Yes, the ‘Californication’ of Virginia happened with help from CIA, GEICO, U.S. Army, etc.

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By Joe Schaeffer

The former red bastion of Virginia has been toppled and turned blue thanks in large part to massive demographic change spurred by Third World immigration.

Do not believe those who would downplay what has happened in the Californicated commonwealth formerly known as the Old Dominion. An invasive wave of immigration spanning the past 30-odd years has ushered in an era of Democrat dominance that will not be overturned any time soon.

Virginia has been conquered and its former voting base replaced by foreigners.

“For example, in 1990, Virginia’s foreign-born population stood at only five percent. Fast forward to 2017, and Virginia’s foreign-born population now makes up 12.5 percent of the state’s total population — a near tripling of immigrant residents in less than three decades,” Breitbart’s John Binder reported in the aftermath of Tuesday’s election catastrophe for Republicans.

“To put that data into numbers, in 1990 there were less than 312,000 foreign-born residents living in Virginia. Today, there are close to 1.1 million, almost four times what the population was three decades before,” Binder noted.

A 2017 fact sheet compiled by the pro-immigration American Immigration Council is even more revealing.

“One in six Virginia workers is an immigrant,” the report states. “More than 140,000 U.S. citizens in Virginia live with at least one family member who is undocumented.”

It gets even more alarming with the following items:

  • “300,000 undocumented immigrants comprised 28 percent of the immigrant population and 3.5 percent of the total state population in 2014.”
  • “326,492 people in Virginia, including 113,072 born in the United States, lived with at least one undocumented family member between 2010 and 2014.”
  • “During the same period, 5 percent of children in the state were U.S.-citizens living with at least one undocumented family member (98,768 children in total).”

Virginia has been conquered and its former voting base replaced by foreigners. The success of this venture is harrowing when one realizes the progressive Democrat plan, already in full swing, targets crucial Electoral College states Florida, Texas and Georgia for similar treatment. Given the current trends of immigration, both legal and illegal, into these states, it is merely a matter of time before they turn solidly blue as well and Democrats complete their construction of an impenetrable blue wall for presidential elections.

Failed Georgia 2018 Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams has been leading a very public and aggressive voter registration effort since her narrow loss to Republican Brian Kemp last November. Her unsuccessful campaign mapped out the Democrat plan to weaponize demographic change. “We’re building a new coalition that hasn’t been built for a Democrat in Georgia in the current era,” Abrams campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo told Time in July 2018. “That’s what it’s going to take. Communities of color plus progressive-leaning whites are a majority of the population.” A very radical Abrams lost by a sliver in 2018. If the same matchup were to be held in 2026, she would undoubtedly win, given the demographic trajectory in the Peach State.

Voter registration is crucial to this effort to create more Virginias in the very near future. Given the large number of illegal aliens that make up the “immigrant” population, tough voter ID laws are an impediment that must be overcome.

An important advocacy group fighting Voter ID laws via repeated legal challenges is the League of United Latin American Citizens, or LULAC. The organization declared a “major victory” in Iowa at the end of September when a judge overturned several parts of that state’s Voter ID law. “The decision by Judge Joseph Seidlen rejected requirements that Iowa voters must provide a voter ID number to get an absentee ballot or that people who could not produce a driver’s license or ID issued by the state could be denied a voter ID card,” LULAC gloated in a statement. “Also thrown out was a rule that rejected votes from people based on a person’s signature.”

LULAC has powerful friends in Democratic circles. Its Chief Executive Officer, Sindy Benavides, is a former top staffer to Sen. Tim Kaine, the Virginia Democrat who was Hillary Clinton’s running mate in 2016. And top-tier 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has just named the organization’s Iowa state director, Nick Salazar, as his Iowa state co-chairman.

And, of course, this powerful force for growing and getting out the Hispanic immigrant vote has the overwhelming support of a slew of major corporations.

