2024 election insurrection? Campus chaos funded by Soros, Biden donors

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, May 6, 2024

In a report on Sunday, Politico revealed that top Biden donors including George Soros, David Rockefeller Jr., and Nick Pritzker are supporting organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow that are responsible for many of the anti-Israel protests at American college campuses.

Politico went with the headline: “Pro-Palestinian protesters are backed by a surprising source: Biden’s biggest donors”.

To independent media outlets, Politico’s report is not surprising in the least but raises the question of who benefits from this less-than-organic nationwide protest phenomenon?

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Subsidized chaos serves to distract from the crisis at the U.S. southern border and the weaponized Department of Justice show trials against Donald Trump which have morphed into major crises for Democrat credibility.

Arguably, like the 2020 Antifa nationwide riots, the pro-Palestinian nationwide protests are clearly insurrections intended to interfere with the presidential election.

Leftist regime media outlets treat all such suggestions as conspiracy theories.

As The Daily Caller noted:

Just four days ago, a Daily Beast report claimed that the connection between Soros and pro-Palestine protests on campus was the “target of right-wing conspiracy theories.” The article called out an interview from Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson on NewsNation, in which the lawmaker called for the FBI to be “all over” the protests, asking if they could have been funded by “George Soros or overseas entities.”

“Follow the money,” investigative reporters have always been told. The massive sums funding NGOs, media, and not-so-peaceful protests are predominantly coming from those aligned with the radical Left, not to mention militant Islam and outright communism.

Stephen Miller, senior adviser in the Trump White House and founder of America First Legal, noted in a social media post:

“Conservative and normal Americans have long assumed the marxist radicals on college campuses all leave school and sell hemp necklaces, or become aimless drifters or junkies in their parents’ basements.

“Sure, some do. But many more organize. They take over institutions. They become ACLU attorneys. Lifetime-tenured bureaucrats. Asylum caseworkers at DHS. Refugee screeners at State. UAC handlers at HHS. Regulators at FDA. They run school boards. Park services. Legislative aides to State Assemblymen. Chiefs of Staff to County Supervisors. NGO program directors. Run “disinformation” nonprofits. Professional “philanthropists” administering the largest endowments in the country. Many are now working in Biden’s White House. DPC. NEC. West Wing staff. DCCC campaign aides. They are prosecutors and judges. Regulators, Big Firm lawyers, Big Tech HR, and VPs of marketing at the world’s largest corporations. They work at the election offices where the votes are counted and the Secretary of State offices where the voting rules are changed.

“In short, they leave school and set about the business of running the country.

“And now you know why the system is rigged.

“And why 2024 is existential for our Republic.”

Breitbart’s Joel Pollak noted that the Biden DOJ has refused to investigate the civil rights abuses being committed by the college “encampments”:

“The fact that Democratic Party mega-donors are behind the antisemitic protests may also spur Jewish voters — roughly 70% of whom vote Democratic — to consider changing their votes in 2024,” Pollak added.

As Caroline Glick notes at the Jewish News Syndicate, Biden has been obsessing over losing Arab- and Muslim-American votes in Michigan — but there may be more Jewish votes to lose in key swing states like Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and others.

However, the electability of the Democrat candidate does not seem to be a top priority for the Left. Why is that?

The aftermath of the 2020 election has seen challenges to the security and fairness of an election decided in favor of the Democrat candidate treated as felony offenses punished by ruinous litigation and imprisonment.

For Trump, the issue is not complicated in the least:


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