The new normal: U.S. medical experts lying to the American public with impunity

Special to, August 11, 2022

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Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

More and more Americans realize with each passing day just how transparently biased the big-box media complex is in service to the progressive ruling establishment. But while many have become accustomed to the compromising ties and promoted falsehoods of “journalists” today, shouldn’t it be disconcerting in the extreme to see licensed physicians performing a similar role in the name of health?

Dr. Jonathan Reiner is a Professor of Medicine and Surgery at The George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences. He is also a “medical analyst” for CNN.

The doctor made waves on social media twice within a week this month for outrageous tweets on monkeypox and George Soros:

Reiner is entitled to whatever political beliefs he my choose to hold. But the fact that he is espousing bombastic personal positions that can – and do – have a profound personal impact on the physical well-being of Americans, and does so in his role as a medical professional, is cause for alarm.

Reiner is a bully to the extreme. He has advocated allowing zero religious exemptions for the coronavirus jab – or any vaccines, for that matter:

He has used his CNN megaphone to call for millions of American citizens to lose their jobs if they refused the jab:

Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a CNN medical analyst, said on the network Thursday [July 8, 2021] he believes private companies should start requiring workers to take the coronavirus vaccine.

“I do think it’s time to start mandating vaccines,” Reiner told host Erin Burnett after she asked him if government officials should stop begging Americans to get vaccinated.

He continued, “And I think that private industry and private organizations will do that.”


“Seventy-five million adults have chosen to not get vaccinated and that choice has consequences,” he added. “Now, we can’t force you to take a jab in the arm but there are many jobs perhaps that can prevent you from working if you decide not to get vaccinated.”

This is how abjectly cruel he is about it:

Reiner wants to make young kids get spiked as well. From a CNN transcript of The Lead With Jake Tapper that aired Feb. 7:

TAPPER: Do you think that schools should be mandating vaccines or governors should be mandating vaccines for students instead of dropping mask mandates or in place of?

REINER: Yes. Why would we not mandate a safe and effective vaccine that prevents a disease that has killed a thousand kids in the last two years?


Why would we not mandate that, right? We mandate it for, you know, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, for about eight other diseases. And look, if we all want to move to a point where kids are, you know, free to enjoy school without masks, without being encumbered like that, why wouldn’t we emphasize vaccines and mandate that all kids have vaccines the same way we do it for all these other childhood diseases? It just makes common sense. The only reason not to do that is it that it’s become so politicized.

In November, Reiner was insanely warning those flying the not-so-friendly skies that even dropping a mask to sip a beverage in mid-air could be lethal:

“If you are not boosted, you are not fully vaccinated,” he said. “And if you’re not fully vaccinated, you need a really good mask.”

He recommended that all travelers use a KN95 mask and avoid removing it when flying, before listing a few other suggestions.

“When you’re on an airplane, I would skip the small glass of soda,” Reiner said. “Leave your mask on during the flight. And open the air vent above you to improve air flow around you. And keep some hand sanitizer.”

Dr. Jonathan Reiner

Reiner has repeatedly been proven wrong on COVID, yet he just keeps on going. July 2021:

As the Delta variant rapidly spreads, US hot spots have seen climbing case numbers — and an expert warns a “surprising amount of death” from Covid-19 could soon follow.

The United States is averaging about 19,455 new cases over the past seven days, a 47% increase from the week prior, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. And a third of those, CNN medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner said, come from five hot spots: Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri and Nevada.

“In places like Missouri where ICUs are packed, you’re going to see a surprising amount of death,” Reiner said Sunday….

Typically, spikes in Covid-19 cases leads to a rise in death rates three to four weeks later as a small percentage of the infected are hospitalized and deteriorate. “We will start to see an increase in mortality in this country,” Reiner said.

 What is particularly frustrating for many experts, Reiner said, is that the deaths are “completely avoidable” now that vaccines are available.

 “The vaccines we have work really well against this variant. It doesn’t need to be this way,” Reiner said.

Dec. 2021:

“This Omicron variant is extraordinarily contagious. It’s as contagious as measles, and that’s about the most contagious virus that we’ve seen,” CNN medical analyst Jonathan Reiner said Saturday, warning there was a “tsunami” coming for unvaccinated Americans.

Scientists say it’s still too early to tell whether Omicron causes a milder form of Covid-19. But regardless, it will put pressure on the health care system, Reiner said….

“Why would you go into that kind of battle completely unarmed?” said Reiner, a professor of medicine and surgery at George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences. “Our vaccines will protect you, particularly if you are triple vaxed. People who are unvaxed should start the process now. Go ahead and go to your pharmacy and get vaccinated.”

Again, we stress: this is a licensed doctor who has taken the Hippocratic Oath. And yet, fueled by his personal biases, he flat-out tells untruths to the general public. Denying that the coronavirus jabs were created via an aborted baby cell line is a demonstrable falsehood:

To emphasize: this is not a guest on some CNN talk show spouting inaccurate information during a heated political debate. This is a doctor dispensing false medical information, and one who has been given a very large platform to do so.

Americans are used to politically biased “analysts” rattling off hot takes that turn out to be spectacularly wrong and then simply moving on to the next trending topic in the 24-hour news cycle and spouting out afresh. But think of the repercussions if the medical profession is allowed to spiral down this wildly irresponsible path.

Thanks to the coronavirus hysteria, we are there. If “first do no harm” is replaced with “act according to your own personal opinions at all times,” the modern health care system is doomed. It is literally a matter of life and death.

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