Don’t forget fake meat: ‘Great Reset’ priorities go beyond fake news, vaccines

Special to, January 20, 2022

Corporate WATCH

Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

Informed citizens understand that the technocrats’ war against nature is not going to stop with vaccines. The transformation is intended to be total.

Expect to see more of what follows below in a non-stop procession. It will all be geared to solidifying the bioengineered rewiring of what it means to be a human being.

Here is a dandy big-box media platform two-step. Time magazine partners with the World Economic Forum:

The Power of Collaboration

The world’s problems can seem overwhelming when we’re alone behind our screens. TIME partnered with the World Economic Forum to explore how we can still come together to achieve great things

…and just so happens to release a laughably Pravda-like propaganda piece on cultivated meat, which just so happens to be a WEF “Great Reset” priority.

The menu at SuperMeats’s Tel Aviv-based restaurant The Chicken features a cultured chicken burger.

On Jan. 19, the magazine published a bizarre article in which an Israeli “gastronome” who readers are told in the lead paragraph is “a professional taster and a Master Chef judge” can’t tell the difference between real and fake lab-grown chicken.

“It was a historic opportunity,” Time exclaims of the event.

This is supposed to be an overwhelmingly positive story for the fake meat industry, but the article has all kinds of problems. The biggest: Both samples are so tasteless it is like comparing the flavor of two pages of wadded-up paper:

[Michal] Ansky tasted from bowl A, then B, then A again, and furrowed her brow in concentration. They were both bland, she complained, lacking the fat that gives chicken breasts flavor. Both samples had been finely ground, so it was impossible to decide on mouth feel…

Nevertheless, Ansky gave her firm pronouncement:

[S]he would bet her money and her reputation that sample A was the real thing. It had a richer, more “chickeny” taste.

The article has truly nightmarish Brave New World moments, such as this:

The tasting was hosted by the Tel Aviv-based meat tech start-up SuperMeat at its in-house restaurant, The Chicken. Behind the restaurant bar a vast window looked into the working laboratory where the company’s cultivated meat samples had been grown from stem-cells, fed on a broth of nutrients in large, stainless-steel bioreactors. The gleaming silver tanks stood no more than 20 meters away from the judges’ forks — hyper local at its most narrow definition.

But soon we arrive at the tantalizing moment when we discover which wretchedly tasteless piece of cardboard is chicken and which is not:

Ansky disagreed. Sample B had less flavor, so that had to be the one grown in a sterile lab. She was so convinced of her decision that when SuperMeat founder Ido Savir announced that it was in fact A that was cultivated, she corrected him. “No,” she said. “A is the real chicken.”

No, Savir responded with a grin. Sample A “was grown on the other side of the window there, just a few days ago.”

Ansky’s jaw dropped. “I was wrong,” she marveled in front of the cameras, “and I am the expert.”

In other words, SuperMeat used a piece of chicken even more devoid of flavor than its disgusting lab product as a comparison sample and this supposedly represents a great step forward for bioscience.

And then there is the uncomfortable fact, if one is even pretending that this shameless charade is the least bit objective, that the taster wanted to be wrong in the first place. Turns out, Ansky is a big supporter of fake meat:

A day later I spoke to Ansky on the phone about the tasting. “It’s one of the only times in my life that I’m really happy that I was wrong,” she told me. “In my heart I was saying Hallelujah. Because it’s about time.” 

Before you laugh all this off, consider for a moment that biotechnology is persistently and consistently using deception as a means to replace nature in its push to create a new technocratic state. The entire world saw it with vaccines, with imposed genetic experimentation misleadingly labeled as vaccination being hyped as an improvement on human beings’ natural immune systems.

And so it should be sobering to realize that the same powerful people who pushed the big lie of the coronavirus vaccines are pushing cultivated meat. Time’s “partners” at The World Economic Forum are all-in on the technology.

“How soon will we be eating lab-grown meat?” WEF asked as part of its “Pioneers of Change Summit 2020.”

“As the world looks to reset its economy, along with food systems, in a cleaner way post-pandemic, one more sustainable solution coming to fruition is cultured meat,” WEF declares.

The globalist health organization then proceeds to tout the valuable work Big Pharma Goliath Merck is doing to help develop fake meat:

To scale up production of cultured meat and reduce costs, there are several technological challenges facing companies – and these are something the global life science and healthcare company Merck is working to overcome.

“As a leading supplier to the biopharma industry, we have extensive knowledge of the relevant science and biotechnology required for the production of cultured meat,” says Isabel de Paoli, Chief Strategy Officer at Merck.

“By working with companies that want to commercialize cell-based meat, we offer our knowledge and production skills to help them to overcome critical technological challenges.”

WEF links to a page on a Merck official website in which the pharmaceutical multinational elaborates on its cultivated meat efforts. Big Pharma wants to produce the food you eat. Doesn’t this sound yummy:

By partnering with companies who are looking to commercialize cultured meat, we aim to offer our knowledge and manufacturing expertise to help propel them to overcome critical technological challenges.

Examples of these technology challenges include: 

     Formulations for cost-effective cell culture media that is free of any animal-derived material (such as fetal bovine serum) Learn more about how we are tackling this challenge here.

    Bioreactors, bioprocess design and automation platforms that enable growth and differentiation of multiple cell types simultaneously

    Biodegradable or edible scalable scaffolds to support cell adherence, vascularization and media perfusion

The World Economic Forum acknowledges that a massive worldwide propaganda campaign similar to the Big Jab Push will have to be rolled out to convince people to literally give up eating real food and opt for the technocrats’ laboratory pap:

The perception of cultured meat is acknowledged by the industry, with not-for-profit The Good Food Institute running an Alt. Protein Project aimed at encouraging students – the leaders of tomorrow – to help change the food system.

It also recognizes the cultured meat industry has a literal image problem: Max Elder, former Research Director of the Food Futures Lab at Institute for the Future, says: “Images in popular media of cultured meat today look sterile, scientific, unappetizing; something to touch with a rubber glove or eat out of a petri dish.

“We need images of cultured meat that appear familiar and delicious, otherwise consumers will think the opposite before products even reach their plates.”

There is no reason for WEF not to be confident.

After all, consider the track record.

Big Industry did it with cigarettes. It did it with deeply unhealthy vegetable oils. And today its pharmaceutical wing has done it with experimental gene therapy disguised as vaccines.

And now the bioengineering technocrats plan to do it with the very food you eat.

Even when the coronavirus circus winds down, as it eventually someday must, it will not be an end. The multi-faceted assault meant to fully sever mankind from God’s natural creation will continue its advance on new and equally terrifying fronts.

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