Worth noting? New vaccine poll hyped by dominant media is courtesy of Bill Gates, Facebook, Google

by WorldTribune Staff, November 9, 2021


The new poll received dutiful big-box media attention.

How the L.A. Times headlined the Kaiser Family Foundation Poll. / Screenshot

Here’s how Business Insider put it (bold added throughout this article):

Nearly all Republicans believe or are unsure about at least one common falsehood about COVID-19 or the vaccines, according to a new poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The survey found that 48% of Republicans believe or are unsure about between one and three common false statements and another 46% believe or are unsure about four or more falsehoods. These false claims include that the US government “is exaggerating the number of COVID-19 deaths,” that “pregnant women should not get the COVID-19 vaccine,” and “deaths due to the COVID-19 vaccine are being intentionally hidden by the government.”

The Washington Post, Newsweek and The Hill also ran with this. The Post decided to press the “smug” button with its presentation:

You will probably not be surprised to learn that Republicans are far more likely than Democrats to believe false claims and conspiracy theories centered on the coronavirus vaccines and the pandemic broadly. You will also probably not be surprised to learn that people who trust information about the pandemic from conspiratorial far-right networks such as One America News and Newsmax are much more likely to embrace conspiracy theories than people who watch network news, according to new polling from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF).

Yes, misinformation is very, very bad. Bad.

We must trust the responsible information providers.

Uh, wait a second. Stop right there.

Let’s look up the Kaiser Family Foundation’s funders. Is it surprising to learn that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has given the organization more than $27 million since 2003?

Other KFF funders include:

Facebook and Google (through Poynter — the fact-checking “journalism” institute)

Ford Foundation

Silicon Valley Community Foundation (Chan Zuckerberg Initiative DAF)

As always, these leftist establishment tools that seek to identify as “neutral,” “impartial,” and worthy of your trust always include the lame disclaimer that is supposed to magically make their flagrant conflicts of interest acceptable:

Because our independence is central to our credibility and our role, our Board of Trustees has adopted guidelines which govern our relationships with all funders. In sum these guidelines require: 

  1. That any external funding advances our mission, program priorities and objectives;
  1. That it will be used primarily for incremental project costs;
  1. And that our external funding never compromises KFF’s credibility, independence, or reputation in any way, and hopefully will enhance them.

Corporate media outlets love to utilize KFF coronavirus “data” to slam the segments of the American citizenry that it doesn’t like. The Los Angeles Times was at it recently:

From the article… If they only realized hopelessly compromised media outlets are NOT going to be trusted either:

Vaccine hesitancy has also been tied to misinformation about the shots and their effects, researchers have found — and merely relaying information about them being safe and effective may not be enough to counteract it. In one study out of Poland, researchers found that none of the popular messages they tried were effective in reducing that hesitancy.

And distrust in government is tied to vaccine skepticism in general, which suggests that in many places, “governments may not be the most effective messenger for health advice,” said UCLA Fielding School of Public Health professor Corrina Moucheraud.

It goes without saying that there is absolutely nothing neutral about the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Drew Altman is President and CEO of KFF. He is an ex-Jimmy Carter staffer and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Telling media partners are mentioned in this bio:

Liz Hamel is Vice President and Director of Public Opinion and Survey Research at the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, where she directs KFF’s polling work including the monthly Health Tracking Poll and ongoing survey partnerships with news media organizations such as The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and CNN.

KFF Board of Trustees members include:

  • Kevin Merida

Executive Editor of Los Angeles Times

  • Kathleen Sebelius

CEO, Sebelius Resources LLC

Former United States Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services

As WorldTribune documented in May, Merida is the new race-obsessed woke editor of the L.A. Times.

And Sebelius served as Barack Obama’s HHS Secretary from 2009-14, where she was best known for trying to force Christian health groups to participate in abortion services.

She is every bit as ruthless when it comes to forcing Americans to get the jab:

Yes, this July New York Times article highlighting the Biden administration’s push for coercive vaccine mandates references data findings from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

It bears saying again. Pravda at the height of Joe Stalin’s tyranny had more subtlety than what the so-called “mainstream” media in 2021 America dishes out every single day.

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