Politico — conduit of leaked Supreme Court Roe draft — is brought to you by Soros, Facebook and Goldman Sachs

Special to WorldTribune, May 17, 2022


Analysis by Joe Schaeffer, 247 Real News

Maybe you’ve noticed the dramatic lurch by Politico from progressive establishment-biased media outlet to full-throated hard-Left statist rag in the past year or two.

Heavily utilized coverage tags such as Insurrection Fallout and Misinformation say it all.

There are also tell-tale signs of Politico being an active part of an established network. It is no coincidence that the site got its ballyhooed May 2 “scoop” of obtaining a leaked draft of the U.S. Supreme Court mulling overturning Roe v. Wade. This is how Deep State operations work. Government insiders feed information to friendly media sources to push a loaded agenda.

Politico was bought by German media conglomerate Axel Springer in August 2021, upping its establishment bona fides. Axel Springer also owns powerful German media outlets Bild and Die Welt, as well as Business Insider.

But Politico’s hard left statist turn predates August 2021 by quite some time. The site had become more and more heavy-handed and increasingly hysterical in its slanted write-ups since the Trump Tsunami broke over the political ruling elites’ heads in 2016. Yet behind it all there was always the customary attempt to pretend to being an objective news source.

Question: Why is Politico’s Global Insider newsletter sponsored by notorious globalist nation-destroying progressive billionaire George Soros’s flagship “philanthropy”?

A bar right under the headline and author byline states “Presented By The Open Society Foundations.”

Another question: Why is Politico’s popular Playbook newsletter sponsored by Facebook?

It goes without saying that these two outfits are prime reporting material for a serious publication claiming to inform the American people about the goings-on in U.S. politics today.

A search of Politico’s newsletters shows sponsorship by an array of loaded groups that just so happen to align with a progressive and ruling establishment nexus.

Its Politico Nightly newsletter is sponsored by the National Hispanic Council on Aging, which advocates for illegal immigration:

The West Wing Playbook is sponsored by a group called “Chamber of Progress”

What is that? From the organization’s website:

Chamber of Progress is a new tech industry coalition devoted to a progressive society, economy, workforce, and consumer climate. We back public policies that will build a fairer, more inclusive country in which all people benefit from technological leaps.

Politico’s Huddle Newsletter, devoted to previewing the day’s congressional news, is sponsored by a Big Energy lobbyist, The American Petroleum Institute.

Even more hilariously, Politico’s Influence newsletter, which “gives you a comprehensive rundown and analysis of all lobby hires and news on K Street” is sponsored by railroad lobbyist group Freight Rail Works.

How can Politico Influence “reporters” fairly cover Freight Rail Works’ lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill while taking money from them?

The Weekly Education newsletter is sponsored by an organization called Educators for Excellence.

Here’s all you need to know about this group.

Completely blurring the lines between journalism and corporate funding, Politico’s Davos Playbook newsletter on January 24, 2020 was sponsored by globalist investment goliath Goldman Sachs.

Peppered in with various items on international finance were two advertisements from Goldman that ran right with the newsletter text:

**A message from Goldman Sachs: Today, sustainable finance is no longer on the sidelines, but increasingly core to a company’s business. That’s why Goldman Sachs is targeting $750 billion in sustainable finance growth themes by 2030. Discover the firm’s sustainable finance efforts.**

It’s not hard to find reasons for Soros to be happy with his sponsorship of the Global Insider newsletter. Politico staffer Ryan Heath, who puts the newsletter together, is firmly plugged into the globalist network:

From his Politico.EU bio:

Ryan moderated the first presidential debate of the 2019 EU election, as part of a five year stint in the POLITICO’s European leadership team. He appears on CNN, NBC and BBC and is the author of two books on politics. Prior to POLITICO, Ryan wrote for the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia, and worked for the European Commission in Brussels as a presidential speechwriter and later as the Commission’s spokesperson for digital issues.

Heath, of course, covers Soros as part of his responsibilities. His attitude towards this ultimate global insider appears to be markedly friendly, to say the least:

American big-box media outlets have long ago sold themselves to the ruling elite. They truly are nothing more than sponsored propaganda outlets for the state within the state. The argument to “just tune them out” ignores the fact that such an Orwellian, Soviet-style official media has nightmarish implications for our future.

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