Occult Consumerism and the downfall of America

Special to WorldTribune.com, January 8, 2024

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Commentary by Joe Schaeffer  @Schaeff55

As newly revealed Jeffrey Epstein documents drop and America continues to move ever closer to the brink of true national collapse, attention has rightly turned to the bad actors intentionally and actively fueling the destruction. But is that too easy an answer?

The sad truth is George Soros, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and the rest of the morally depraved and deeply warped elitist cabal could never have gotten as far as they have were it not for a fundamental change in American social and cultural mores in recent decades.

In the course of the varied and intensive scouring of the Internet that comes with writing a column devoted to corporate and other ruling establishment betrayals, one wanders upon all sorts of things that seem especially noteworthy without fitting into a standard article narrative. One example particularly sticks in my mind. It involves two words that capture the essence of the spiritual sickness that has brought ruin to this nation.

How much of the coronavirus vaccine human health catastrophe can be blamed on an occult consumerist mindset?

A few years ago, I somehow ended up down a rabbit hole about masonic imagery in rock and roll. (No, I don’t remember how I got there — ha!) Debbie Harry and uber-popular ’70s and ’80s band Blondie were known for dabbling in such waters, most famously on their 1981 video for their hit tune Rapture, considered to be the first commercially successful pop song to feature rap vocals. A 2014 write-up at a site called the History of Emotions Blog broke down the plethora of symbolism contained in the smash-hit video:

Baron Samedi is Grand Master of the Celestial Masonic Lodge of Vodou Spirits, a thirty-second-degree-initiated Mason. He is invoked to contact and communicate with the dead.

The post also noted:

Various members of Blondie were quite into occult rituals in the ’70s and their bassist, Gary Lachman, actually became an occult scholar!

At this point, I’m quite sure I was prepared to use all this to nail down beautiful Debbie Harry as the Daughter of Satan but in fact Lachman is a pretty smart guy (aside: he wrote one of Blondie’s most underrated classic tunes before leaving the band in 1977).

A discussion with Lachman by the same blog writer brought out something that goes far beyond even the expansive cultural reach of rock and roll. It makes for a quite interesting read. Lachman was commenting on the fascination with infamous British occultist Aleister Crowley that was so common among leading rock icons from back in the day:

Alas, Crowley’s ‘Do What You Wilt’ philosophy has become one of the ruling philosophies of our time – our culture is now one of ‘occult consumerism’, as Lachman puts it, in which adverts use symbols and incantations to urge us to ‘Just Do It’ – to follow every impulse, to feed every alter-ego, to yield to every temptation, and above all, to spend. Lachman writes: ‘Crowley was a kind of pre-echo of our own moral and spiritual vacuum. For better or worse, we do find ourselves in an antinomian world, beyond good and evil, in which practically anything goes.’

Occult consumerism. Boy, that sure is an apt way to put it. Look around at America today. Does the label not fit to a T?

Who can deny that the materialism that has long been a staple of American culture has taken a deeply sinister turn since the beginning of this century?

The “moral and spiritual vacuum” Lachman refers to has been marked by a stark coarsening of the social square.

There’s a meanness in this country today that takes the phrase “anything goes” in a highly disturbing direction.

You can watch people die with alarming regularity on mainstream media outlets today. When did this become acceptable?

If you so desired, it was quite easy to find the full video of a former NHL hockey player being killed on the ice in Britain on Oct. 28 when a razor-sharp skate blade plunged into his neck. Well, that did have some news value. Still.

But what about this? An Oct. 31 New York Post article luridly titled “Shocking moment neighbor executes NYC dad and stepson during argument over noise” seems to be far more about voyeurism than any serious attempt to inform the reader.

Video accompanying the article is stopped right as the gun is drawn, seconds before two human beings are murdered. Given the trajectory we are on, how long will this last vestige of restraint last?

A google search of “graphic video” and “New York Post” comes up with a repulsive smorgasbord of similar articles. Here are only three of too many to choose from:

  • Horrific video captures moment SUV performing dangerous stunt flips over, crushing five people”
  • “Harrowing video shows moment NYC road-rage driver fatally plowed into construction worker”
  • “Heart-stopping video captures man fatally shooting co-worker in Buffalo store”

Yeah, it’s not new. But it’s more in-your-face now, isn’t it? When did Rupert Murdoch become a snuff merchant?

It can be strongly argued that a spiritually empty consumerist mindset is driving the anti-human rise in utilitarianism in the West today.

The illegal alien “migrant” invasion of Western nations cherished by cheap-labor-loving multinational corporations and private equity behemoths has led to a resurgence in the grave social evils of child sexual trafficking and child labor.

Would the dominance of Big Pharma in our society today be possible without occult consumerism?

So many drugs and other alleged health products are targeted to Americans specifically as a way to allow them to avoid the consequences of actions they would be much better off simply not doing in the first place.

Ozempic promises its users that they don’t need to eat right and exercise, for a simple injection can make them thin. As is to be expected with unnatural solutions to natural processes, disastrous outcomes are inevitable.

And how much of the coronavirus vaccine human health catastrophe can be blamed on an occult consumerist mindset? In Oct. 2020, just as the big vax rollout was about to begin, some 45,000 Twitter users liked the following horrific tweet from MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell, who was referring to President Trump’s use of Regeneron, an antibody cocktail manufactured via use of cells harvested from an aborted child:

This is utilitarianism at its demonic zenith. A human life was ended for our personal advantage.

Make no mistake, a brutally malevolent materialist vision of individual human worth was an integral component of the vaccine pressure campaign and its accompanying coercive social regime, whether those who gave in to it realized it or not.

Alas, there is so much more.

Transgenderism and the cult of climate change only make sense when examined through the prism of an occult worldview.

Witchcraft has been brazenly promoted since 2021 by major dominant media organs such as CNN, NBC News and The Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Consumerist? The author of the NBC piece says yes:

I am one of a million-plus Americans who – whether proudly, secretly or dabbling through the power of consumerism – practice some form of witchcraft. Witchcraft, which includes Wicca, paganism, folk magic and other New Age traditions, is one of the fastest-growing spiritual paths in America.

Euthanasia, the ultimate tragic quick solution, is now flourishing in the West. In its wake has come organ harvesting, an irresistible temptation given the high financial value of human body parts on the open market today.

In Ontario, the state will help you die, but you must first be contacted by a representative of a provincial-affiliated organ harvesting organization.

In Alabama, a prisoner who died in custody reportedly had his heart removed before his body was handed over to relatives, without family consent. Human hearts are reportedly worth about a million dollars.

Is this the end of the trail paved by Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign 36 years ago?

All these things are offshoots of a pure materialist culture that has gone “beyond good and evil, in which practically anything goes,” as Lachman put it.

The excess will only turn darker as it expands.

Occult consumerism will always be filled with anger and cruelty, because it is contrary to God’s Natural Law, which is nothing more than the reality of human existence. This makes it an anger that can never be defused.

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