“The LULAC Corporate Alliance is an advisory board composed of more than thirty of the nation’s leading companies who seek to foster stronger partnerships between corporations and the Hispanic community and to provide advice and assistance to the LULAC organization,” the group states on its website. “LULAC Corporate Alliance projects have included the establishment of a permanent national headquarters for LULAC in Washington, DC,” the post states, showing that this is not mere window dressing on the parts of these corporations. They are actively supporting the advancement of LULAC’s extreme pro-immigration positions.

The Member List features many familiar names to regular Corporate Watch readers, including the iniquitous Bank of America, Hilton hotels and soft drink giants Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Other not-as-regular companies listed include Denny’s, Mars Chocolate North America, Sprint and Sherwin-Williams.

A more revolting illumination of the vast corporate support LULAC can count on comes in the official program for the group’s 2018 National Convention, which was held in Phoenix. The conference was “presented by” Charter Communications. Major sponsors prominently listed on page 3 of the program include Anheuser-Busch, Chevrolet, the Ford Motor Company Fund and Western Union.

Glossy corporate ads of the type usually seen in sports programs or entertainment magazines dominate the brochure. Mixed amid details of scheduled conferences on how to fight attempts to check illegal entry into our country are full-page advertisements for several major brands, including Caesars (casino) Entertainment, MillerCoors beer, Nissan, T-Mobile and Wells Fargo.

The ubiquitous GEICO gecko has his own full-page spread, bizarrely nestled among full-page ads from the CIA, Planned Parenthood and the U.S. Army. My, what interesting friends LULAC has.

Here’s what these proud sponsors are supporting. One scheduled event was titled “President Trump & Immigrants: How Alternative Facts Are Being Used to Build a Wall, Criminalize Immigrants, and Militarize the Border.”

The synopsis was even more brazen than that loaded title:

“President Trump’s rhetoric and actions surrounding the immigrant community and the border have increasingly turned more vicious since he began campaigning in 2015. The wall, increased policing of the border region, the criminalization of immigrants, and the destruction of wildlife habitat are all tools of politicians who seek to advance an extreme and profit driven agenda at the expense of our communities. Especially in light of the recent zero-tolerance policy which separates families at the border, border politics are more important than ever. Come listen to experts on border politics and immigration discuss the effects of President Trump’s policies on migrants as well as policy recommendations to fight the injustice.”

Another event was titled “Know Your Rights Community Workshop.” It was apparently designed to help illegal aliens avoid being captured after invading our sovereign soil:

“News after news, we hear immigrant families being separated by deportation. Learn about yours and your families’ civil rights when interacting with law enforcement, and how you can help to slightly ease permanent anxiety caused by the increase in deportations. Resources on practical tips for things immigrant families can do now to prepare will be provided.”

There’s much more. LULAC’s “Proposed Legislative Platform” favors granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. It also states that “LULAC strongly opposes all legislation that designates English as the official language of the United States or of any individual state.”

Going even further, it declares that “LULAC demands an end to all deportations, excluding individuals convicted of a violent felony, while comprehensive immigration reform legislation is being considered.”

Arresting illegal aliens is apparently an affront to all Latinos in America. “LULAC opposes any legislation that threatens the rights of immigrants, criminalizes them or those who provide them assistance, and harms Latino communities,” the organization states.

And here’s a telling sentence. “LULAC supports legislation that makes it clear that children should never be separated from their parents, even in cases where the parent’s only ‘crime’ is coming to the United States in search of a better life for their family.” The word crime is in quotation marks. LULAC obviously believes illegally crossing our border is not in fact a criminal act.

This is the toxic agenda that has turned the once-great state of California into a multicultural hellhole brimming with radical left-wing policies on abortion, homosexuality, homelessness and more.

Virginia is now about to follow this same corrosive path. Georgia, Florida and Texas are slated to soon follow.

The corporations that support this monstrous effort are truly trying to take your country away from you. Please familiarize yourself with their names and do what you can when you can to avoid giving them your money.

Joe Schaeffer is the former Managing Editor of The Washington Times National Weekly Edition. His columns appear at, and