Virginia Democrats lower the boom on ivermectin bill, order removal of citizens supporting it

by WorldTribune Staff, January 24, 2022

Democrats in the Virginia Senate on Thursday blocked a bill that would have allowed healthcare providers in the state to prescribe ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to Covid patients.

As they were blocking the legislation, Democrats shut down public comment and ordered Virginia Capitol Police officers to remove citizens from the room, National File reported.

Education and Health Committee Chairwoman Louise Lucas, left, shut down public comment on SB73.

Education and Health Committee Chairwoman Louise Lucas shut down a public comment session and ordered the remote audio feed of Charlottesville radio show host Rob Schilling cut as he advocated to keep the government out of healthcare decisions, the National File reported.

“After the committee’s party-line vote, Lucas continued to silence the citizenry, including doctors and the family members of Covid patients who came to speak on the bill, repeatedly banging her gavel as she ordered Virginia Capitol Police officers to remove those concerned with SB73 from the room,” the report said.

“Virginians are dying,” a woman shouted out as Lucas ordered the public to leave. “People across this nation are dying as a result of this man,” she continued, holding up a copy of the book “The Real Anthony Fauci”, written by medical freedom and vaccine transparency activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“Tyrants!” the woman shouted as she and the others were thrown out of the room.

Democrats still control the state Senate in Virginia as those seats weren’t contested in last year’s election which saw Republicans win the governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general races and take control of the House of Delegates.

Republican state Sen. Amanda Chase introduced legislation (Senate Bill 73) which would have allowed licensed healthcare providers with prescriptive authority to prescribe ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to patients infected with Covid. The bill went before the Senate Education and Health Committee, where all six Republicans on the committee supported it while all nine Democrats opposed it, ensuring that SB73 will never advance to the full Senate for a vote.

In 2020, as Black Lives Matter rioters tore through Portsmouth, Virginia, Lucas was caught on video ordering police officers to stand down so that a crowd of rioters could destroy the city’s Confederate monument.

When they did topple the monument, a portion of it fell onto a demonstrator’s head, leaving him with a catastrophic injury.

“Lucas was arrested and charged with felonies alongside NAACP leadership and members of the Portsmouth Public Defender’s Office after an investigation led by then-Portsmouth Police Chief Angela Greene alleged that Lucas and company engaged in a conspiracy to destroy the city’s historic monument,” the National File noted.

Greene was later fired and charges against Lucas were dropped by Portsmouth’s Soros-funded prosecutor.

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