Information war on 2020 election pits Gen. Flynn against Mike Lindell

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, April 5, 2022

Was the most recent U.S. presidential election staged by the Chinese Communist Party and the U.S. intelligence community using sophisticated voting data fraud? Or was Joe Biden installed in 2020 the old fashioned way, by ballot box stuffing?

A Telegram post on April 4 by Gen. Michael Flynn opened a new front in an ongoing information war over exactly how the 2020 election was “rigged.” The conflict pits Flynn’s admirers against those persuaded by former prosecutor Prof. David Clements, famed defamation attorney Lin Wood and their supporters.

Clements points out that Flynn was involved in Mike Lindell’s effort to pin it on China. That effort was misguided, possibly because saboteurs were sent by the intelligence community to get Lindell to shift the focus away from the real culprit, rigged election machines, Clements contends.

Flynn on April 4 posted a column on by one of his supporters Brian Cates which noted that “very early on in the discussion of how this happened, people like Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell, General Michael Flynn, Patrick Byrne and others seized and held attention for months as they focused much of the population’s attention like a laser on the Chinese hacking theory.”

Cates noted that, after 8 months of “crafting a narrative in which he was going to definitively prove that hackers stole the election by electronically manipulating the vote totals in all 50 states and most counties” Lindell “made a series of boastful videos with names like ‘Absolute Proof’ and ‘Absolutely 9-0’ [which advanced the claim that when the Supreme Court saw the evidence he was going to present to it, all nine Justices would vote to overturn the 2020 election].”

Lindell’s effort “culminated in two embarrassing fiascos: a Cyber Symposium where an audience was lured into attendance based on finally being able to see the much vaunted PCAPs [they were never produced] and supposed Supreme Court filing with multiple states Attorneys General signing on to challenge the 2020 election [the filing was never made],” Cates wrote.

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It may very well be that instead of relying on electronic manipulation of vote totals by hackers in China to steal it for Joe Biden, the Democrats “relied on the old tried and true method that has served them so well in the past: good old-fashioned ballot box stuffing. But done on a level never seen before the 2020 election,” Cates wrote.

The same month that Lindell’s Cyber Symposium ran off the rails, there was another development that received little attention at the time: “It was in late August of last year that the group True The Vote was revealed to have been buying and collecting and sifting through trillions of commercially available cell phone tracking signals as a means of tracking ballot box stuffers [who are commonly referred to as ‘mules’],” Cates noted.

The ballot trafficking investigation is detailed in part in the documentary “2000 Mules”.

Meanwhile, Clements on Telegram has called out Flynn and other players he said were key to the Lindell fiasco:

“I have raised questions about who introduced Conan Hayes, Mary Fanning-Kirchhoefer, and Dennis Montgomery to Mike Lindell. In my humble opinion, these folks are spooks and saboteurs that were placed around team Lindell from the intelligence community. They were sent to discredit Lindell, and by extension, President Trump.”

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Clements adds that Cates’s article “misdirects, and never asks the question as to where these folks came from. I have a feeling Mike Flynn knows exactly where they came from. Second, the focus of Cates’s article focuses on a secondary issue—ballot stuffing. While important, it is not the primary cause of the stolen election. That would be the rigged [s]election machines.”

Clements said that ” ‘red wave’ propagandists will continue to misdiagnose the real problem by avoiding any solution dedicated to ridding ourselves of the machines.”

Clements elaborated in another Telegram post:

“If you will recall, Conan Hayes is part of the Flynn faction. He was directed by Joe Flynn under false pretenses to “sweep” actor Ricky Schroeder’s phone and electronics when FightBack was raising bail money for Kyle Rittenhouse.

“In the documentary, Conan Hayes was vouching for the PCAPS provided by Dennis Montgomery, a complete fraud who has a 14 year indictment hanging over his head. That usually only happens when you are an informant.

“This information was made known to team Lindell and attorney Kurt Olsen. Olsen is a former attorney with the law firm of Kirkland and Ellis.

“Dennis Montgomery was widely promoted by Mary Fanning-Kirchhoefer, the executive producer of the Lindell films.

“Mary Fanning-Kirchhoefer is married to Gregg Kirchhoefer, an IP attorney for Kirkland and Ellis.

“Kirkland and Ellis facilitated the 400 million dollar capital raise for Dominion Voting Systems.

“The conflict of interest for the people that have surrounded Lindell is staggering.

“You can’t both fight Dominion and have ties to the law firm that gave birth to Dominion in the United States.

“Who introduced these folks to Lindell?

“Flynn’s ties to Conan Hayes precedes any of the Lindell films.

“And you can’t tell me that while filming Absolute Proof, where Michael Flynn was physically present, that the executive producer that story boarded the entire film (Fanning-Kirchhoefer) never spoke with him.

“It would be nice if we could get some answers to these questions.”

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