Uniparty in action: Rep. George Santos is expelled from Congress

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, December 1, 2023

Dec. 1, 2023 was a big day for the Uniparty.

The House voted Friday to expel New York Republican Rep. George Santos over allegations he stole money from his own campaign. It is just the third expulsion of a House member since the Civil War.

The vote was 311 to 114, slightly more than the two-thirds House supermajority required to remove a member.

House Speaker Mike Johnson, Louisiana Republican, was one of several members who had expressed reservations about expelling Santos before his criminal case had been resolved.

“Are we to now assume that one is no longer innocent until proven guilty and they are, in fact, guilty until proven innocent?” Santos said on the House floor.

The vote was prompted by the release of a report from the House Ethics Committee that found there was substantial evidence that Santos stole money from donors and filed false disclosures with election officials. Other alleged misdeeds included spending campaign money on personal credit card balances and buying goods and services at Hermès, Sephora, and OnlyFans.

Santos “sought to fraudulently exploit every aspect of his House candidacy for his own personal financial profit,” the report said.

Conservative critics noted on social media that Joe Biden has lied in public about almost every detail of his past before, during and after elections.

Human Events editor Jack Posobiec said the Santos expulsion was Uniparty double standard at its best.

Posobiec wrote on social media. “Is the media demanding Bob Menendez resign? Jamaal Bowman? No. Big Facts: If the House GOP pushes to remove Santos while they refuse to take action against Mayorkas, Garland, or Biden it tells you everything you need to know about them. And I am taking names.”

New Jersey Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez only beat federal bribery charges in 2017 due to a hung jury. He was “severely admonished” by the Senate Ethics Committee (that’ll show him). Soon after, Menendez allegedly engaged in corrupt schemes involving New Jersey businessmen and the Egyptian government. He was indicted in September. A conspiracy charge was added in October.

No expulsion vote has been scheduled for Menendez.

New York Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman pulled a fire alarm at his congressional office building during the voting process on the stopgap government spending bill, prompting an evacuation. Some Republican lawmakers have called for various punishments for Bowman, ranging from an ethics inquiry to his expulsion from the House.

No expulsion vote has been scheduled for Bowman.

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