Vaccine safety report: CDC, FDA failed to warn about ‘hundreds of serious adverse’ reactions

by WorldTribune Staff, November 12, 2021

Steve Kirsch, Executive Director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, reports that his team of vaccine safety experts “found hundreds of serious adverse events that were completely missed by the CDC that should have been mentioned in the informed consent document that are given to patients.”

Taken together, “there were over 4,000 VAERS adverse event codes that were elevated by these vaccines by a factor of 10 or more over baseline,” he said. These are things “the CDC should have warned people about.”

The group also asserts that the benefit of the vaccine, its affect on reducing mortality, is significantly lower than the risk of dying from it. They note that the Pfizer 6 month trial, published in the New England Journal of Medicine on November 4, found the drug saved only one life for every 22,000 people vaccinated. So, vaccinating 220 million people might save 10,000.  

The US Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker reports the current number of Americans vaccinated with at least one dose at almost 224 million with 194 million fully vaccinated. Between Dec. 14, 2020 and May 3, 2021, only nineteen weeks of the vaccine rollout, VAERS received 4,178 reports of death among those vaccinated in a proximal time period of receiving it.

That puts the number of lives saved by the vaccine potentially below the number of deaths connected to the vaccine, not to mention serious but non-lethal reactions.

As of Nov. 1, 2021, there have been more adverse events reported for the COVID vaccines than for all 70+ vaccines combined since they started tracking adverse events 30 years ago, Kirsch reports.

The FDA and CDC have been so remiss in addressing concerns elicited by the VAERS data that it was actually the Department of Defense that “spotted the myocarditis signal,” which alerted the public to the unusually high incidence of myocarditis following vaccination, Kirsch notes.

It is the high incidence of myocarditis, for example, that has led French and German health authorities this week to advise against administering the Moderna vaccine to people under age 30. 

Kirsch also cites evidence from an interview with Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology used in the vaccine: “The spike protein that is produced in response to the delivery of the mRNA is cytotoxic and results in blood clots, inflammation and scarring throughout your body which then creates a wider range of severe adverse events than any vaccine in human history,” he writes.

Much of the crisis stems from the intellectual conventions of medicine, his team asserts: “The medical community is trained by the CDC to believe the vaccines are safe, so they interpret all the adverse events as not vaccine related.”

What is worse, they say, is that the complete cancelling of discussion that has resulted deprives patients experiencing adverse reactions from seeking help that is available to them: “Patients believe their doctors and never figure out where to get a cytokine panel to discover that they are vaccine injured… So people never learn how to rid their body of the spike protein either.”

For a cytokine panel, Kirsch recommends those who received the vaccine and believe they may be having and adverse reaction go go to to get the cytokine panel and IncellDx to get the spike protein assay. 

To clear one’s body of the spike protein he recommends they read How to treat COVID, long-haul, and COVID vaccine side-effects for a list of drugs that do this.

Meanwhile, today the obituary of Mike Granata is circulating on twitter. His dying wish was that the public receive this message:

“Many nurses and non-nursing staff begged me and my wife to get the truth out to the public about the Covid-19 vaccines because the truth of deaths from the vaccine was being hidden within the medical profession. I promised I would get the message out.  So, here is my message:

I was afraid of getting the vaccine for fear that I might die. At the insistence of my doctor, I gave in to pressure to get vaccinated.  On August 17th I received the Moderna vaccine and starting feeling ill three days later.

I never recovered but continued to get worse. I developed multisystem inflammation and multisystem failure that medical professionals could not stop. My muscles disappeared as if to disintegrate. I was in ICU for several weeks and stabbed with needles up to 24 times a day for those several weeks, while also receiving 6 or 7 IVs at the same time (continuously).

It was constant torture that I cannot describe. I was no longer treated as a human with feelings and a life. I was nothing more than a covid vaccine human guinea pig and the doctors excited to participate in my fascinating progression unto death. If you want to know more, please ask my wife.

I wished I would have never gotten vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated, don’t do it unless you are ready to suffer and die.”

In another article, Kirsch reports evidence that indicates California governor Gavin Newsom’s recent hiatus from the political stage was likely due to partial facial paralysis from Bell’s palsy after he received the booster on October 27.  After reviewing before and after video, Kirsch states, a neurologist whose practice is dedicated to the treatment of Bell’s palsy placed certainty at 100% that Newsom had developed the malady. 

In Michigan Saginaw Township schools closed earlier this week after a large number of staff reported adverse reactions to the COVID-19 booster they received over the weekend.

“But if it wasn’t the vaccine that caused all these events, what was it?” Kirsch asks.

That is a pressing medical question that is not being addressed. It is either one or the other, unless there is a profound lack of interest in finding out. The Vaccine Safety Research Foundation reports a complete lack of response from the FDA, CDC, opposing scientists, or the Biden administration to engage on these issues or to disprove the organization’s conclusions.