Politico explains reality to its reporters: Border surge is NOT a ‘crisis’


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Politico has become the latest news agency to order its staff not to use the word “crisis” when describing the ongoing surge of illegal immigrants flooding into the country in anticipation of lenient treatment under the Biden administration.

In an internal memo obtained Thursday by the Washington Examiner, staff at the beltway publication were instructed to avoid using the term since the present situation doesn’t fit the “dictionary definition of a crisis.” It is, however, a “problem” and a “dire situation,” staff were told.

The Associated Press broke ground last month when it instructed reporters to avoid the terminology in an effort to use “accurate and neutral language” when describing the situation. However, the AP had no problem using the word to refer to the immigration surge in 2019 when Donald Trump was president. … More

Meanwhile, …

A board member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was removed from his position after serving 44 years because he shared an article that called Black Lives Matter a “racist hate movement.”

Philip Berk, a member of the HFPA board for 44 years and who served as its president for eight terms, was expelled after sending an email to fellow board members that included an article describing Black Lives Matter as a “racist hate movement” and slamming co-founder Patrisse Cullors for purchasing numerous homes despite claiming to be a Marxist. …  More

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