Communists stage a comeback and the West is on track to surrender its freedom

Lev Navrozov

For years, I have been warning my readers that it is not accidental that the special “general election” of the head of government and head of state does not exist in the “old” and historically wise Britain, but it does exist in the “young” United States.

That reminds me of a Soviet song of Stalin’s time in which a young Soviet girl explains to a sedate foreigner why the Moscow Central Park can combine the innocent flowers growing there with sophisticated “heroes of labor,” walking in the Park:

Because everyone is young
In our young and beautiful land!

For many years, the message of my columns has been that human beings are mentally different — they are not equally and uniformly young and intelligent.

Indeed, the development of the brain, which has become known as genius, may be one case out of n million humans. Now, it is obvious how dangerous it is for a free country to have its presidential candidate be elected by n million voters the quality of whose brains is unknown but who vote for that candidate and urge everyone to do so because he/she promises to give them everything they need.

Never mind that having been elected, he (Obama) turns out to be a friend of the ruthless slave country whose population is 1.4 billion slaves minus one or a handful of their owner(s), whom Obama will help to subjugate the former population of the former United States and expurgate them as Mao expurgated the population of China or as much as it will take to render the rest of them safe for their new Chinese owner(s).

Privately, while explaining the above contention to one of my readers, I asked him, “But what about Britain? Do you think the British can be tricked in a similar way?” And he said, “No.”

Before Obama was elected, it had been tacitly assumed that in this country it is impossible for communists to stage their comeback. Recently, however, communism came back to the United States! Occupy the Wall Street! And dismantle the biggest U.S. nuclear bomb!

This is what our neighbor, a lady, despite her old age, busy to provide the necessities for daily living, said about Obama, “I hate him. I realize that he is a lifelong friend of China, that is, a traitor to my country. Yes, he loves China and robs our country, but at the same time he gives us, common people, those little things we need to survive. I understand that some day he will appear as a man of China. All of us will be destroyed. This, perhaps, is inevitable if China will rule the world.”
Well, I retire to my bedroom and lie down. While I think what will happen next, the population of our globe keeps growing, the countries multiply and get more populous.

But what will the globe and the universe around it be like?

Suppose that a while ago we would have told the Americans that Obama, a friend of the PRC, would defend the United States if it is attacked by the PRC. “You must be out of your mind!” we will be told. “It’s your crazy imagination!”

But no, this is life, as it appears on American TV screen, and it runs ahead of our wildest imagination!
Until 1980s, Mao’s monster child he created via 70 million deaths was meant to take over the world, but that event went unnoticed by the free countries. Now, with a delay of three decades or so, it is being realized that this would be the major catastrophe for the free countries.

Indeed, so far the West-European countries plus America have been enjoying freedom, Hitler’s Germany having been deprived as it was of nuclear bombs by a German scientist of genius, who informed President Franklin Delano Roosevelt about the need for the U.S.A. to produce such bombs or perish.

Now a new era was ushered in. But are the free countries wide awake to the looming danger coming from the communist PRC?

Evidently not. The free European countries have given up their unique, individual sovereignty in favor of being united into one, faceless, European Union, with a new headquarters in Brussels.

It has been revealed that EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton is pushing for the lifting of the EU’s arms embargo on China imposed in 1989 following the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Ahston “openly advocates ignoring democratic principles… She is fully committed to destroying democracy.” And “There is then now a very serious crisis facing European civilisation … Europe is leading the way toward tyranny and totalitarianism. … We forget just how ruthless Marxists are: issues such as individual freedom, accountability, democracy and justice can all be sacrificed, regardless of the cost in terms of human suffering, to meet the goal of “ever closer [European] union.

Without a united, global alliance of the free independent countries, having a common goal to preserve their freedom, even the United States does not seem any longer a country to which the future belongs.

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