Rhode Island Republican incentivizes illegal immigration as body count rises on chaotic southern border

Special to WorldTribune, June 23, 2022

Analysis by Joe Schaeffer, 247 Real News

As a leading Republican in Rhode Island mouths inane platitudes about love for illegal alien neighbors, the morgue is filling up in a Texas county near the Mexican border.

The Rhode Island state House on June 22 joined fellow New England state Massachusetts in voting to allow illegals to obtain driver’s licenses. The betrayal of Rhode Island citizens was not enough. House Minority Leader Blake A. Filippi had to flash state residents with his “Republican who cares” empty posturing.

The Boston Globe reports:

“You should not be able to come to this country illegally,” Filippi said, calling U.S. immigration policy a “national shame” that “breeds contempt for the law.” He said, “Both parties are at fault. It’s gone on forever. We do not have a sealed border. It’s porous.”

 But he said the question facing the House on Wednesday was: How does Rhode Island respond?

 “I don’t want an underclass of people in our society,” Filippi said. “I don’t want people living in the shadows. … I don’t want people taking off when a cop tries to pull them over because they think they are about to be deported.”

Rhode Island state House Minority Leader Blake Filippi / Video Image

Filippi’s babbling, so typical of numerous Republicans on the national level, does not remotely conceal his legislative support for illegal aliens at the expense of the Ocean State’s citizens. And that is the ultimate point. By claiming a moral high ground as defined by the progressive ruling establishment, Filippi is not-so-subtly suggesting that defending the rights and interests of the people of Rhode Island is wrong:

Filippi, a Block Island family business owner and organic cattle rancher, said he is friends with some undocumented residents. “I know these people. They teach me Spanish. They teach me things about how to build and work with my animals,” he said. “These are good people – the best and brightest for most countries, frankly.”

And it’s “ridiculous” for Rhode Island say they can’t drive a car, Filippi said.

“Respectfully, to my colleagues – and I’m going to part ways with a lot of my colleagues on this – it’s driving a car. I’ve driven cars in foreign countries illegally, and I did it because I thought it was ridiculous I couldn’t drive a car,” he said. “Our response to a broken federal immigration system should not be to deny families and friends and workers the ability to drive a car.”

As Filippi was delivering his limp remarks, the real-world effects of his encouragement of the flouting of national immigration laws continued to play out in grisly detail.

KIII-TV in Corpus Christi reported June 22 (edited for clarity):

From January to the first week of summer, [the bodies of] 48 [illegal aliens] have been found in brush country….

Almost every day, the body of an [illegal alien] is recovered in the brush lands of Brooks County.

“I’ve seen some in their teens…. I just had one the other day, I believe the lady was… 47,” said a Brooks County deputy.

How acute is the crisis? The county has a “mobile morgue” to store all the dead alien bodies:

Officials said that [aliens] will pay a coyote, which is a guide, who will pick them up and take them near a checkpoint and drop them off. However, many die on the dangerous journey.

“No water, no food, injuries whether it be from animal bites, insects, stickers [on] their feet, they don’t have the proper footwear or clothes,” said a Brooks County investigator.

Brooks County has a mobile morgue that fits up to 30 bodies. Currently, there are 25 bodies in the morgue.

The El Paso Times featured a similar litany of death in its June 22 report:

Border-crossing deaths in the El Paso area are mounting, as migrants desperate to reach the U.S. risk dangerous canals and scorching temperatures….

Fifteen people suspected to be migrants have drowned in canals along the border or died of water-related injuries, the majority since irrigation season began in early June when the depth of fast-moving water increased sharply.

Illegals desperate to push on into the U.S. interior are instead drowning like rats:

Irrigation season on the Rio Grande poses a quiet threat. The system of concrete-lined canals that deliver Rio Grande water released from Elephant Butte in New Mexico to farms in Texas is designed to move the water rapidly; inches of water in winter can become 10- to 12-feet deep during the summer.

“The purpose of the canal is to get water as fast as possible to our agriculture community,” Border Patrol Agent Orlando Marrero said.

“At 62 pounds per square foot, the water traveling nine miles per hour will create exactly 302 pounds of force,” said Marrero, a trained emergency medical technician. “Imagine an average person, five-feet-eight or nine, in 10-foot deep water: There is no way. They are going to be swept.”

The Times vividly described the awful death in store for those too long exposed to the oppressive summer heat:

The Chihuahuan Desert surrounding El Paso — extending east into Big Bend country and west across New Mexico — rises and falls over mountainous ridges and offers no respite from heat that can push the human body to its limit. This fiscal year five of the 37 migrant deaths in El Paso sector, which includes 264 miles of borderline in New Mexico and West Texas, have been heat-related.

Dehydration starts as dry mouth. Dry mouth turns to dry heaving. The veins constrict and muscles begin to cramp up. Or the body will stop sweating and begin seizing, signs of heat stroke….

Criminal organizations routinely leave behind injured or dehydrated migrants, who then die in the desert, [Border Patrol El Paso Sector spokeswoman] Valeria Morales said.

As in Massachusetts, the push to grant driver’s licenses to illegals in Rhode Island took years to get approved, which reveals that there is a long-term agenda at play. Republican House Leader Filippi has been part of this determined effort. In 2018, he co-sponsored legislation that the Federation For American Immigration Reform stated at the time:

…would authorize the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles to issue driver’s licenses and ID cards not only to current DACA recipients, but to “any current or past recipient.” That means that even people who had their DACA status revoked for criminal convictions, gang membership, terrorist threats to national security, etc., would still be eligible for a driver’s license in Rhode Island.

Massive, unchecked illegal immigration is a nation-destroying action. One has to wonder why one of the top Republicans in the state of Rhode Island has spent years tirelessly promoting legislation regarded as key to normalizing this plague by pro-illegals activists.

One also must wonder if Blake Filippi ever thinks of the living Hell he has helped foster 2,000 miles to the south.

A true face of the illegal alien invasion can be seen in the packed morgues of south Texas and in the fished-out corpses on the Rio Grande. Atop the pile of bodies you can always count on finding a grandstanding Republican politician, justifying his support for the unsupportable with vapid niceties.

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