Trump takes off tie, and gloves, at AZ rally: U.S. under Biden becoming ‘large-scale version of Venezuela’

by WorldTribune Staff, January 16, 2022

Joe Biden in the last year caused “more destruction” to the United State “than the last five presidents put together,” former President Donald Trump said at a Save America rally Saturday in Florence, Arizona.

America, Trump said, is on its way to becoming “a large-scale version of Venezuela.”

“Our country is going to hell” and “the American people must take their lives and future back,” Trump said.

Nearing the one-year anniversary of Biden being installed in the White House, Trump ticked off a list of “Sleepy Joe’s” blunders that grows larger by the day, including surging inflation, squandering the Trump administration’s hard-won achievement of energy independence, empty store shelves, an explosion of violent crime in Democrat-run cities, a porous southern border flooded with illegal immigrants and drugs, foreign adversaries like Russia and China who “are toying with us,” vaccine mandates and “rationing life-saving therapeutics based on race.”

Professor David Clements, who has been speaking nationwide about the need for fix the 2020 election fraud before the next election, attended the rally and posted on Telegram:

Really quick take:

– There was a needed shift where POTUS emphasized the plight of our J6 prisoners, and the corrupt FBI’s involvement.
– Vaccines not mentioned.
– Therapeutics were mentioned.
– Medical freedom/choice emphasized.
– Absolutely no mandates.
-“Leave our beautiful children alone.”
– the election was rigged and stolen.
– crisis of inflation, Afghanistan, economy, along with Biden’s embarrassing poll numbers were highlighted.
– The crowd could have easily filled a professional sports stadium.
60k to 80k is my conservative estimation. It took folks hours to leave.
– Trump won’t quit. He never quits.

Jarrin Jackson, a Christian veteran Trump-supporter with 118,000 followers, posted on Telegram:

Trump is tightening his shot group on messaging.
For freedom, not compulsion.
For therapeutics, vaccines absent.
For protecting children, against trans.
For America First, against business as usual.
For paper ballots & one day to vote, against election corruption.
No tie. Frequently off script. Vulgar language.
The brawler resurfacing…

Yes, POTUS used vulgar language. I was in the infantry. Curse words don’t offend me. Ever. What offends me is the moral preening of those who have higher moral standards but are reluctant to get in the muck and advance the gospel. Telling someone they’re a sinner is not nice — it’s loving. It’s also the most offensive thing you can ever do. …

When I say the “the brawler resurfacing”, I say it with the smile of someone who joys in battle bc fighting for truth is preferable to peace in subjugation to lie. As a reminder, this channel posts thoughts of someone whose pulled the trigger. Repeatedly. And on purpose.

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