Threat of AI kill decisions looms with ongoing wars in Ukraine, Gaza

FPI / May 3, 2024


Military planners on the battlefields in Ukraine and Gaza are currently being assisted in their decision-making by artificial intelligence (AI).

The window of opportunity to get a grip on AI is closing quickly, world governments have been warned.

In the not-too-distant future, military analysts are saying those decisions could be made entirely by machines.

“This is the Oppenheimer moment of our generation,” Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg told civilian, military, and technology officials from more than 100 countries at an April 29 conference in Vienna.

Schallenberg was referencing J Robert Oppenheimer, who helped invent the atomic bomb in 1945 before going on to advocate for controls over the spread of nuclear arms.

The challenge of keeping control of ever-advancing AI in battlefield situations is a daunting undertaking given that many nations are dangling financial incentives for companies to promote the killer robots, according to Jaan Tallinn, an early investor in Google’s AI platform DeepMind Technologies.

“Silicon Valley’s incentives might not be aligned with the rest of humanity,” Tallinn said according to technology news service reports.

Governments around the world have taken steps to collaborate with companies integrating AI tools into defense.

• In the United States, the Pentagon is pumping millions of dollars into AI start-ups.

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