Tell us the rest of the story, Megyn Kelly

Special to, June 2, 2023

Corporate WATCH

Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

This is not meant to be a “gotcha” piece in any way. Megyn Kelly has been saying an awful lot of good things of late, especially about the toxic transgender agenda. We genuinely applaud her for it.

But wouldn’t it be something if the seemingly resurgent ex-big box media star, who now sees herself as liberated from corporate news, as she herself has put it, would come clean about the marching orders she got from on high to push the unspeakable evil that is child transgenderism while working in the ruling establishment ranks?

Kelly has commendably disavowed her past views on transgenderism. “When you hear truth spoken articulately, it moves you…. Your eyes open, the sun comes up, and you realize, ‘wait, I was wrong,’” she stated last month. “You know, you realize, what they’re saying is true. And what I’ve been saying, while it may be compassionate, etc… it’s part of the problem.”

Megyn Kelly said of trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney: ‘You will never be a woman.’

Those words evoke a humility and willingness to change that is truly praiseworthy. With all due respect… it’s not enough. Real people have been profoundly hurt by Kelly’s former service to a gruesome anti-human mass propaganda narrative as part of her credentialed TV news job responsibilities.

Her situation is similar to a former aggressive proponent of the tyrannical coronavirus vaccination campaign today expressing regret. Americans died due to that kind of bullying. One doesn’t just apologize and move on.

Again, this is not meant to drag Kelly. But the fact remains that she was a prominent and extremely well-paid public face of a belligerent effort to normalize the bizarre transgender lifestyle among the most vulnerable of human beings, children. We don’t demand that she don a hairshirt and beat herself about it forevermore. We do ask that she help expose in fine detail just how poisonous and compromised the dominant media brands she once labored for are.

This propaganda machine is still rolling, and lives are being irrevocably altered and destroyed as a result. We’re far past “political controversy” here. Kids are being mutilated.

In 2017, NBC showered Kelly with a $69 million contract to become the new female star of its news department. She played a leading role at the network’s once-iconic “Today” morning news show.

In February 2018, Kelly presided over one of the most offensive segments ever aired on network television. “These Transgender Children Say They’re Thriving. They Want to Help Others Do the Same,” an ecstatic New York Times headline screamed. The article was little more than a promo for a particular episode of the “Megyn Kelly Today” show:

Chazzie is 11 years old. She has long, wavy hair and large, expressive eyes. She listens to Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande. She really likes playing Monopoly.

Chazzie was also assigned male at birth. But that, she says, isn’t what’s important.

“People just, like, see me as a girl,” she said.

On Sunday, Chazzie and five other transgender children and teenagers from across the country hung out in an elegant prewar apartment on the Upper West Side, ahead of their Tuesday appearance on NBC’s “Megyn Kelly Today.”

For some, it would be their news media debut. Others have fought for transgender rights in their home states and were well acquainted with the press. But all had the same hope: to shift the conversation about transgender youth from one that dwells on bullying, suicide and murder, to one that focuses on positivity, through an online campaign called the GenderCool Project.

As The Times reveals, the entire program was devoted to pushing a pro-transgender kids organization called GenderCool. Though presented as a “news media” offering, it was nothing of the sort. NBCUniversal has served as an active partner of GenderCool. Homosexual news site The Washington Blade reported:

Incorporating a well thought-out and designed website coupled with multi-media and social media campaigns the momentum propelled GenderCool and the Champions into a formidable group with national exposure which included a 23-minute live launch on TODAY with veteran NBC weatherman and anchor Al Roker; NYT, Rolling Stone, ABC News, USA Today, CNN, Forbes, NBC News, Washington Post, MSNBC and other media outlets.

The GenderCool founders managed to create an environment that fostered advocacy and support from corporate America: GenderCool partners include Nike, Dell Technologies, General Mills, NBCUniversal, Intuit, Intel, Indeed, and Bank of America.

Can anybody see the grotesque violation of journalism ethics here? Look at that laundry list of dominant media organizations. This is a racket, plain and simple.

The NBC program was truly horrific. There is no nice way to say this. Megyn Kelly looked a confused boy hideously dressed up as a girl in the face and celebrated the warping of his young mind:

She also brought five other kids on camera for more of the same:

Here she is spouting off for GenderCool, the organization that her paymasters at NBC partnered with:

Kelly did not suddenly start championing transgenderism when she joined NBC. She was also pushing it during her time at supposedly conservative Fox News.

In May 2016, she conducted an abrasive interview with Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in which she expressed bewilderment that he didn’t understand that a young boy who “identified” as a girl needed to use the girls’ restroom at school. Mediaite reported:

Kelly challenged Patrick on his assertion that this marks the end of public schooling as we know it and countered him repeatedly with talking points from LGBT advocates who say that the learning curve of integration must be weathered to eventually make a better life for trans students who are currently suffering. Then, she challenged him when he brought up “allowing men” in women’s rooms. She sought clarification like this:

Allow men in the ladies’ rooms or allow trans women in the ladies’ rooms?

Then, she asked why he was so afraid men masquerading as trans women would attack little girls if allowed into female-designated bathrooms when there are grown men who prey on little boys who have been allowed in male-designated restrooms for years.

At one point, Patrick said, “Megyn, you’re missing th–” but she cut him off with a quick, “No, I don’t think I’m missing anything.”

That same month, she invited a transgender activist to appear on a special prime-time special on the Fox network that also featured a coveted interview with soon-to-be Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Fox News has continued to push transgenderism long after Kelly’s departure. In June 2022, the network featured a female teen who was led to believe she was a male. Supposedly conservative Fox personality Dana Perino introduced the segment. Perino seemed fairly wooden and entirely unenthused about her role in the sickening presentation, but she noticeably did nothing that would make her corporate employers angry.

As World Tribune has documented, the child involved, Ryan Whittington, has been exploited by the transgender movement for most of her young life:

Whittington was “accepted” as transgender by her parents at the age of 5.

She has been used as a high-profile prop for a demented ruling establishment agenda since 2014, when she was 6.

This is what Fox News platformed last year, and Dana Perino dutifully, if not happily, played her part.

We hope Megyn Kelly will continue her transformation and help fight the good fight against the abomination that is child transgenderism. But “hot takes” and snarky opinionating are not what is needed.

Kelly’s greatest contribution to undoing that which she previously helped to elevate would be to deliver informative firsthand testimony to the fraudulent, thoroughly comprised and utterly corrupt nature of major-label television network news today.

We implore you, Megyn. Be a real hero. Give us the inside scoop on how the monster works.

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