Stephen Miller rallies Americans to stand against swamp sabotage

by WorldTribune Staff, October 7, 2019

Deep State “saboteurs” are mercilessly attacking President Donald Trump because his is standing up to the swamp “like no one has before,” senior adviser to the president Stephen Miller said on Oct. 6.

White House senior adviser Stephen Miller. / Photo by Gage Skidmore / Creative Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

Despite the strength of the president’s personality and alternative media influence, Miller indicated that the combined force of Washingtonians vested in establishment mindsets and cash flows with the corporate media was overwhelming.

The attacks on Trump are attacks on the American people, Miller said, and it’s time for the American people to fight back which includes taking on the media through choices each makes, including on social media.

“Everyone has it in their power to make a difference … whether it’s showing up and attending events with people who are supportive of the president and showing your own encouragement, or whether it’s talking to your friends and neighbors and just making sure they’re all engaged and informed. But all of these things cumulatively multiplied by thousands and thousands and thousands of people is going to make an extraordinary difference. So it’s in your hands — the fate of the future of the country.”

“Do not be a bystander to history,” Miller said on Breitbart News Sunday. “This is happening now. The chance for extraordinary victory is here and now, but we have to win this battle, and we have to be successful in implementing these policies and beating back the Adam Schiffs of the world and the deep state and the fake news media and the corrupt news media.”

Miller said that “It gets to the heart of all these issues, which is you have a president who is fighting for you and fighting for your family against this execrable Washington swamp like no one has ever done before. Every day, hour by hour, I am blessed and fortunate enough to see it up close and firsthand. No one has ever fought harder for you or more valiantly for you from the Oval Office than this president. We need to support him right now more than ever in the face of radical leftist Democrats and socialists and their allies in the media and in the permanent bureaucracy.”

The president, Miller said, “keeps his solemn promises to the American people. These saboteurs within and without the government, as I said earlier, are like parasites feeding off the nation, feeding off its wealth, feeding off its vitality, feeding off its freedom for their own personal enrichment at all of our expense.”

The “fate” of the country against globalist forces who want to perpetrate more destructive policies upon them is in the hands of the people, Miller said.

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