Fetal cells and bioengineered humanity: Vaccine coercion inches towards its biggest fight

Special to WorldTribune, November 24, 2021

Analysis by Joe Schaeffer, 247 Real News

Those who are aware of the higher stakes involved in the war over coronavirus vaccine mandates have been patiently waiting for the moment to arrive.

There is something the forces of coercion always had to get around to doing with the religious exemptions eventually. They must at some point finally take on the objections straight-up by staunchly defending the use of aborted baby bodies for medical research.

Bottom line: The coronavirus vaccines come from abortion, and those who created the vaccines firmly believe in harvesting dead babies for medical research purposes. Tactics to defend the horror: Decree it to be indispensable, shift the focus of the debate, and then, operating from that false sight-line, morally justify it.

National Geographic Nov. 19 article: Headline and subhead:

Here are the facts about fetal cell lines and COVID-19 vaccines

As more people apply for religious exemptions to vaccine mandates, experts explain how and why fetal cells are used in drug development, from vaccines to common pain medications.

The article begins by quoting a top-shelf ruling establishment health official. Johns Hopkins has been at the very center of the coronavirus hype on a global level since the beginning. Outside of Bill Gates himself, it’s hard to find an entity more deeply embedded inside the COVID machine.

Johns Hopkins health official: Cell lines from murdered babies are essential:

“So many people don’t realize how important fetal cell lines are to develop life-saving medicines and vaccines that they rely on every day,” says Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease expert at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. “Their use in developing COVID-19 vaccines isn’t anything different or special.”

From there, we are led to a classic dodge: “people don’t know what they are objecting to.” It is crucial to note that the technocratic class that wants to instill this Brave New Human Order upon the world resorted to these exact same tactics with the Senomyx scandal circa 2011.

Do you remember? There was in fact nothing complicated about the Senomyx saga, although it was presented as deeply confusing at the time. It simply involved using the same moral justifications of harvesting murdered babies for research purposes to support bioengineered food rather than vaccines.

Big-brand dominant media outlets were harnessed to conduct “fact-checks” ruling it “FALSE” that fetal tissue was in bottles of Pepsi cola when that was never the heart of the controversy. Very tellingly, these totally misleading fact checks continued to be rolled out as the coronavirus pandemic hype was about to be unleashed in 2019 and as the mass vaccination campaign gathered steam in 2021.

The whole story all along was that fetal cell lines were indeed being used to develop a taste enhancer that was to be purchased by major commercial food companies, and that Pepsi was working with this company at the time it was developing this flavor enhancer. This is objectionable in and of itself. Robustly declaring there are no chunks of dead babies in your Pepsi was meant to cloud the waters to avoid focus on the fully reasonable objection to harvesting the cell lines of a murdered baby for taste-receptor tests meant to deceive the human tongue when a mass commercial food product was being consumed.

We are seeing this same misdirection being applied once again today with the jab. Back to the National Geographic piece:

But doctors worry that some people’s objections may stem in part from misunderstandings of the science. Richard Zimmerman, a family medicine specialist at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and a part-time physician at Pittsburgh’s East Liberty Family Health Care Center, says that some of his patients have voiced skepticism because they believe the COVID-19 vaccines contain cells from aborted fetuses. This is incorrect.

Again: This is a tactic being deployed to minimize the evil actually being performed.

From there, it is a short skip and hop to justifying the killing. The technocrats brag about the bounty of rich material that comes from JUST ONE murdered baby: Just one!

[Cell biologist Leonard] Hayflick, for instance, has frozen ten million human fetal lung cells — derived from one aborted fetus — in each of 700 glass vials after the original cell population had doubled seven times. Given their potential to continue doubling at least another 30 times, each vial can yield “tens of thousands of kilos of cells,” he says. “That’s enough cells to supply the world’s vaccine manufacturers with WI-38 cells for several years.” These lung cells are currently used to produce vaccines for varicella, rubella, hepatitis A, and rabies. Other scientists have transformed fetal kidney and retinal cells so that they become immortal, dividing forever. The PER.C6 cell line, for instance, is derived from immortalized retinal cells from an 18-week-old fetus aborted in 1985.

What’s the big deal? One baby was murdered in 1985, and look at all the goodies we got out of it.

As National Geographic makes clear, all three U.S. vaccines are tainted by this grotesque morality. They want those who have received the jab to know what they have acquiesced to:

Johnson & Johnson uses PER.C6 to produce its COVID-19 vaccine. The company used these cells to grow adenoviruses — modified so that they wouldn’t replicate or cause disease — that were then purified and used to deliver the genetic code for SARS-CoV-2’s signature spike protein. The J&J vaccine does not contain any of the fetal cells that once housed the adenovirus because they were extracted and filtered out.

Pfizer and Moderna used another immortal cell line, HEK-293, derived from the kidney of a fetus aborted in the 1970s. The cells were used during development to confirm that the genetic instructions for making the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein worked in human cells. This was like a proof-of-concept test, Speidel says, and the fetal cells were not used to produce either of these mRNA vaccines.

The conclusion to the article makes it even more plain, again championing the indefensible:

The issue is whether one believes that it is ethically acceptable to develop and use life-saving medicines, vaccines, and treatments that are dependent on a cell line that was created using aborted human fetal cells a half century ago,” says Frank Graham, a molecular virology and medicine expert and emeritus professor at Canada’s McMaster University, who created the HEK-293 cell line.

Even if future vaccines can somehow avoid the use of these fetal cell lines, it’s hard to ignore their foundational role.

What this all leads to is a utilitarian idea of humanity that robs individuals of their God-given rights, starting with the right to life.

This in turn justifies the harsh restrictions on personal freedoms in the name of the “common good” – not spreading the virus. Utilitarianism once again. Your freedom cannot be allowed if it can possibly harm someone in potentially any way.

The endgame of all this is we become cattle.

Fascinatingly, all this could be seen in the Senomyx controversy over a decade ago. It was even written at the time.

From an extremely interesting 2012 Forbes article written by a person who is all for harvesting fetal material for tastier food and vaccines:

There’s a huge public health upside to what Senomyx is doing. They are developing flavors that mimic sugar, salt, and also savory tastes. I’m a guy who doesn’t drink soda because of the health risk involved. But replacing ingredients that can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer strikes me as a useful endeavor. The creation of a medicine like Pulmozyme for cystic fibrosis, which the Children of God For Life says also used HEK cells, seems even more worthwhile. So do the vaccines from Merck and GlaxoSmithKline that the group also opposes.

I don’t think many people in science or in the drug business would think of using HEK cells as “using aborted fetuses.” To a very large extent, the HEK 293 line is being caught up in the embryonic stem cell politics of a decade later. But I can see how people who think fetal tissue should never be used in any medicine would see a problem here. I can also understand how a lot of biotechnology can seem a little scary and Frankenstein-like, because it emphasizes how malleable and manipulable our basic parts are. The fact that we can so manipulate biology challenges our view of ourselves as spiritual beings in control of our own destinies.

This is what is really going down right now. It is nothing short of an attempt by technocrats of the same mindset as 2021 Humanist of the Year Dr. Anthony Fauci to overthrow God’s natural order and “improve” on His creation. Your food will be transformed. Your genes will be transformed. YOU will be transformed.

And they do not want us to have the right to object to it.

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