Just a ‘clump of cells’? Amazing footage shows baby at 20 weeks gestation

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, May 8, 2022

Pro-life activists say high-definition footage which shows a preborn baby’s activity at the 20-week gestation period crushes the pro-abortion cabal’s narrative that the preborn are merely a “clump of cells” nearly until the moment of birth.

The footage shows a baby with detailed features, moving around in the womb, stretching its legs, and even showing a budding personality, Frankie Stockes reported for National File on May 6.

The high-definition sonogram footage shows the preborn wiggling around the womb and even fully extending its legs.

“At one point it even turns its head as if it is facing a camera and striking a quick pose,” Stockes noted.

“At 20 weeks gestation, the bodily features of a preborn child begin to rapidly take shape, and they even experience hiccups and begin developing taste buds. A mother’s food choices at this point in the pregnancy can begin to influence the culinary tastes of their child later in life. The baby becomes incredibly active in the womb at 20 weeks, bouncing around and delivering kicks throughout the day. The baby is even developing fingerprints at this point and can also experience pain,” Stockes wrote.

The pro-abortion movement has long fought to stop protections for the preborn at 20 weeks gestation, arguing they are just a “clump of cells.” Planned Parenthood “even compares the thought of such restrictions to murder, claiming they will kill women en masse,” Stockes wrote.

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Since the 1973 Roe decision that legalized abortion nationwide, over 63 million preborn American children have been killed.

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