Epstein-stained donor, Red Chinese cash fueling GOP’s post-Trump dreams?

Special to WorldTribune, February 9, 2022

Analysis by Joe Schaeffer, 247 Real News

Republicans at their worst. These people are beyond shameless:

Politico reported Feb. 7:

Leslie Wexler, above, ‘gifted Epstein a $56 million mansion in New York’s Upper East Side in 2011.’ / Video Image

Victoria’s Secret former owner Leslie Wexner, who stepped down as chair and CEO from parent company L Brands two years ago after his close ties to Jeffrey Epstein came under scrutiny, gave $250,000 last month to the Republican Governors Association, according to three sources with knowledge of the donation.

It was Wexner’s first six-figure political contribution since 2018, when he also contributed $250,000 to the RGA.

The leftist establishment news site accurately explains just how dirty Wexner’s money is:

Wexner’s political donations receded sharply after his close association with Epstein drew scrutiny in 2019. Their relationship dated to the 1980s, when Wexner hired the relatively unknown Epstein to be his money manager. Wexner gave Epstein power of attorney over his finances in 1991. The retail magnate also gifted Epstein a $56 million mansion in New York’s Upper East Side in 2011, even though his spokesman told the New York Times they had severed ties about a decade prior.

This truly is as morally disgusting as Republicans get. But, wait, there’s more. The RGA’s pedophilia-stained money comes with a particular political vantage point:

A vocal critic of Donald Trump, Wexner announced in 2018 that he was leaving the Republican party.

“I just decided I’m no longer a Republican,” Wexner said at the time. “I’m an independent. I won’t support this nonsense in the Republican Party. I’ve been a Republican since college, joined the Young Republican Club at Ohio State.”

There’s no mystery why a creature like Wexner would be attracted to the Republican Governors Association. The official group representing GOP state executive office holders in the U.S. is chockful of the worst kind of corrupt Republican politicians.

As WorldTribune noted in our Dec. 2020 expose of Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s eagerness to sell his state’s most valuable natural resources and even defense technology to communist China:

Now we know why Doug Ducey certified fraud-riddled voting results in his state. Now we can see why he was biting at the chomp to play his part in illegitimately installing China’s “Old Friend” Joe Biden in the White House. Are his fellow Republicans horrified by his actions? Far from it.

Ducey has just been named the new Chairman of the Republican Governors Association.

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts served on the RGA’s Executive Committee in 2021.

WorldTribune on March 22 related how Ricketts joined fellow 2021 RGA Executive Committee member South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem in 2019 at a forum hosted by a pro-Chinese group that was heavily exploited for propaganda purposes:

Noem was a featured speaker at a blatant Chinese propaganda event held in the U.S. in 2019. A forum was conducted by Horasis, a rabidly globalist and stridently pro-China think tank. The Las Vegas gathering was co-hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the China Federation of Industrial Economics….

The China Federation of Industrial Economics is a communist state-run outfit.

Noem’s close ally Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts was also a featured speaker. A press release by Horasis flagrantly states its purpose:

“The program is designed to facilitate Chinese and American business-to-business engagement, cooperation and relations, and to create opportunities for businesses in both countries,” said Horasis Chairman Frank-Jürgen Richter.

The communist Asian superpower itself was quick to seize on the forum to prop up its tyrannical regime’s efforts to further embed itself inside America:

After the forum concluded, Ricketts and Noem were regaled in China state-run media outlets for backing Chinese arguments against any slackening of U.S.-China business relations. From a report by CGTN, an outlet that was officially designated by the U.S. as a communist “propaganda apparatus” in 2020:

Cui [Tiankai, China’s ambassador to the U.S] also used the occasion to reject statements by hawkish Washington strategists who favor the “decoupling” of U.S.-China relations.

“This is neither rational nor realistic,” Cui said. “Because to decouple from China is to decouple from opportunities, it is to decouple from a hopeful and developing world.”

Two Republican governors also echoed that sentiment. They said the tariff war has hit local farmers hard and they want U.S.-China economic relations to be restored sooner, rather than later.

Two ranking RGA governors. How about that?

Which begs the question: Why is President Trump endorsing one of them?

In November, the RGA announced its 2022 Leadership team. Pete Ricketts was getting a promotion:

The Republican Governors Association announced today that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts were voted by colleagues to serve as the RGA Co-Chairmen and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds was elected to serve as RGA Vice Chair for 2022. At the close of the RGA’s Annual Conference, all were chosen unanimously to assume the positions immediately and will serve for a one-year duration.

The Executive Committee for 2022 includes some of the most notorious RINOs in the party:

Joining Governor Ducey, Governor Ricketts, and Governor Reynolds are those serving on the RGA’s Executive Committee for 2022: Governors Doug Burgum of North Dakota, Eric Holcomb of Indiana, Larry Hogan of Maryland, Tate Reeves of Mississippi, Greg Gianforte of Montana, and Charlie Baker of Massachusetts. Additionally, Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee was elected Policy Chairman.

New RGA Policy Chairman Lee also has a long record of China canoodling. The Nashville Tennessean reported in 2020:

Despite strained national relations between the United States and China, Tennessee is still moving forward with recruiting Chinese foreign investments to the Volunteer State.

“The great news is we recruit companies, not countries,” economic development commissioner Bob Rolfe said in an interview this week, defending the state’s ongoing efforts to bring Chinese business to Tennessee amid tough-on-China rhetoric from President Donald Trump and other prominent conservatives.

The state participated virtually in the North American Chinese Investment Summit, held Sept. 6 in Beijing, submitting video messages from both Rolfe and Gov. Bill Lee.

Eventually, the heat became too much to endure, and the Lee administration was forced to back down from its flagrant attempts to offer the state of Tennessee to China on a silver platter. The website Main Street Nashville noted in December:

Despite growing tensions between China and the United States, Tennessee continued efforts to recruit Chinese investment through late 2020. Now, that’s all changed.

“As we sit here today, the state is not actively recruiting Chinese companies to come to Tennessee, and for those companies that are already in Tennessee that are of Chinese ownership, we are not offering new incentives to those companies,” Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bob Rolfe told Main Street Nashville in an interview.

That’s quite a reversal from September 2020, when Tennessee’s Beijing trade office jointly organized an investment summit with the Investment Promotion Agency of China’s Ministry of Commerce. Rolfe and Gov. Bill Lee spoke to attendees in Beijing via video message.

“We just want you to know that here in Tennessee we are open for business. And we understand the value of partnership and relationship, especially with foreign-owned companies,” Lee said, according to Chinese news website china.org.cn. “If you’re considering locating here in Tennessee, we would love to have you.”


“About a year ago, Gov. Lee called me and asked me to close our ECD Chinese office in Beijing,” Rolfe said during a recent interview.

At the time, Rolfe says, Lee did not go into detail about the reason for his decision.

To sum up then, the Republican Governors Association and its top leadership would very much like to betray this nation to a hostile foreign power in the name of commerce. But a Trump-infused GOP grassroots voting base stands in its way.

These scoundrels with capital Rs by their name are so bereft of decency that they will gladly take a six-figure political donation from a major financial abettor of the most notorious criminal pedophile in the world in recent years, a donor dedicated to opposing Trump and all his movement stands for.

They are taking the pedophile-marked money in the hope that their foul business dealings with China can be ramped up again once the Trump populist insurgency is defeated within Republican ranks.

It is not only Democrats who are the servants of Hell bent on destroying this country.

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