Who is Kathy Tran? Full-term abortion advocate champions ‘most vulnerable’ — illegal migrants

by WorldTribune Staff, February 7, 2019

On Jan. 9, Virginia state Rep. Kathy Tran introduced a bill that would allow late-term abortion up until the moment of birth.

While championing legislation to legalize full-term abortion, Tran has also argued that more immigration, legal and illegal, is necessary because there aren’t enough native-born Americans to fill the workforce.

Virginia state Rep. Kathy Tran

“There is … an economic imperative that we haven’t talked about very clearly,” Tran, a Democrat, said in a June 2018 interview with the National Immigration Forum.

“There are places across the U.S. where the native-born population just is not keeping pace with the workforce needs of businesses,” she stressed. “So to grow economically, there are regions and cities and towns that are reaching out to welcome immigrants, to welcome refugees, because they need strong workers, and the native-born population isn’t keeping up. We see that a lot in the Midwest and in some pockets in the South.”

Tran said that “For me on a very personal level, I do not think it’s in our lifeblood to be turning away from people who are in need,” adding that the U.S. has “always welcomed the most vulnerable amongst us, and we must continue to do so. We have that moral leadership and obligation to the world.”

Writing for LibertyNation.com on Feb. 7, columnist Joe Schaeffer noted: “Killing American infants as they are about to be born is apparently not a factor when it comes to the population shortage that Tran sees as such a dire drag on business in our nation. Gee, one might get the idea that Tran would like to see that shortage intensify in order to justify a call for even more immigration. Tran does not want you to think her support for open borders is only economic, however. No, she also sees a ‘moral imperative’ in letting loose the floodgates.”

For Tran, “caring for the ‘most vulnerable’ means letting foreigners pour into our sovereign land en masse,” Schaeffer wrote. “Our native infants in our own neighborhoods, meanwhile, are not to be considered persons ‘in need’ for whom we have any ‘obligation’ to provide in any way.”

Schaeffer concluded: “This is the true picture of heartlessness that comes with globalism. The transactional nature of the ‘invisible’ global ‘free’ market reduces human beings to mere economic units. Under such a degrading system, American children who should enter this world armed with a birthright infused with certain expectations of quality of life, employment, community, and more are in fact unwanted widgets who come at a higher cost than a ceaseless flow of cheap labor willing to settle for far less.”

Tran actually introduced two bills in the state legislature on Jan. 9: The full-term abortion bill and one aimed to, as Tran’s website says, “help save … butterflies by protecting the fall cankerworm (caterpillar)” from deadly insecticides.

“If you kill the caterpillar, you’ve killed the beautiful butterfly. What a strange and chilling code of ethics to prohibit insecticides while promoting infanticide,” Maureen Ferguson, senior policy adviser for The Catholic Association, wrote for the Washington Examiner.

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