The electoral integrity wrecking ball a cowardly GOP won’t confront: Massive demographic change

Special to WorldTribune, February 4, 2022

Analysis by Joe Schaeffer, 247 Real News

Voting fraud is an extremely important issue, but it is far from the only potent weapon Democrats have to game our electoral system. Radical demographic change is bound to make the party invincible in more and more states in the very near future.

Stacey Abrams ‘ envisioned ‘new coalition’ is poised to take over Georgia by sheer demographic replacement alone. / Ethan Miller / Getty Images

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Feb. 3:

The last election for Georgia governor was close. Rapid growth in the electorate since then could make this year’s races even more competitive.

As the 2022 election year ramps up, a recent list of Georgia’s registered voters shows how the state has changed.

The number of registered voters has jumped 11% since four years ago. Most new voters are under 35 and live in metro areas. They’re more racially diverse, with substantial increases of Hispanic and Asian voters.

This is a major component of a progressive plan to ensure electoral dominance. It was explicitly laid out by Stacey Abrams campaign manager in 2018:

Abrams’ campaign has been pursuing a very specific formula that doesn’t include old Georgians.

“We’re building a new coalition that hasn’t been built for a Democrat in Georgia in the current era,” Abrams campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo told Time in July.

“That’s what it’s going to take. Communities of color plus progressive-leaning whites are a majority of the population.

Four years later, it is confirmed that this core ingredient of the “new coalition” is succeeding beyond all hopes.

Think of it: An 11-percent change in the state’s voting base a mere four years after Abrams lost her gubernatorial race to Republican Brian Kemp by only 55,000 votes out of just shy of four million cast.

Do the math. Stacey Abrams would not lose that same election today.

Despite Republican fantasies of inner-city minorities leaving “the Democrat plantation,” the harsh reality is that they remain a monolithic bloc of blue. The Journal-Constitution writes:

There are now nearly 7.7 million registered voters in Georgia, a sharp increase from 6.9 million voters before the 2018 election for governor, when Kemp defeated Democrat Stacey Abrams by 1.4 percentage points.

Over the past four years, the percentage of white voters in Georgia has declined from 54% to 52% of the electorate. The share of Black voters has held steady at 30%. Most white and rural voters favor Republican candidates, while Black and urban voters tend to vote for Democrats. [Joe] Biden received about nine-tenths of the Black vote in 2020, according to the AP VoteCast survey.

Add the massive demographic changes posed by a ceaseless flow of immigrants into the mix, and you can change a state.

As WorldTribune documented in November 2019, this is what has happened to the formerly rock-ribbed-red Commonwealth of Virginia, which has been won by the Democrat candidate in each of the past four presidential elections:

A 2017 fact sheet compiled by the pro-immigration American Immigration Council is even more revealing.

One in six Virginia workers is an immigrant,” the report states. “More than 140,000 U.S. citizens in Virginia live with at least one family member who is undocumented.”

It gets even more alarming with the following items:

  • “300,000 undocumented immigrants comprised 28 percent of the immigrant population and 3.5 percent of the total state population in 2014.”
  • “326,492 people in Virginia, including 113,072 born in the United States, lived with at least one undocumented family member between 2010 and 2014.”
  • “During the same period, 5 percent of children in the state were U.S.-citizens living with at least one undocumented family member (98,768 children in total).”

Globalist private equity multiple hundreds-millionaire Glenn Youngkin’s success in winning the 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election as a Republican does nothing to change the stark fact that a once solidly GOP state is now considered purple at best, and in fact is destined to be staunchly blue for the foreseeable future.

The combination of a despised installed president Joe Biden in the White House and a keenly inept and deeply corrupt Democratic opponent, Terry McAuliffe, in the general election paved the way for the dull, nondescript and transparently establishment Youngkin to purchase his way on board the wave of voter backlash against Democrats that was inevitable after 2020.

This same overwhelming voter urge to punish Biden may save Republicans in Georgia in 2022 as well. But it will only serve to temporarily conceal the harsh permanent truths now being cast into concrete. Stacey Abrams’ envisioned “new coalition” is poised to take over the state by sheer demographic replacement alone.

As this is happening, Republicans continue to indulge in their disastrous daydreams in the Peach Tree State. Again from the AJC article:

Greater Georgia, a voter engagement organization founded by former Republican U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler, recognizes that Georgia has become increasingly competitive because of efforts from the Left, spokeswoman Caitlin O’Dea said.

“Nonetheless, fast-growing populations of voters, like the Hispanic community, are increasingly supportive of the conservative agenda,” O’Dea said.

But Democrats fully understand what they are on the cusp of.

“If you were to replay the 2018 election with a more diverse electorate, you’d be seeing a coin toss of an election,” said Tom Bonier, CEO of the Democratic data firm TargetSmart. “The changes in the electorate are overwhelmingly favorable for Democrats.”

Once the replacement-level demographic formula spills over the tipping point, there will be no turning back.

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