And now, this: Ex-Obama official is latest multi-millionaire seeking to buy a major GOP nomination

Special to WorldTribune, February 24, 2022


Analysis by Joe Schaeffer, 247 Real News

The utter meaninglessness of the term “Republican” continues to come into full focus as even more private equity financial elites elbow their way into GOP primaries based on nothing but the power of gobs of hard green cash.

Harry Wilson

Six years after Donald Trump shook the Swamp to its core, a new generation of Bushes and Romneys has arrived to smash his America First uprising inside the party.

WorldTribune has written extensively of late on the RINO-dominated, China-allied Republican Governors Association.

RGA Vice Chair Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds has been chosen to give the official GOP response to installed President Biden’s State of the Union address. MAGA seems further away than ever within the power ranks of the Republican Party.

How silly have things gotten? Former Obama staffers donate to the RGA and then announce runs for state executive office as staunch Republicans.

News item: Feb. 22 – Democrat donor is running for New York GOP gubernatorial nomination. Breitbart reports:

Democrat donor Harry Wilson officially entered New York’s governor’s race as a Republican after poll-testing not voting for former President Donald Trump in 2020 and donating thousands of dollars to anti-Trump politicians….

Although Wilson says he “cannot sit by while New York is devastated by career politicians,” he has donated to multiple Democrat politicians, including [George] Soros-linked Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg who reduced certain violent crimes from felonies to misdemeanors and instructed prosecutors to reduce charges filed by police officers in some circumstances.

Wilson is a former hedge fund manager and alum of Blackstone Group and Goldman Sachs. He is also a regular donor to the RGA. In 2017, while mulling the same run, The New York Daily News detailed how Wilson attended the group’s quarterly meeting in Austin:

Wealthy businessman Harry Wilson and Assembly Republican Minority Leader Brian Kolb met individually with a number of Republican governors, RGA staff, and potential donors.

Wilson’s visit is seen by a number of Republicans as him doing his due diligence as he continues to consider the impact a potential run will have on his family. Wilson is expected to make a final decision within weeks.

One source downplayed Wilson’s appearance at the RGA quarterly meeting in Austin. The source said Wilson attended as an executive roundtable member, which are donors. The source said Wilson has been to a number of RGA meetings–“and thus (his trip is) not a sign, one way or another” about whether he will run.

This is the environment in which newly-minted Carlyle Group Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin was hatched:

Wilson in an email to the Daily News said the RGA sessions “show the hugely positive impact Republican governors are having across the country.”

“It’s no coincidence that virtually all of the fastest-growing states are led by Republican governors,” he said. “On top of that, virtually all Republican blue state governors were outsider business leaders before getting elected; that’s part of the reason so many donors and activists have been encouraging me to run.”

Carlyle Group, Goldman Sachs. It’s hard to get much more “outsider” than that, isn’t it?

Wilson has already made it clear that he will follow the same path as Youngkin in his campaign messaging. There is a template that was laid out by the heavily globalist elite-entwined ex-Carlyle co-CEO as he won the Virginia governorship in 2021.

It goes like this.

Promote yourself as a bottom-line, business-savvy executive who will cut taxes and embrace hot-button social and cultural outrage issues in a folksy, populist way (donning sweater vests is a plus) while avoiding any details about your immense and elaborate financial ties to the ruling establishment that bears so much of the responsibility for those very outrages in the first place.

Wilson appears to have the routine down pat:

Rising crime, out of control taxes, skyrocketing cost of living, closed schools, corrupt politicians – New York needs a turnaround,” Wilson said Tuesday as he announced his candidacy, in a statement shared first nationally with Fox News.

“I’ll repeal the Cuomo/Hochul tax increases, tackle the high cost of living, end cashless bail, fire rogue district attorneys who don’t enforce the law, and clean up the corruption in Albany,” Wilson pledged. “And if the politicians don’t like it, they won’t get paid.”

Wilson, who served in Barack Obama’s Treasury Department, is that most exotic form of Republican: he was endorsed by The New York Times. That came during his failed run for state comptroller in 2010. A gushing NYT wrote:

It is rare for someone of Mr. Wilson’s talents and expertise to compete for one of the most important and least glamorous jobs in state politics.

Mr. Wilson went to Harvard Business School and worked for Goldman Sachs, the Blackstone Group and Silver Point Capital. [Democrat opponent Thomas] DiNapoli tries to make that résumé sound tainted, but the investment and management skills exhibited with General Motors are just what are needed for New York’s financial and ethical blight.

Not only did The Times endorse this very odd Obama Republican in an unusually warm manner, the ruling regime newspaper of record went out of its way to defend his establishment connections.

The elephant-trunked private equity assault on elective political office is a profoundly draining development for those hoping to take back this country from the treacherous Elites who only serve themselves. Everyone talks about The Swamp needing to be drained. Meanwhile the Oligarchy is buying up GOP governor seats all across the country.

This is the root of the problem. The ruling regime is seeking to ensure that the average American has no genuine representation in government.

Breitbart’s stout reporting on Wilson is rather curious, given what else the popular “conservative” news site has been up to these days.

What is one to make of its shameless, in-your-face shilling for former Bridgewater Associates CEO David McCormick’s flagrant attempt to purchase a U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania while posing as an America First Republican?

Breitbart embarrassingly wrote Feb. 22 in an “exclusive” article:

It’s a two-man race in Pennsylvania’s GOP senate primary, with David McCormick surging out in front and Mehmet Oz sliding down into a distant second place, an internal poll commissioned by McCormick’s campaign shows.

The poll, obtained exclusively by Breitbart News, shows no other candidate in the field coming close to the two at the top, as all trail outside the survey’s margin of error.

There is nothing subtle about this. Breitbart, a prominent brand-name professional “conservative” news site, is literally operating like it is on the McCormick campaign payroll.

McCormick would dearly love to jettison all other GOP candidates except for himself and fellow moneyed carpetbagger Oz in one fell swoop. Oz’s negatives are every bit as bad as his own, and leaving Pennsylvania Republicans with no genuine America First conservative option would open the door for him to focus solely on crushing the inept and out-of-touch TV doctor.

Breitbart heralded another McCormick campaign “exclusive” on Feb. 14. A fitting day to write up a Valentine’s card for the super-wealthy candidate. He’s at the border!

Pennsylvania U.S. Senate candidate David McCormick outlined an America First immigration vision after a trip to the U.S. border with Mexico, providing Breitbart News with an exclusive look at what he intends to focus on when it comes to the issue….

This is a significant development in that McCormick, the former CEO of the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, is explicitly putting a marker down that he understands that “corporate visa abuse,” and more broadly the number of migrants allowed into the country legally, do have an effect on the “living conditions” and economic and general wellbeing of Americans and legal immigrants, particularly “low-income workers.” The viewpoint also represents a departure from the business and corporate-backed pushes for more immigration overall, and seems to further indicate an ongoing shift among Republicans away from special interests toward the interests of American workers — a trend that has rapidly intensified in recent years.

This is simply unforgivable media distortion that must be called out.

Does anyone – anyone at all – care that not even one year ago McCormick co-authored a white paper for a Swamp think tank that explicitly harped on the dire need for more foreign workers in the U.S.? Breitbart is saluting McCormick for allegedly championing a position – in the middle of a GOP primary – that is literally the 100 percent opposite of what he was steadfastly supporting less than 12 months earlier.

The oligarchical attempt to monopolize elected office, using the GOP as its vehicle, is every bit as big a threat to the future of representational government in the United States as the strong-arm tactics of Democrats who label all opposition to them as “domestic terrorism.”

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