Trump’s emphasis on ‘sovereignty’ horrified new head of elitist Munich Security Council

by WorldTribune Staff, December 9, 2021 247 Real News

In September, a key sidekick of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel made waves by declaring “I have actually eliminated the term ‘the West’ from my vocabulary.” On Dec. 6 he got promoted for it.

The ultra-tony elitist Munich Security Conference announced:

The Foundation Council of the Munich Security Conference has elected Ambassador Dr. Christoph Heusgen, long-time foreign policy advisor to Chancellor Angela Merkel and former German Ambassador to the United Nations, as the future chairman of the Munich Security Conference. The election took place unanimously and in line with the suggestion of the current chairman, Ambassador Prof. Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Ischinger.

Christoph Heusgen with German Chancellor Angela Merkel / AFP / Getty Images

WorldTribune documented Heusgen’s outrageous September remarks in an interview with leading German publication Der Spiegel:

DER SPIEGEL: Was Afghanistan a defeat for the West?

Heusgen: I have actually eliminated the term “the West” from my vocabulary.


Heusgen: From my point of view, it is no longer about a dispute between the West and the East today, but between states that adhere to a rules-based international order, to the United Nations Charter, to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and those that do not. These principles are not Western, but universal. The West has become a negative fighting word that the Russians and Chinese use against us, along the lines of: The West is yesterday’s news.

These are the views that get you elevated in elitist circles today.

Important reminder:

WorldTribune has reported extensively on this “rules-based international order” globalist mantra. In February, installed President Joe Biden personally pledged U.S. fealty to it at the Munich Security Conference, an elitist gathering considered by many to be more influential than Davos.

New chairman Heusgen is a fervid foe of national sovereignty, something he considers as outdated as the term “The West.” He has come out and said that national sovereignty must give way to the international order. From a 2020 article in PassBlue, a news outlet that covers the United Nations:

“There’s no doubt that the UN — multilateralism in general — is at a critical juncture,” Christoph Heusgen, German ambassador to the UN, told PassBlue. “There are developments around the world where countries don’t put multilateralism at the top of their agenda, and you have more populism and nationalism. I think it’s the task of countries like France and Germany, which in history went through these periods and witnessed what that can lead to, to remind fellow members of the Security Council of the need to lead the multilateral approach to success.”

Heusgen was interviewed as part of the 2021 Belgrade Security Forum, another globalist event tied to progressive globalist billionaire George Soros. Soros’s son Alexander, Deputy Chairman of Open Society Foundations, sits on the Advisory Council for MSC.

From the 11:18 mark of the Belgrade Security Forum discussion:

“Foreign policy is at the core of national sovereignty. And to give up the national sovereignty is very hard…. We have to overcome that.”

Heusgen penned a 2018 article for The Berlin Policy Journal in which he scolded President Donald Trump and America for its infuriating insistence on emphasizing U.S. “sovereignty”:

The termination of the Paris Climate Accord, the withdrawal from UNESCO and the negotiations for a global migration pact, and the violation of binding Security Council resolutions by the United States have noticeably increased uncertainty around the world. These developments show that the United States, the leading power of the western world and key state in the existing multilateral order, is increasingly following sovereignty as its guiding principle for action on the global stage. In his first speech before the UN General Assembly in September 2017, US President Donald Trump mentioned the term “sovereignty” 21 times.

This is what Biden wants to shackle the United States to. Our national sovereignty is to be discarded and our country is to be folded into the one, overarching rules-based international order.

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