Fighting Information Tyranny

If you are reading this, you know we are in the middle of an Information War. That is why the truth is so hard to get from the Corporate Media and Big Tech, still presenting as honest brokers.

The Information War is central to communist China’s strategy of ‘Warfare beyond all boundaries’

And it’s recognized by the globalist Left as a normal operating procedure.

Until now, there has been little that most American patriots, hardworking people with careers and families, could do to fight this war as your voices were stifled on campuses, in corporations, and across most mass media platforms.

Now there is — The Free Press Foundation’s

Endowment for Press Freedom


Modeled off of Harvard University’s Harvard Endowment and managed by experienced traders and investment fund managers, the Endowment for Press Freedom does not spend your donation. It grows it.

Then it deploys the growth: 

Please consider giving a monthly amount for 1 year.


The Left is doing everything it can to extinguish your your values, your voice, and your freedoms.

Even the outlets you have relied on for honest information have been attacked, throttled, or canceled altogether. What’s worse, some have sold out in fear and self-interest.

All this has been accomplished with the assistance of corrupt media.

Now you can fight back

Help us reach an early goal of $6 million that will keep the lines of communication open in this information war — by providing sustainable funding as needed for:
  • A journalism committed to the principles of the U. S. Constitution,
  • The training of a young generation of new journalists, and
  • Needed legal and cyber defense. 


Let the American Counter-Revolution begin!


WHEN DONATING BY PERSONAL CHECK: Your generous donation is gladly accepted by personal check.  Please make checks payable to Free Press Foundation and send to the following address.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at info@freepressfoundation.org.

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