Vatican declaration: Trans surgeries are violation of human dignity

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News April 8, 2024

The Vatican on Monday issued a 20-page declaration which states that transgender surgeries are a grave violation of human dignity.

Pope Francis

The declaration has been in the works for 5 years. It was approved by Pope Francis on March 25 and he ordered its publication.

The Associated Press reported: “The Vatican on Monday declared gender-affirming surgery and surrogacy as grave violations of human dignity, putting them on par with abortion and euthanasia as practices that reject God’s plan for human life.”

In its declaration, the Vatican repeated its rejection of “gender theory,” or the idea that one’s gender can be changed. It said God created man and woman as biologically different, separate beings, and said people must not tinker with that plan or try to “make oneself God.”

“It follows that any sex-change intervention, as a rule, risks threatening the unique dignity the person has received from the moment of conception,” the document said.

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The Vatican distinguished between gender-affirming surgeries, which it rejected, and “genital abnormalities” that are present at birth or that develop later. Those abnormalities can be “resolved” with the help of health care professionals, it said.

“The suggestion that gender-affirming healthcare — which has saved the lives of so many wonderful trans people and enabled them to live in harmony with their bodies, their communities and (God) — might risk or diminish trans people’s dignity is not only hurtful but dangerously ignorant,” Mara Klein, a nonbinary, trans activist who has participated in Germany’s church reform project, told The Associated Press.

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