Vaccine regime drones weave ‘extremist’ fantasy narrative in Missouri

by WorldTribune Staff, February 15, 2022 247 Real News

The lying media is lying again.

A monolithic effort is underway in Missouri to paint those opposed to the coronavirus vaccine coercion regime as fanatics who even have gone so far as to cruelly crush the confirmation of a pro-life, anti-mandates state Health and Senior Services director, who had been serving in the role since September, simply because he wasn’t extreme enough to satisfy them.

Donald Kauerauf / Governor’s Office

This is classic Progressive Fantasy 101 at work in the Midwest.

The Show Me State’s largest daily newspaper, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, wrote in a frothing Feb. 3 editorial:

Components of that base had launched a sabotage campaign against [Donald] Kauerauf, falsely alleging he had called for mask mandates and vaccine requirements, and questioning his commitment to their anti-abortion-rights cause. Those allegations were baseless rantings by fringe extremists, but that didn’t stop Senate Republicans from dutifully carrying their water and handing [Republican Gov. Mike] Parson a defeat.

Kaiser Health News, which WorldTribune has reported is heavily tied to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, chimed in on Feb. 8:

Kaiser was inconsolable over the loss of Kauerauf as it mourns the approaching demise of a health establishment tyranny that never should have been allowed to get this far in the first place:

Over half of states have rolled back public health powers during the pandemic, which experts say permanently weakens states’ abilities to protect their constituents’ health.

“Both the fundamental legal authorities of public health, as well as the people who are practicing, are being threatened in ways we’ve never seen before,” said Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association. He warned that even more legislative rollbacks would take place this year across the country, as well as court rulings limiting public health authorities.

This stripping of public health powers doesn’t just mean that unpopular covid restrictions will end, he said. These curbs often cripple public health’s ability to fight other scourges.

Make no mistake; this is the heart of the matter. Regular citizens are displaying the utter audacity of questioning their appointed overseers. This cannot be allowed to pass.

St. Louis magazine had amplified the same propaganda line one day earlier, even resorting to quoting the same Dr. Benjamin as it attempted to portray the Kauerauf rejection as a sad saga of holy public health martyrdom:

Hostile work environments are being created. It’s a phenomenon we’re seeing at state and local levels,” Benjamin says, referring to such examples as health officials bearing the brunt of ongoing misinformation on social media and receiving messages threatening them and their families. “The messages will say things like, ‘We know where you live.’ People are leaving public health for jobs where they’ll experience a lot less duress.”

Do we even need to tell you who funds Dr. Benjamin’s American Public Health Association?

How compromised is this painfully wounded caring health professional?

The Pfizer Foundation is listed as an “Organizational Donor” to APHA in the group’s 2020 annual report.

Might St. Louis magazine have found it worth divulging this about its expertist source?

But wait. Things get more comical.

The Kaiser Family Foundation is also listed as a “grant sponsor” to APHA. Funny how Kaiser Health News didn’t mention that at all in its “news” article. How about that? Its quoted source is basically a paid employee.

Other donors to APHA include leading shapers of the coronavirus social tyranny, including the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, the CDC Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.

Would people like this distort the truth?

In fact, it has been proven that Kauerauf was promoting mask mandates from inside the Parson administration. On Dec. 1, the Missouri Independent newspaper published a gotcha expose meant to show that the GOP governor knew masks were effective against the coronavirus but squelched the information:

Mask mandates saved lives and prevented COVID-19 infections in Missouri’s biggest cities during the worst part of the delta variant wave, an analysis by the state Department of Health and Senior Services shows.

But the analysis, conducted at the request of Gov. Mike Parson’s office in early November, was never made public and was only obtained by The Missouri Independent and the Documenting COVID-19 project after a Sunshine Law request to the department.

Such a study, coming from the government health establishment itself, is of course as believable as a big-box media “Fact Check” of big-box media reporting.

What the article does show, however, is that Kauerauf was indeed supporting mask mandates:

The study compared infection and death rates in St. Louis, St. Louis County, Kansas City and Jackson County with the rest of the state. New state health Director Donald Kauerauf wrote in an email that the study’s findings showed the effectiveness of mask mandates and forwarded it to Parson’s office….

“I think we can say with great confidence reviewing the public health literature and then looking at the results in your study that communities where masks were required had a lower positivity rate per 100,000 and experienced lower death rates,” Kauerauf wrote.

A November KRCG-TV interview reveals that Kauerauf, even while mouthing disapproval of forced jabs, was all about shaping what he called a “culture of vaccination.” Nothing spooky about that, is there?

One of the state’s key vaccination strategies, the Vaccine Incentive Program, or VIP, concluded last month, handing out millions of dollars to hundreds of Missourians, solely based on vaccination. But a Kansas City Star report last month said most of those entrants were already vaccinated. Still, Kauerauf called the program “a huge success,” saying the program developed a culture of vaccination.

Is it any wonder Missourians are wary? Does the following sound like the language of a man who can be trusted to understand that citizens are not asking government officials to respect their personal freedoms, they are demanding it?

The state health department director also noted that mask-wearing is a key prevention strategy.

“Quit focusing on ‘me, my rights, my this,’ “ he said. “It’s about the other person. Be concerned about fellow Man and knowing that they may be at risk, so that the mask does provide protection, that you are not shedding virus potentially to someone else.”

THIS is the disqualifying part, ruling establishment apparatchiks.

A July article in St. Louis magazine reveals the full-blown parental-authority overtones the new health director planned on bringing to his job. It really is as simple as this: Too many Donald Kaueraufs in government do not understand that free citizens don’t want to be talked down to like this by statist hacks:

When asked if he would have done anything differently in terms of the state’s response to COVID-19, Kauerauf said that Missouri has followed guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and “this all comes back to, People need to get vaccinated. It’s a clear answer. People need to get vaccinated. If you don’t understand the vaccine or if you need additional information, seek your medical provider, seek your health authority.”

It is something our elites and the urbanite lemmings who support them never will understand. St. Louis magazine went back to the tainted Dr. Benjamin as it warbled about the need for unity between oppressor and oppressed:

Benjamin said his association and other organizations are looking at nationwide, non-partisan ways they can help stem the exodus of public health officials over COVID-related backlash. He cites the importance of all sides of any issue getting to know each other and addressing concerns in an upfront, but civil, fashion while “still following the science.”

Yes. Let’s do it, doc. We’ll begin by letting the American people get to know you better. How about you disclose – up front and civilly – the fact that your organization directly takes money from Pfizer every time you are approached by the media to cry on cue about the twilight of you and your colleagues’ two-year absolute medical tyranny?

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