Radical abortion group endorsing violence was created by Ted Turner’s UN Foundation

Special to WorldTribune, May 10, 2022

Analysis by Joe Schaeffer

This was the infamous and now-deleted tweet by Rewire News Group reporter Caroline Reilly that has caused an uproar:

It must be emphasized: Rewire is an intensely rabid pro-abortion organization that is hardly an outlier in the Big Abortion nexus. It is an insider and a player.

According to the watchdog site Influence Watch:

[Rewire] was founded by the United Nations Foundation and went independent in 2012. The UN Foundation was founded by media mogul Ted Turner in 1998 in support of the United Nations, though it is an independent organization. Rewire has received substantial financial support from the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, a foundation associated with Warren Buffett that is reportedly the largest private funder of abortion advocacy, reproductive health, and family planning worldwide.

Threat spray painted on the wall near Wisconsin Family Action’s office in Madison.

Rewire President Galina Espinoza is a connected activist and news industry veteran:

A graduate of The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, her writing has appeared in the New York Times, USA Today, and Glamour. During her time as president and editorial director at Latina Media Ventures, the parent company of Latina magazine and Latina.com, Galina grew annual revenue by 20 percent and social media reach by 300 percent. She has held executive roles at NBC News and People, appeared on virtually every major morning show and news network, including Today and CNN, and interviewed high-profile political leaders, including former President Barack Obama and former U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro.

The organization’s Board Chair Elizabeth Toledo has a high pedigree in the Big Abortion ranks:

Elizabeth Toledo is the President of Camino Public Relations, and is the former Vice President – Communications for Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She has more than twenty years of leadership in non profit and advocacy communications, and is a prominent national speaker.

All these “brand” ties associated with an organization espousing a truly militant stance on abortion, with all that that implies in terms of violence and social unrest.

Senior Vice President and Executive Editor Jessica Mason Pieklo also endorses severe harassment of pro-lifers wherever they may be:

Pieklo has very clear views about how “fascists” are to be treated:

This is sane, rational behavior. Posted just six weeks ago:

In 2015, Pieklo gruesomely defended Planned Parenthood’s baby harvesting as the abortion retail giant faced the most serious scandal in its history:

One final point. Anti-choice activists and lawmakers have since Roe v. Wade attacked biomedical research as a means of restricting abortion access. These strikes include federal restrictions on stem-cell research; state-level “fetal remains disposal” laws; and attempts to criminalize aborting for purposes of donating fetal remains. CMP’s latest attempts fall into a long-line of anti-science, anti-fact campaigns designed to elevate religious and moral beliefs about the worth of a fetus over the legal and moral rights of women.

Why on Earth would Pieklo have a problem with criminalizing abortion designed to procure baby parts for medical research? It is because she, and Rewire, believe abortion should be allowed for any reason whatsoever. No restrictions can be accepted.

Senior Editor Law & Policy Imani Gandy’s Twitter handle is @AngryBlackLady.

Gandy is very angry indeed.

In response to the uproar over threats against Supreme Court justices and other calls to violence by pro-abortionists, she stated in a May 9 tweet:

Gandy has quite the dazzling legal mind:

Rewire President Espinoza also retweeted this insane post.

How hardcore is Rewire about abortion? The organization is all-in on late-term abortions and takes a scolding stance against those who would disagree:

In a sickening Feb. 2019 article posted on its site, abortionist Dr. Daniel Grossman, a frequent contributor to the site, dismisses opposition to a proposed Virginia law that would have allowed a baby to be killed right up to the moment of birth as “ideologically driven misinformation”:

Leading conservative figures have used legislation proposed in Virginia and passed in New York to spread lies about abortion. In fact, all Virginia’s bill would do is end the burdensome 24-hour waiting period, remove the state-mandated ultrasound law, and require one doctor — instead of three — to approve a request for third-trimester abortions. The bill also says the doctor approving the request would no longer need to certify that the harm to the patient’s health would be “substantial and irremediable.” In New York, the law simply removes abortion from the criminal code, codifies Roe v. Wade, and allows patients who need later abortions to get care in their home state rather than travel across the country.

In other words, late abortion for any reason, and only one doctor need sign off on it.

In August 2022, WorldTribune noted in an article about Netflix’s corrosive content:

In June Sarandos was interviewed by transgender director Janet Mock for an article that appeared in The Hollywood Reporter. During the interview, Sarandos boasts about Netflix’s support for the streaming show “Sex Education,” a program whose entire content seems to consist of depictions of young teens engaging in heterosexual and homosexual sexual activity and being obsessed with masturbation.

At Rewire.com, a rabid pro-abortion site, a “sex ed teacher” wrote the following about one episode of the show:

But the writers pull this storyline back from the edge of the morality-tale cliff by treating Maeve’s abortion with sensitivity. She’s alone and she’s scared, though she doesn’t want to admit it. The clinic staff is nice to her. And she meets a loud older woman who is having a second (or possibly third) abortion and tells Maeve it will be OK. She says: “I have three kids, and I feel way more guilty about the ones that I had than the ones I chose not to.”

A June 2020 WorldTribune piece on the powerfully connected International Women’s Media Foundation relates:

Another article sponsored by IWMF appeared at Rewire.News, a pro-abortion “news” site. It attacks Catholics, and religion in general, in particularly globalist style:

These moves come amid a rising tide of protests across Latin America demanding the legalization of abortion and an end to religious attitudes that have kept women from living full lives.

On September 28, Sonia Gutiérrez Leon… was among hundreds of people who marched through Guadalajara [Mexico] as part of the so-called Green Wave of abortion rights protests that began in Argentina. Gutiérrez Leon sees Catholic hospitals as part of the oppressive religious dogma that this movement is up against. So she was discouraged to hear about U.S.-based Christus expanding in Mexico.

“I think these companies can bring us other, more positive things, like technology and invention and other things that can come out of their development, and not these religious dogmas,” she said. She went on to tick off a list of U.S. exports she would appreciate: culture, American football, ballet teachers. Anything but more Catholic dogma. “If Mexico has anything, it’s churches,” she said.

Who would have ever thought that a movement devoted to killing the most innocent and vulnerable humans would descend into vulgar cruelty and a depraved indifference to, and stated avid support of, violence aimed at those who would dare tell them they are wrong?

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