Who is David McCormick, Part II: ‘Globalist wolf in America First sheep’s clothing’

Special to WorldTribune, January 31, 2022

Analysis by Joe Schaeffer, 247 Real News

David McCormick, the private equity titan who is trying to purchase a GOP Senate nomination in Pennsylvania while slapping an “America First” sticker on his Glenn Youngkin-like sweater vest, just won his first straw poll on Saturday Jan. 28.

WorldTribune has documented McCormick’s Atlantic Council, Aspen Institute and other globalist ties. We’ve also noted the outrageous comments made by Ray Dalio, his fanatically China-loving former boss at Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world.

David McCormick

Here’s more on this globalist wolf in America First sheep’s clothing.

McCormick, listed along with his wife Dina Powell McCormick, sits on the cheap-labor-loving D.C. think tank the American Enterprise Institute’s National Council… and he is listed as a member for Connecticut, not Pennsylvania.

Members of AEI’s National Council are business and community leaders from across the country and abroad who are committed to the values and success of the Institute. They are ambassadors for AEI and provide advice, insight, and guidance as we share ideas and analysis with others.

Eric Cantor is a Virginia member, and with good reason. He personifies the type of Republican who is “committed to the values and success” of this Swamp outfit.

Paul Ryan is an AEI “Distinguished Visiting Fellow in the Practice of Public Policy.”

Ryan’s Jan. 4, 2021 AEI-issued statement decrying President Trump’s attempts to challenge the legitimacy of the fraud-riddled November 2020 presidential election is proudly featured under his name.

“Efforts to reject the votes of the Electoral College and sow doubt about Joe Biden’s victory strike at the foundation of our republic… Joe Biden’s victory is entirely legitimate,” Ryan stoutly declared.

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By the way, check out who is on AEI’s Board of Trustees:

  • Daniel A. D’Aniello, Chairman

Cofounder and Chairman

The Carlyle Group

  • The Honorable Richard B. Cheney

New Virginia Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin worked for Carlyle for 25 years before stepping down and using his personal $400 million fortune to move into the Executive Mansion in Richmond.

But let’s put aside toxic associations and focus on McCormick’s own words on an issue that strikes at the very heart of the Make America Great Again Trump Republican base that the private equity executive is so transparently trying to latch onto.

In March 2021, not even one full year ago, McCormick co-wrote a paper for AEI explicitly calling for far greater numbers of “skilled immigrants” to be imported into the U.S.

The document pays lip service to security concerns:

As Congress and the White House consider an immigration reform package, they should prioritize policies to attract and retain highly skilled immigrants while recognizing the serious security concerns and potential impact of skilled migration on American workers.

While pushing for massive immigration reform:

Winning the global talent race can begin with modest reforms, such as accelerating green card reviews and establishing a visa for national security–oriented work, but policymakers should also seriously consider fundamental changes to the nation’s immigration policies.

Subheadings to the paper show how it is all about constantly enlarging the labor force, which of course comes at the expense of the American worker:

The Importance of Human Capital

Skilled Immigrants as a Driver of Innovation and National Power

The document flat-out downplays the negatives for the American people to buttress the desires of the globalist companies who want these foreign laborers:

Policymakers must balance the macroeconomic benefits against the national security considerations that cannot be  ignored and must be mitigated. They must also address those few cases in which immigration does displace American workers and be cognizant that waves of migrants have historically triggered significant societal and political pushback. Weighing these is a matter of prudence and political prioritization, but, given the implications, the balance tilts strongly in favor of taking steps to encourage highly skilled immigration.

McCormick bluntly laments that Americans don’t want H-1B foreigners coming in to steal their jobs:

Despite an increasing supply of applications by highly skilled immigrants, the caps on H-1B visas for educated and specialized workers and I-485 employment-based green cards have not changed significantly since 1990…

Policy uncertainty and evidence of growing anti-immigration sentiment, coupled with concrete rule changes to inhibit visa and green card approvals, have had a chilling effect.

Isn’t that so MAGA?

AEI’s 2020 Annual Report shows it to be literally everything that Trump Nationalism is not. From a highlighted report by an AEI “scholar”:

“The post–World War II liberal international order should be strengthened, not weakened. It has been a foundation for transatlantic prosperity. Maintaining the rule of law is crucial for many reasons, including maintaining investor confidence in the United States; securing our nation’s place as a global destination for business and talented, hardworking immigrants; and encouraging the risk-taking that fuels entrepreneurship, dynamism, and productivity growth.”

—Michael R. Strain

“Strengthen the Post-Pandemic Economy,”

Governing Priorities

WorldTribune also has highlighted AEI’s ties to the Big Medical Establishment organizations and officials behind Event 201, the notorious pandemic war game that was held in October 2019, just months before the breakout of the coronavirus hysteria on a planetary level. To call the think tank globalist is hardly a partisan label; it is how its “scholars” define themselves:

AEI itself is fervently dedicated to free-market globalism. The group has a short “60 Seconds” video featured on its website titled “Why I’m a Globalist” starring resident scholar Dalibor Rohac. “Many conservatives saw Brexit and Donald Trump’s 2016 victory as rebukes to the overreach of international bureaucracies. But can the world really go back to an age of sovereign nation states?” the teaser text asks. Any guess as to what Rohac’s answer is?

“Not really…. The age of sovereign nation-states is mostly a myth…. Globalism is not a historic aberration. Nationalism is.”

 With David McCormick “committed” to “values” such as these, an uncomfortable question must be asked:

Why is Trump stalwart Stephen Miller working for this man?

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