cooled faster than predicted — all largely because immigration has boosted the size of the U.S. labor force. Don’t just take my word for it; ask the Federal Reserve chair or Wall Street economists.

This is despicable. Rampell is openly celebrating the Great Replacement in action:

[I]mmigrants have been willing to take jobs that native-born Americans are unwilling to do, such as the backbreaking work of harvesting potatoes, building homes and caring for the elderly. They’re also filling high-tech positions that Americans cannot do because there are insufficient numbers of us with the necessary skills. And they are creating entirely new job opportunities by launching new businesses — something immigrants do at much higher rates than the native-born.

Rampell is yet another fan of the ubiquitous Brookings Institution. She reposted onto her X account an extremely illuminating April 29 Brookings report that fully explains the big-brand media bombardment outlined above.

Titled “Democracy is good for the economy. Can business defend it?” the report, which postures as hard research, is an all-out assault on nationalism as a threat to the exalted positions enjoyed by America’s credentialed elite. The loaded term “democracy” once again means nothing more than the progressive ruling establishment.

“A new paper in the American Economic Review [finds] that populist leaders are associated with a 10% decline in GDP per capita over 15 years,” the report asserts in one of its many sweeping statements.

But a subsection labeled “Seven kinds of business at highest risk” is the key part. It highlights what is most alarming to a DC think tank when the people of a nation rise up against a corrupt government.

Four of the 7 greatest “at-risk” businesses when “democracy erodes” can be clearly identified with the elitist orbit (the other three are non-specific general statements). They’re really talking about protecting their ecosystem, their parasitical way of life. And the media is named as one of these businesses:

As democracy erodes, most businesses face substantial costs. Drawing on the data and cases presented above, we can identify certain sectors and business models that face especially high risks in conditions of democratic erosion.

  1. Businesses with high exposure to government decisions: Businesses that rely on government contracting or licensure, or that are exposed to audits or regulatory control, are particularly easy targets for would-be autocrats.
  1. Businesses reliant on a highly educated labor force: Brain drain is already an issue in many states. Younger workers with high levels of human capital tend to gravitate to places with strong public goods provision and take political environment into account in their job searches.
  1. Businesses in media, entertainment, and communications: Control of public discourse is a key strategy for political leaders seeking to increase their power, and so would-be autocrats typically seek to dominate businesses in the media, entertainment, and communications sectors, including both the producers of media content and the owners of media channels and systems.
  1. Businesses in science, medicine, and education: Facts can endanger an autocratic regime, either by revealing government failures or by undermining the regime’s self-justifying mythos. Businesses in the realm of science, medicine, and education are therefore likely to receive high levels of scrutiny and efforts at control.

Translation: Highly educated, woke college graduates working for Big Pharma, Big Media, Big Academia and government contractors such as the military industrial complex are all threatened when the little people stand up and make their voices heard. And we can’t have that.

This is the ugly mindset that fuels a grotesque uniform dominant media narrative promoting the idea that suppressed wages due to massive and mostly illegal immigration is an unalloyed good that you silly peasants should be grateful for.

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