‘October surprise’ from the Left? Count on it; ‘Indivisible’ leads disinformation offensive

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, April 8, 2024

When Joe Biden is able to properly read his teleprompter or note cards, he repeatedly cites “MAGA Republicans” as the gravest “threat to American democracy.”

Analysts say much of what the 81-year-old is fed by his handlers are the same talking points pushed relentlessly by the leftists at Indivisible.org who have emerged as a dominant stealth force in U.S. politics.

MAGA as ‘threat to democracy’ is a recurring mantra from the Left. / Video Image

The homepage of Indivisible’s website states that the group’s primary mission is to “DEFEAT MAGA” and “SAVE DEMOCRACY.” It is credited with much of the 2024 policy platform for the Democrat Party.

“This terminology and verbiage — constant complaining about ‘MAGA extremists,’ for instance — has found its way into every top Democrat’s talking points — from Biden himself to House Democrat leader Hakeem Jeffries to former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on down to rank-and-file elected Democrats,” Matthew Boyle wrote for Breitbart News.

With group’s like Indivisible leading the anti-MAGA forces, count on the 2024 election being hit by another “October surprise.”

As documented by independent media, U.S. intelligence agencies meddled in both the 2016 and 2020 elections. In 2016, they fell under the Obama administration. In 2020, they in theory reported to Commander in Chief Donald Trump but in reality were rogue agencies. In 2024, there is no reason to think anything will be different.

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“Indivisible started as the Indivisible Guide, a Google Doc guide to organizing locally to pressure your elected officials to resist Trump’s agenda,” the Who We Are section of Indivisible’s website explains. “It caught fire as millions of people picked up the guide and its name – Indivisible – and organized their own local Indivisible groups to put the guide into action. These new Indivisible activists formed a nationwide movement of people taking matters into their own hands to build their own power through collective action.”

Indivisible has organized campaigns to urge activists to write letters to the editors of their local newspapers trashing Trump on abortion, and produced a “Trump Indictment Bird-Dogging” guide advising activists on how to pressure their members of Congress to turn against Trump when he was indicted. The group even made what it calls a “Truth Brigade” designed to fight a “tsunami of right-wing misinformation.” That 7-page “Truth Brigade” document is filled with all sorts of wild recommendations for leftist activists, including just simply cutting off anyone deemed to be spreading “disinformation.”

Indivisible is going all out to stop Trump from winning in 2024. But, in case they fail to stop him at the ballot box, undermining his second term in office from the get-go is the next play in the playbook.

“If all else fails for these leftists and Trump wins in November 2024, becoming president again, they are already preparing a full-on onslaught against him to begin his second term in the White House,” Boyle noted.

The group makes specific recommendations for leftist activists on how to resist the agenda of a second Trump term, including delineating various promises Trump has made and laying out how to stop them from being implemented.

As for another unsurprising “October surprise,” one analyst said, “Everything tracks back to Hillary’s efforts to get Richard Nixon, for which she was tossed from the staff of House Judiciary. That’s when the ‘win at all costs’ brought us the Gang of 51 Liars and Clinesmith et al.”

It’s also no surprise that Hillary hooked up with Indivisible.

In the lead-up to the 2022 midterm elections, Indivisible got the failed 2008 and 2016 Democrat presidential contender to record a video message backing its “Crush the Coup” campaign for specific candidates it was pushing for key legislative races around the country.

“There is also good news in the face of this very real threat to democracy,” Clinton says in the taped message for Indivisible. “Indivisible has launched ‘Crush the Coup’ to make sure we’re ready to defend democracy in 2024. They’ve put together a list of critical races in six key states and how you can get involved. Will you support ‘Crush the Coup’ by donating to Indivisible and state legislature candidates? Each of these races is highly competitive. Your dollars could very well decide the winners—and the winner of the next presidential election. This could not be more important or more urgent.”

Writing for the Wall Street Journal on April 5, Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. noted that “two of the most interesting things ever to happen in American politics happened in the past few years:

“1) A Democratic presidential campaign, representing the incumbent party, fabricated evidence that its Republican opponent and the eventual president-elect was a Russian agent, and the in-power party’s FBI legitimated the evidence in the eyes of the media so it would be widely reported and believed by the public.

“To make sure it was believed, top intelligence officials of the outgoing administration went on cable television to call the new president a Russian mole and Vladimir Putin his case officer.

“2) When the formerly incumbent party’s candidate was seeking to reclaim the White House four years later, the same former officials concocted a new lie to cover up embarrassing information about the candidate’s family.

“These highly connected former officials had five days to check things out before claiming Hunter Biden’s laptop had ‘classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.’ ”

The New York Post included a receipt showing the FBI had already been in possession of the data for 10 months. Its story documented how the Post acquired the same data. Specific, dated and verifiable events and messages weren’t denied by the Bidens, etc.

Jenkins added: “New York Times resident chin-stroker Thomas Edsall, in the Trump era, has devoted 380 articles, many of them 3,000 words or longer, to raking over voter surveys and long quotes from political scientists psychoanalyzing the U.S. electorate. Not one examined the effect of these glaring events on voters or even acknowledged that they happened.”

Jenkins continued:

“The dishonesty of his opponents remains Mr. Trump’s great legitimizer, helping him past Jan. 6 and on the road to the White House again.

“The real motive for the press silence is fear and shame over acts that are close to treasonous.”

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